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for Are You Afraid of the Dark?

4/10 c11 3TheGrimDragon
Can you please continue this story. I want to see more of it.
2/26 c11 The Disquieting One
this is a PREEM binge. spend al l night reading this. will add to John Wick's & Worm's fanfic recs on TV Tropes
2/14 c2 Mandarin
Wow this is awesome
1/25 c11 D3Diton
man i hope tl see more cause this is good
12/13/2023 c11 ArashiNokitsune
found the story read it to its current point and holy crud it is funny how Everything basically domino into place and all it took was one corrupt individual hiding on the side of the law and it's always fun reading stories about individuals who are good at what they do getting it done I can't help but imagine the main characters doing what they do in tailored suits though...
11/29/2023 c6 Benisamenace
well... shit...
11/15/2023 c11 Gageel Redfox1
I need more please.
11/9/2023 c1 1Prof. Lemur
I will always read this in the voice of Keanu
11/4/2023 c11 ReviewerPops
Well well well, I guess Lung will know that the Dark is very very much a real thing now kekekeke. On that note this Taylor is months and months ahead of her power knowledge on things she can do that aren't as intuitive. I'm really liking this Danny. Also makes good sense without having to create a logic leap on how Taylor can just be fine with this. Afterall she did make the hard choices in canon.
10/9/2023 c11 1EliteShadow
love this story so far keep up the great work i hope to read more of this story soon please update again soon!
9/14/2023 c11 1Wicked.A
Very nice story so far
9/12/2023 c11 Ted Hsu
You wonder how much Jack Slash was worth then Danny and Anne-Rose brought him to justice.

And how much Coil will be worth when brought to Piggot's feet. As The Dark will claim the bounty on Coil (and the free loot at Coil's place to settle "defamation of character" grievances). Though I'm willing to guess Coil will be unmasked, then shot by Danny to show "NOBODY pulls the scam this sucker did and will not answer to me for it. For I am The Dark, and I can be Your Doom."
9/11/2023 c11 Ted Hsu
How you much you want to wager that the "bone" Danny wants to pick with Coil is also attached to Coil himself, and how much more likely would it be that Danny might sweep Coil's hideout for whatever loot he could get in a single go? Coil tried to frame him for a few crimes he hadn't done, and so Danny might want some "out of court settlements" for "defamation of character."

No doubt if there was loose cash, The Dark would crack the safes with the help of Death's Head, then Taylor and Danny could loot them (with Taylor asking for allowance money when they were free and clear).
9/11/2023 c11 Ted Hsu
And the hunt begins. The Dark saw the proof Coil wronged him solid and irrefutable.

How much longer can you run, because The Dark will bring the Fear.
9/11/2023 c11 21Duchess67
Oooooh, that was smooth! Taylor is awesome backup for her Dad! *vbg*
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