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for A Choice to be made

9/2/2018 c1 Wn1ID
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9/2/2018 c1 NsSad
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7/26/2018 c14 Guest
Oh my, Update! Thank you!
7/22/2018 c14 James Birdsong
Good story
5/18/2016 c8 SakataGinkox3
Please continue! I need more!
4/12/2016 c4 sikaloolala
I'm back ! Well, the plot is interesting. You've done a great job at the case! but what really gets my attention is Haruse's real identity. wow he's quite possesive of Yako isn't he? if Haru ever meets Neuro it'll be quite a showdown lol Yako starts to reciprocate Haruse's feelings after all
4/6/2016 c2 sikaloolala
and the third review for encourageing :D
4/6/2016 c1 sikaloolala
I respect your passion of writing neuro fic even though this fandom is practically gone long ago so here my second review xD Stay awesome
4/6/2016 c3 sikaloolala
I love this fic very much ! I've been searching for a good Neuyako fic for a while now and this one is just PERFECT! I'm really interested in Haruse, how has he been Yako's companion and loved her that much? Who is after Neuro? What is Neuro going to do when he knows that Yako has a new guy. and flirty Yako is so yummy xD UPDATE SOON I'll be waiting!
3/17/2016 c2 Guest
New update please XD

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