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for My Deadly Valentine

1/4/2017 c1 Wasteroftime
What can I say? Needs loads of work.
10/19/2016 c10 billybob10
It's coming along great.
8/27/2016 c1 billybob10
This one's a hoot!
Very interesting. Although, a good crossover with "RIPTIDE" would reunite Luke with fellow Vietnam veterans Murray "Boz" Bozlinsky, Nick Ryder, and Cody Allen. LOL! Keep it in mind, then let me know what you think?
6/27/2016 c1 Guest
6/25/2016 c8 DixieDavenport
Amazing how fast Pamela knew she was pregnant and how fast she has the baby or Luke had the longest 9 month concussion in history! AND just loved how everyone in Hazzard knew Pamela was having Luke's baby before they even knew he was in the hospital. Ya, know them Dukes and Davenports are sorta close and just seems to reason IF Cooter called the ambulance that he would call Jesse as to where Luke was.

Then, there is the General Lee that Luke wrecked that was smoking to get Cooter's attention, yet Bo was suddenly driving it again with no mention of repairs. And then the classic, Pamela's death.

Looking for the next chapter, the baby walks out of the nursery ready to graduate college and all is right with the world! Oh, yeah, wait Grandma kidnapped her so it'll take at least a day before she can talk to tell a nice policeman she is Luke Duke's daughter.

Nice story, just a whole lot brief.
6/20/2016 c1 47Cartoon Cow
Hi there friend! This is a good start you have here, and you definitely have your own type of writing style. My advice would be to try to really understand every character to the max. I realize that by the start of this chapter Luke is really in love with his girlfriend, but I think that it would take a mass amount of seduction or stress to push Luke to extreme drunkenness. I would also advise to try to make paragraphs flow more smoothly together and have more action descriptions. Bo was funny when he was talking to Jesse lol Keep up the good work!
So far so good. Say, what about a crossover in which Dr. Mark S. from "DIAGNOSIS MURDER" visits Hazzard County? LOL!
Sounds like they need a crossover in which both Flo and Belle from "ALICE" join the staff of waitresses at The Boar's Nest. LOL! Besides, you never can tell unless you try.
Will there be any future chapters? If so, well, how about a visit from that old time baby doctor Daisy Mae Moses aka Granny of "THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES"? Maybe even good old Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry could be helping with delivering the baby? It'd make a great four-way crossover between
"THE DUKES OF HAZZARD", "THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES", "THE FUGITIVE", and "THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW". Anyway I only mentioned "THE FUGITIVE" in passing since Dr. Kimble originated on that classic 1963-67 show. Besides, the possibilities are endless.
Well, too bad that it couldn't have been twins, one of each gender that is.
Not too bad, however, 9/22/1966 seems all wrong for Luke's birthdate. Besides, according to the show, Luke was an honorable discharged U.S. Marine from the Vietnam war. Therefore, this sounds as if it should've taken place circa1986, more or less.
Getting hotter. Anyway, bad Hooterville wasn't located closer to Hazzard instead of being in Illinois, Rosco would've given anything to have arrested Mr. Eustace Haney.
Very interesting. Now, onto a few good crossover possibilities. For example, a charter bus returning from Florida to New York breaks down on the outskirts of town, and while Cooter's fixing the motor, most of the passengers book into Hazzard's Metropole Hotel as well as its No-Tell Motel, with the only exception being the Bunkers, Archie and Edith. So, as a result, they get to use the Dukes' guestroom in a nice crossover of "ALL IN THE FAMILY" and "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD".
2/25/2016 c1 96Genevieve Kelly
You're off to a good start. I probably won't leave many reviews or this story. It just isn't the kind of story I usually read. I will read it and review when I can. My favorite character is Bo anyway. Please do not take offense to this. I hope you can understand.


Genevieve Kelly

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