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11/3/2020 c1 Guest
comic wanda is extremely powerful, if harry is her counterpart, then he should be extremely powerful as well
9/27/2020 c28 Safira
Please continue your story is amazing
7/23/2020 c28 2Scott Harvey
wish you would continue
6/16/2020 c17 8multyfangirl21
Water and snow/ice, two forms of the same element.
6/16/2020 c14 multyfangirl21
Lol, that's something that I think kept getting understated, the support of the different heros for issues.

I once started writing a crossover of Marvel and DC universes and much of the laws that tried to be passed restricting one group or another couldn't be passed due to different groups banding together to protect each other. Mutants, Inhumans, Metas , any aliens that moved to Earth and the plenty of big names in each groups. I actually had 1/5 or a little more of the world's population being made up of those groups...And realized how overpowered the planet would be. A big bad tries to take over or destroy the planet and people come out of the woodwork to fight. There would only be localized problems after the groups of heros split up the areas of fighting. The mutants would police the mutants, same with the Inhumans and Metas , unless a villain crosses over into someone else's area or messes with the other group. The Avengers and Justice league and the smaller groups work out their political and work areas and everyone has multiple ambassadors to the other groups to try their best not to start a civil or world war. Because even if only 1/5 of the world has powers that is enough to destroy the world. I think a lot of countries would try to up their fitness and science levels so there would be more non powered heros out there similar to Batman.
6/16/2020 c13 multyfangirl21
Lance as a hero is pretty cool.
6/14/2020 c9 multyfangirl21
I'm kinda hoping for a part where Wanda is visiting Hogwarts either to talk to Dumbledore or visit the library and Draco picks a fight with her/attempts to bully her. I mainly want to read that Draco gets his rear handed to him by her and it takes next to no effort for her. And maybe any spells he attempts have next to no effect.
4/15/2020 c28 WhiteEagle1985
An amazing story here so far! Looking forward to reading more!
2/29/2020 c28 ej-83
lol.. party is asgard would be more.. err.. happening with thor around.. hahaha.. update soon
2/17/2020 c28 TheDragon2000
Maaan im so sad that this was abandoned... This is without a doubt one of my favourite crossovers on this site (i read a shitload of them) so I commend you on a very well written story. If you ever decide to pick it up again I'd be happy to read the rest of the story.
1/23/2020 c28 Zero
I hope someday you finish this...
1/23/2020 c27 Zero
1/23/2020 c25 Zero
Rita is having a good time with this !
1/23/2020 c24 Zero
The time comes...
1/23/2020 c22 Zero
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