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9/12 c5 1WOLF-GOST
update soon
7/24 c5 6Mando-Vet
This was a pretty good story with a lot of potential; too bad it looks like it's been abandoned.
6/19 c4 Tomahawk5763
5/17 c1 Super Squashman
Its a shame that the author hasn’t updated this story in like 6 years because it was getting good
5/6 c2 1ezioscreed29
Shaak ti is the impossible girl from doctor who, she died multiple times before order 66 yet there's evidence she survived order 66.
4/5 c5 Tomahawk5763
More plz plz plz
1/3 c5 dragonlord4546
first love the story
second ahsoka yes bariss no as no amount of cannon rewrite could make me see bariss as anything but a dirty traitor
12/6/2022 c1 1Scrawl the Penguin
This is an amazing story and I hope you return to it and finish it. Always remember you don’t have to follow any set storyline. So you don’t have to rehash every event in naruto to reach the end. You can skip events, change how the event happens, or keep it the same as in cannon the story is literally all up to you
10/18/2022 c2 3Damien Evermere
Shaak Ti has 4 or 5 deaths.

murdered by Grievous at the start of episode III
murdered by Vader during order 66
shot down by troopers during order 66
killed by Starkiller during the Jedi purges.

there may be another who knows
7/28/2022 c5 God of All Eros
Hope you return to this (and others), you have some of the most well written stories I’ve read on here but only have a handful or so chapters each… looking forward to reading more of your work
7/21/2022 c1 2Kitsuneforlife0
I have been trying to find this fanfiction again for 5 hours after reading Dino sage
11/14/2021 c5 42Patriot-M89
Not bad. Do continue, and I like to see Barriss and Ahsoka brought in. Especially how both former Padawans' reaction to seeing him there and their relationship.
10/26/2021 c5 Jon1234
I think bring the two would lead to some interesting plot development
10/24/2021 c5 1Shadows82
More chapters please.
8/23/2021 c5 Hyuga Tobirama
This story is COLD you are one talented writer. Please update this ASAP
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