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5/6 c13 Gengarzilla
For anyone who's new here or just not in the know, this fic is currently in the process of being recreated one chapter at a time. Chapter 13 looks out of sync with Chapter 12 because it hasn't been updated to fit the updated version of Challenger yet. These inconsistencies are not a mistake on the author's part and must not be picked at to judge their abilities as a fanfiction writer. To do so would be unfair and a disservice to their work.

I'd like to at least ask everyone to bear with darkfire1220 during this funky transition period because these changes now require chapters to be mostly redone from scratch. Thank you for your patience and consideration.
5/4 c13 5Tahari
So there’s a bit of a glitch in your story here moving from ch 12 to 13. At the end of ch 12, Ash and his team are at Gyarodos’s cove somewhere between Fuchsia and Vermilion and Pyro had just evolved into Charizard. Then, immediately next at the beginning of ch 13, Ash is at Professor Oaks lab having recently taken down an Aerodactyl and Rhydon, though Pyro had still only just evolved. This is an obvious issue.
5/3 c29 3Robthekiwi121
Shame I gotta wait for the rewrites now bit this has been a fun read
5/2 c1 nater0730
4/18 c13 9The Epitome of Eccentricity
You're either missing the end of the last chapter or a chunk of the beginning of this one. You went from training with gyarados to Suddenly leaving Daisy and some other character you never introduce to us. The entire arc there is gone
4/14 c12 ArgonDFowl
Absolutely loved the fight against Gyarados this chapter! The previous edition of this chapter with Aerodactyl was great but honestly, this chapter definitely surpassed it! Really really enjoyed the extensive training segment with the veteran Gyarados afterwards as well and Charizard's evolution was nicely doneGlad the chapter was so long too haha. Can't wait for the next chapter! (By which I mean, I can totally wait but I AM excited to see it )
4/10 c12 Guest
Will ash still get a cubchoo? And are the evolution staying the same?
4/10 c12 Connor
Please let douse still evolve into Poliwrath!
4/10 c12 1Terran14
Love the rewrite to the chapter, plus the training montage works well for the team. Nothing to say about the quality of the chapter other then that it is high quality.

The Veteran Gyrados is an interesting addition and works fairly well with the Pokemon world, plus it was an interesting parallel to the Giovanni's Nidoqueen
4/10 c12 Soapy130
Just saw that chapter 12 got updated and have to say that I really like it! It’s different (but that’s the whole point of the rewrite) and I like how the evolution happens this time around. Nice also that Ash’s team is progressing quickly and learning new moves fast! Have to say though, that I hope Eevee still remains an Espeon in the future rewrite since that’s my favourite eeveelution!
4/9 c12 Kenneth
Interesting. So this new chapter had Ash practice fighting some water types which is good considering he really doesn't have a counter to them on his team. The chapter was very well written of course and the idea was great but I kind of was a fan of the original, especially with Pyro's evolution during the Charizard vs Aerodactyl fight. That, along with Ash jumping off to save Eevee and both of them nearly dying, Daisy Oak's introduction and of course Rhydon, whom I'm assuming is gonna be cut from the original team which I'm fine with considering Ash already has a ground type powerhouse in the name of Sobek. My only gripe is that we lost the introduction of Daisy and fossil Pokemon as well as the epic Aerodactyl vs Rhydon vs Ash and his team battle but otherwise this chapter was still a good read. I'm guessing you'll just bring in Daisy in a later chapter. Looking forward to whatever you have planned next!
4/9 c12 SandaKagami
That was an awesome training chapter. Veteran Gyarados was a sick boss battle and seeing Eevee and Spectre dive in to a real battle and training frenzy made it all the better. Polywhirl being mentored by a Polywrath is good setup for a later choice. Finally... Charizard!
4/7 c1 ER-47
So you are back
4/6 c7 4Shadowwolf1997
Loved the changes in this chapter looks like Wes is gonna be more prominent this time around and I can't wait.

Quick question was the last chapter the one where you had all the info and history about the different leagues cause it seemed like a section was missing in the first part of the chapter or am I just misremembering something?
4/3 c11 SandaKagami
That was a sick loss overall. I wonder if maybe Ash will pursue the more interesting moves, maybe ask Janine if she can teach Duskull Substitute (as that is perfect for both Spectre's personality and current role of the team). Beyond that, diversifying both Pyro and Sobek's moves beyond attacks could also help (either through new moves or getting creating by inventing something defensive like Canon-Ash's Countershield or even the poison/electric counter he did on the spot). Finally I hope he realizes that Douse likely could have used Hypnosis to get some momentum and thus gets into a more strategic mindset in his gameplan. That is personally where I see his growth going in the next couple chapters.
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