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9/26/2022 c12 Sano
Please continue this, it's a lovely idea
8/7/2020 c1 Juan Sebastian Borrero
I never knew what kind of hint to leave, for this story, but after thinking about it, 6 things to say

1 mikoto is suffering from something very similar to Amok's syndrome together with a severe PTSD and what eye could be schizophrenia and identity disorder also a chronic depression and what scares me the most Alonso Quijano syndrome

2 I consider that mikoto's dream is something similar to what accelerator wants to read GT1 and GT2

3 if what I see is correct mikoto could become a sword for academy city is completely lost and exhausted in all ways

4 haven caseller needs call touma now or at least acellerator to give her a fucking break

5 I'll keep waiting for you to update until the end of time

6 don't go to die asshole
7/14/2020 c13 anon
it’s been 3 years...
7/12/2020 c13 Addie101
Please update soon, god this is such a cliffhanger. you really made me cry with the insanity and all that T-T
10/8/2019 c13 Xenon-Leiden
Keep up the good work please update soon this is the only story i want to read right now
7/28/2019 c13 1R3QLESS
Hello, I just finished binge reading your story, and I just wanted to say I love it! I hope that you continue to make more. It’s very cool and interesting to read, the imagery can practically be seen from the words and had me looking forward to how the story would continue to unfold.
12/9/2017 c13 Guest
Thanks for updating!
11/22/2017 c13 Guest
Please continue this, it's a lovely idea!
11/4/2017 c13 Guest
can't wait for the next chapter ~~~
10/13/2017 c13 AccountKiller00010000000000000
I've been checking this almost every day for a few months there, but it seems you only post when I do n't check... lol :-D

Anyway, this was a great chapter. I loved seeing Kuroko's end, though, I was kind of hoping to see a bit more of Misaka's interaction with the company she's working with. Maybe next chapter (which I'm really looking forward to).

Umm... I might actually have to reread this story, because I barely recognised Ueda, but no problem. I'll try to review as I go along if I do decide to do that.

7/11/2017 c13 Karharot
Just started reading it and the story is quite captivating. I wonder, was her connection to the Network and the gap created in her mind subsequent separation from it what is driving her insane (with some part of her mind attempting to fill the absence of other minds)? Or did she unintentionally took someone for the ride when she returned to her body (not yet fully formed consciousness of Misaka Worst perhaps)?
Can't wait for the next chapters to see how it is going to unfold :)
5/7/2017 c13 dominickj.woodson
Very interesting story you have. Keep it up
4/29/2017 c13 8Skarlashka
Hey, great to see you writing again! I took a long hiatus myself so I know what it's like to take such a long break. Staying motivated can be hard, but once you take that first step, it feels amazing~
Soooo what is going on with this Mikotooooo? Is she going insane? Becoming possessed by another personality created after all that trauma? Hmmm, I want to know! Also, I love Ruiko, just sayin'~ XD
Keep writing!
4/14/2017 c12 Spancerdorman
I love the story and I can't wait for more.
4/14/2017 c12 Guest
plz update
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