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for Are You Afraid of the Dark?

8/17/2020 c7 Rolling Ill Witted
I randomly came across this and its amazing. Great Great work
8/14/2020 c7 DragonLark
Have a Wonderful Wonderful day!
8/12/2020 c7 22BlueMoon37
I miss this so much!
8/11/2020 c7 ElyseSyrova
Bwahaha! This looks like the Lisa of Unintended Consequences. Another one of yours I've been enjoying.
8/11/2020 c7 Ultimate Dragon Rider
Dear god I never knew hiw much we needed this AU this is quality and plot that honestly has brought me to tears laughing my ass off at some of the reactions contained within to Danny being The Dark
8/10/2020 c7 16twilliams1797
I don't think you write details just for details sake
Danny revealed to Assault/Madcap that he was protecting his daughter..
this is a big detail if Assault reveals it to anyone. (PRT)
8/8/2020 c3 Guest
The power of reputation is very scary think.
8/8/2020 c7 erik
Great writing, I especially liked Lisa's reaction to her scheming.
8/10/2020 c7 zmanjz
Oh my, what a fun chapter.

Taylor takes a step towards normalcy, the empire takes a step out of the line of fire, coil takes a step towards an early grave, and Lisa is about to start tap dancing through a hilariously dangerous discussion.
8/10/2020 c7 2Gizmo Gear

That is all
8/8/2020 c7 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
8/10/2020 c7 AzureLazuli
Ooooooh, nice! :D I'm really enjoying where this is going.
8/9/2020 c7 osterreicher97
Well... that tends to happen when one makes a reputation of being a smart-mouth in a city like BB.
8/9/2020 c7 Mad Hamish
This just keeps getting better. Thank you for it, and keep it coming.
8/9/2020 c7 paueorr
Tats is suddenly going to learn tact and discretion, I suspect.
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