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3/21/2022 c8 maddypaddy30
update pmease
5/14/2021 c8 pascal77ks
I know this story dates but I love it, it's a shame you didn't finish it grrrr, thanks again for sharing karine
11/25/2020 c8 20Brookie Twiling
I'm really enjoying this. I love how once Ben realized that, maybe just maybe, Sookie and Eric love each other, he's like 'well fuck, what do I do now?' Shows he does care, and I'm interested to see where you take this.
7/19/2020 c8 svmtbfan
More, more more please!
10/8/2018 c8 1padfoots-angellover
Please update!
7/3/2018 c1 bellislefan
please finish this
1/18/2018 c8 georgiasuzy
This chapter was masterful! The way you built the suspense, including the story about Niall's world domination, was engrossing. Then to have Ben realize that Eric cares for Sookie... AWESOME! Leaning his head on Eric's shoulder and feeling comforted was intriguing, and I can't wait to see where you're ending this. Lovely!
1/18/2018 c7 georgiasuzy
OMG Ben noooooooo! Sookie won't even be able to tell Eric's being attacked cuz they have no bond.
1/18/2018 c6 georgiasuzy
Ha! That was a fun meeting between Eric and Sookie at the restaurant. But Marnie seems a bit delusional in thinking that Warlow will suddenly be attracted to her. I peg him more for Pam based on their fight
1/18/2018 c5 georgiasuzy
Ewww, Willa is a real slag! LOL at Pam and Warlow. That's sweet that he actually felt bad for hurting her feelings... but then because of her actions he continued!
1/18/2018 c4 georgiasuzy
Ha! I'm glad Sookie recognized him. I knew Warlow would be thorough. Now the question is, does Eric still want Sookie because she's Warlow's, even tho he knows it's not romantic? Or is it due to something else..
1/18/2018 c3 georgiasuzy
Ewww, Preston and Quinn! At least Warlow stopped them in time, but I kinda feel sorry for him if he's now decided that he DOES want Sookie. Eric better not hurt him, cuz I like your Warlow.
1/18/2018 c2 georgiasuzy
Ben was masterful! I can't believe he agreed to Fangtasia twice a week. Surely he realized that Eric followed him home, tho... I hope?
1/18/2018 c1 georgiasuzy
This is an intriguing story idea! I hope Warlow continues to have fatherly feelings for Sookie now that she's grown up!
8/31/2017 c8 1sunfun
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