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for Are You Afraid of the Dark?

1/15 c1 SlayerOfShadows371
1/6 c7 Muddykat
this stuff is good, I wonder how things will go?
12/21/2020 c7 Connor Worsnop
Fortuna checks under her bed for Scion
Scion checks under his bed for The Dark
12/20/2020 c7 Danyael Prince
I hope this gets continued some day, it's too good to just be abandoned
12/12/2020 c7 xxwarlovexx
This is really good.
12/11/2020 c1 StoneTheLoner
None of this felt particularly John Wick if you get what I mean. You totally watered him down to fit the worm story line better instead of doing it the other way. Also, the few beats you kept are changed and nearly unrecognizable. I don't think I'll be able to enjoy John Wick being in worm when I can barely think of him as John Wick, you know? It's like you grafted on a few surface level aspects of John Wick onto him, but he's still Dan.

Usually I view crossovers as a chance to see new characters interact with a new world, but at the most basic level you have to show they're actually that character or it's no fun. As a fan of John Wick I'm not going to enjoy seeing "Assassin Danny" doing stuff because he's not John Wick, he's Assassin Danny! Same with a Harry Potter crossover where Harry isn't a wizard, doesn't act like Harry Potter, doesn't have the same arc as the character or interact with any of the canon characters.

That's basically an OC someone's stubbornly refusing to treat as such. And that's borderline what you've done with John Wick here.
10/19/2020 c3 Sawalot
"The squeal she let out was still a little loud, even muffled by the pillow, but she didn't care."
That right there is the sound of a Tactical Genius at work. Priceless.
10/11/2020 c7 Sasha
Ooooh, an update! *rolls on chapter for a while* I do love your various Worm universes, and I must say, this one is excellent.
9/28/2020 c7 SaurianFan
This is incredible! Very well written, believable motivations, and a backstory that makes sense is all that I could ask for from a story like this! You not only delivered, but exceeded my expectations! I hope you update soon. Until then, I eagerly await your next chapter. Have a great dy!
9/27/2020 c7 rarrarshark
Please update!
9/21/2020 c7 13Takeshi Yamato
I am liking this very badass Danny Hebert.

Please. Continue. :)
9/16/2020 c7 random-adam
I just found this story today, after spending a few hundred bucks at the veterinarian trying to make sure my dog will make it to his eleventh birthday, and the ENTIRE first chapter I was hoping the dog would be alright. Your writing is consistently enjoyable and your characters are spot-on. Thanks for sharing this with us!
9/13/2020 c7 Natman717
Hahahahahahahahahah that was beautiful, truly a work of art.
9/10/2020 c7 2ManwithaPlan113
An excellent chapter as always
9/6/2020 c7 14Aquawyrm
I am also very much looking forward to the look on Coil's face.
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