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6/12 c247 39Colby's girl
Hey, just read this chapter, sorry things kinda got away from me. Loved what you did with this episode. It makes perfect sense that Kathleen would know Donna since they both come from the same town and are in law enforcement. Hope you are well, take care.
6/7 c247 Blue-4u
5/29 c140 10Wordspin
Simply love it! That last scene was too beautiful for words! Sam's favourite sound...
5/29 c139 Wordspin
Beautiful. And that ending! Oh, the feels! Imagining what might've been... so friggin' emotional!
5/29 c138 Wordspin
Yes, Jody! I do love her so much! And you have done her absolute justice! Her love for the boys, her wanting to protect those she cares about, her Mom Voice! :-D
5/29 c137 Wordspin
Finally doing a bit of catching up. I do so love the way you wrote both John and Bobby in this! Bobby especially was just perfect, rounding up on John like that, calling him out on his bs.
5/12 c247 Algernon23
Loved this as usual! Seeing hunters team up like they did in this episode always excites me, and I love how you captured the mindset of hunters in moments like this when they come face to face with their "coworkers" they may have only heard legends about up until this point.

Real interested to see where you take the next chapter, whenever it comes to you. Until then, all the love in the world!
5/12 c247 83shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
Awh I absolutely love the idea behind this! Hunters are all about lore and research, so it's really neat to think that the Winchesters have all these myth-like stories passed around campfires and roadhouses about them. Too, I love that Donna and Kathleen are buddies, it makes a lot of sense! Great story!
5/4 c246 shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
Awh, Sam getting him all his favorite snacks to boost his mood, I absolutely love that! Dean's glee at the surprise and the food was infectious, as was the commentary on the Captain America movie. I did a thing somewhat like that a little while ago because I love it so much, so reading your take on it and how Dean would react and Sam would face-palm was so hilarious and well done, loved it!
5/4 c246 Algernon23
This was super sweet! Chapters like this where it's just Sam and Dean hanging out and the chapter doesn't give us an existential crisis are always refreshing, especially since they are so few and far between (and I feel like the next chapter will have a big dose of dread coming with it).

Loved this as always, and can't wait for the next one, whenever it comes to you. Until then, all the love in the world!
4/8 c132 Crystal
Thanks for this take on one of my least favorite episodes. Emphasizing the loss of their home in Baby, really points out the sour notes that season hit. Taking away the Impala, just never sat well with me. This feels like a good band-aid.
3/31 c245 Algernon23
This was great as always! And I'm glad to hear you are in a better headspace- that is always the most important thing.

The brothers finally articulating everything that was joing on in their heads during season 4 was great- 4 is definitely one of the angstier seasons (part of why it's not one of my favorites) so hearing them talk about it with the benefit of hindsight and when emotions aren't running so high is much appreciated.

Next chapter should be interesting since Dean kills Hitler, so I can't wait to read that, whenever it comes. Until then, all the love in the world!
3/31 c245 1Pie and the Winchesters
I really enjoyed this chapter! It's nice to get a dialogue heavy one every once in a whilethough I love the more reflective chapters too, don't get me wrong. And this conversation definitely needed to happen between them.

Also, I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're struggling. My anxiety has been winning most of the battles lately too, but we're gonna get through it. I don't know how, but we will.
3/31 c245 TwistedDuck
Loved this. Loved them talking stuff through that bothered them
3/30 c245 83shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
Wonderful to hear that you're doing better! (also I don't wanna be nitpicky, just in case it slipped by, but I'm pretty sure this is 12x04 not 03. Not a big deal though!)
I had been hoping they'd talk about Sam's psychic powers in the episode but they really didn't, so thank you for this! And awh, Dean worrying about Sam for Sam's own sake is so in character, seriously, you just nailed it with the dialogue in this one.
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