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4/1 c29 1Sol's rock
I’m glad to see the updates still rolling out. As much as I hate to admit it, I still reread Challenger from time to time whenever I need inspiration for my own writing. I understand that the revision process takes time, but I cannot wait to see the changes you implement in the future. Hopefully the full team will remain the same. Dratini and Arctus have a soft spot in my heart, along with Gyarados back at Oak’s, even if we haven’t gotten to interact with her much yet. I hope you’ve been safe during quarantine and that you’re still as healthy as can be. Keep up the good work!
4/1 c10 SandaKagami
That slowpoke is still the best comedy act in a slower chapter. Happy Dratini is back in action and also how sassy Evee is becoming.
3/31 c27 shaysa123
Ash just was told about the possiblity of the legendary birds, why would he not connect them to. the three titans
3/31 c21 The Dark Euphie
What type of luck does one need to have to run into trouble in the same location twice? I wanted to both laugh and cry all in one go.

He'll have his work cut out for him with Rhydon, still not certain keeping it was the wisest of decisions, but we'll see given enough time I suppose.

Good chapter.
3/31 c20 Guest
So my laptop needs a new charger, so until it arrives later today here is my review.

Any appearance made by Giovanni makes the chapter a win in my book, he's always been one of my fave characters from this franchise. That man's poker face is likely better than any pro poker players. To make it even better he's got Ash meeting up with Lysandre, who falls just shy of Cyrus and Giovanni as best Team Boss IMO. His team fell apart so quickly, but I love him all the same.


The only part I didn't enjoy was Eevee's evaluation. I'm happy it's her choice, but it's also the eeveelution I like the least. Battle wise it's good, but I can't stand psychic types as a general rule, I'm more a Dark/Fairy girl myself, so I was utterly disappointed when you went with Espeon over Sylveon or Umbreon, which IMO are far superior in all aspects. Like I said I'm happy it was her choice regardless of my opinion on evolution decision.

As a whole I really liked this chapter.
3/29 c1 LycanRogue
Has the Galar region been mentioned in this fic? I may have forgotten if it has, but can you mention somewhere in the story that Leon is a rival to Lance? I dunno why but I feel like Ash can idolize him and research about him just because he has a monster Charizard as his ace.
3/27 c10 emanonevahi
can you give ash a vespiquen
3/26 c28 Guest
Ash didn't stop by Vince's dojo? ~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
3/25 c2 Guest
Why didn't Ash catch some more Pokemon along the way? Even if they couldn't help against Brock, it would've been good to have some more Pokemon anyway, not to mention he could've picked up a Nidoran, male and/or female, for Double Kick, or a Mankey, or even picked up a Psyduck, Magikarp, or Poliwag from some of the lakes along the routes...? Even Butterfree's Confusion, or Beedrill Twinneedle, can be pretty useful, even though it might not be much against Rock-types... ~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
3/25 c10 emanonevahi
do you have any plans to have ash have a shiny
3/18 c9 AquaHelia
Nice chapter Dark. Although I feel the need to mention a spelling error in it. I believe it was "a trip Ash didn't want to make for the time begin" when it should have been "time being".

Secondly, I feel like mentioning it this time around, but how is Ash going to explain Pikachu's condition to Delia, once she calls him in a Pokemon center? Like he can get away with saying Pikachu is healing/busy once or twice, but it would be a hard sell to make her believe he is healing/eating/busy every single time she calls.

I do hope that Leaf can match up to the boys this time around. Last time she felt way to weak compared to Ash and Gary. I like the change to her team as well. It would be nice to see more of her. But whatever you decide is fine by me, it's your story after all.

Overall great chapter as always.
3/18 c9 DarkFireCat5241999
By comparison leaf team really was weak especially by the time she got to the ship her only fully evolved Pokémon was a fearow compared to Gary’s and Ash’s teams which were both at 2 soon to be 3
3/17 c1 zakhelerythem
Ash really needs to take advantage of the gift given to him by Steven &Orange lion mane dude Lysander..A pure fighting type,pure flying type,second fire type,Grass,Poison type,Fairy type and a Normal type...Pikachu,Sobek have a wide range of Moves Mix it up a bit
3/17 c22 Vonta01
No let ash get froakie
3/16 c15 Xaverian
honestly I'm kinda hoping for espeon or umbreon for eevee. espeon would be nice cause it would cover psychic and let eevee communicate with ash, umbreon makes sense cause eevees shadow ball and both r friendship evolutions
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