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for Always Meant To Be

1/30/2020 c1 Starlord Master
Thanks for the philosophy.
11/11/2017 c1 Conan.212
Wasnt bad but I prefer them as Conan and Ai not Shinichi and Shiho.
9/5/2017 c1 Madoka
This is a masterpiece! It's so lovely for shinichi to go after shiho!
8/15/2017 c1 Guest
I love it
5/22/2017 c1 Guest
Can you please make more CoAi/ShinShi fics? Please?
3/29/2017 c1 Ttoro
Wow! This was so good. You described their relationship beautifully. Loved it.
9/14/2016 c1 Kudoshiho
Beautiful story...
8/31/2016 c1 Searcher616
You are my watson and my irene, the perfect reason why they should end up together.
Thank you for this wonderful story.
7/24/2016 c1 Guest
more make an epilogue
4/29/2016 c1 lo
like it? hate it? I LOVE IT! please write more!
3/10/2016 c1 4TrueLoveAlwaysLP
I liked it. I'm always looking out for good Ai/Conan Shinichi/Shiho stories. They felt in character,too.

How about letting them stay in Tokyo and Shiho joining Shinichi in High School throwing Ran into the mix? With them (Shiho & Shinichi) getting together of course.
3/9/2016 c1 GuyFreakz
this is a very good fic... i'd like to give many review but my english is not that good. thank you so much for this piece... 10 of 10, yaayps: a suggestion for (maybe) newer story, can u pair Shinichi and Ai, instead of Shiho? and please don't make it AU, i like the original timeline better...
2/29/2016 c1 Runa
I am SO not crying right now (Of course I am, duh), ah, my poor heart. This was wonderful and very, very cheesy haha
I'd love to read an AU of Ai and Conan being childhood sweethearts (without the whole shrinking part), I don't think I've seen this before
2/28/2016 c1 1faiz1996
Nice work! Been waiting fkr this kind of fic for God knows how long...
Writing is good, easy to read and understand. Paragraphing did great in telling separate scenes.
Characters portrayal is also great. It's hard to do these pairing fic without getting too much OOC (I've tried...), but this one does feel intact. Ending is also not cheesy, so great job!

Hoping to read more of this pairing from you.
Keep writing :)
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