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for Dragon of the Elements: Side Stories

10/2/2020 c9 33Imperial-samaB
Very nice and even using the boosted gear. Well done
7/1/2018 c7 Guest
Can you make Issei sex both with Irina and asia please
They have sex in public
11/2/2017 c7 Tohka123
Really enjoyed like seeing the perspective of female Kenshin :P! hmm so a Yuri lemon huh oh boy :P.

Keep up the hard work!
10/20/2017 c7 TheCarlosInferno
Drake... is it's wrong to think that female Kenshin is best waifu?
5/21/2017 c6 Imperial-samaB
Nicely done. I'm glad you used you know what also. I still can't believe that survived after all this time
4/10/2017 c5 Imperial-samaB
Tsk tsk tsk i was hoping for the Issei sextum part but still well done
1/4/2017 c4 TheCarlosInferno
I supposed it wasn't the moment for another Rias and Kenshin lemon, oh well, I got plenty time to wait.
1/4/2017 c4 Imperial-samaB
Nice work as always my friend
10/17/2016 c3 Imperial-samaB
Nicely done my friend. I still love how you did the boost transfer trick i created a while ago
9/12/2016 c2 Imperial-samaB
Well done

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