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for From One Galaxy to the Next

7/25 c2 BanzEye
Not bad, really enjoying the story here! There ARE some grammatical errors, and it wouldn’t hurt to flush out the conversations to make them more engaging, but all in all, great job!
6/26 c12 1nyquist34
This was beyond fantastic and I look forward to future chapters!
5/19 c12 11Independent Dude
Hello! Like the story, just maybe cut back on following the Star Trek script.
5/19 c12 Guest
Good story, but maybe skip ahead through some of the Star Trek scenes.
5/15 c12 2Doom King of Latveria
Damn, this is great Star Wars' and Star Trek story' i ever read! It's so hard to find a good crossover story' about those franchise! XD

Anyway, despite the start from chapter 1 to 3 kinda rushed, especially when Obi and Anakin tell the crew Starfleet about their origin, i really hope when i reaching this latest chapter you updated!

Now i'm eager to see what happen next! :D
5/12 c12 5MamouthRose
OMG I love your story so much ** The best Star Trek 2009/ Star Wars crossover I have found so far :D
Can't wait to read the next chapters !
5/10 c12 8deamon-of-light
Yay a new chapter! It's great to see this story continued and to see where this will go with all my favourite characters.
5/10 c7 11Independent Dude
Hello. I really like this story so far.
5/9 c12 1eecobeo
Yay a new chapter I kind of think that should have been a little longer but yay
4/12 c7 AIO
I think you messed up a bit. It's phaser and photon torpedo. Not photon laser and torpedo. Starfleet ships in the 23rd century doesn't use laser anymore because it is inferior to phaser. (Or at least the don't think it can output as much energy as laser can and it can be also altered to stun or kill or even completely fire it out of existence (in the show this is called 'vaporize'). Not to nitpick, this is still a great creossover.
12/24/2019 c11 Fireheart021102
Oh this is an amazing story. I hope you come back to it soon. You are a talented writer! Good luck and may the force be with you!
7/30/2019 c11 eecobeo
I've been reading this over several times I'm still enjoying it I hope you get to completed someday soon I kind of hope that R2 and R4 can help out they helped coordinate Starfleet in the shuttles to attack of the Narada even if it's useless
5/20/2019 c11 9redhouseclan
Pretty cool fic!
8/24/2018 c11 36robert32514
Please continue.
4/16/2018 c11 1eecobeo
Yay a new chapter I was so waiting for this kind of soft but still a very likeable chapter
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