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for Are You Afraid of the Dark?

3/25 c9 4AMortePerpetuaLiberaNos
Very awesome! Keep up the good work!
3/25 c9 jayod
Awesome. Looking forward to how everything plays out. Great job
3/25 c9 21Duchess67
Whoa ... I did not expect that. I was kinda hoping Danny would kill Alec's sperm donor, though. That miserable excuse for a human being doesn't deserve to be called Dad, nor does he deserve to LIVE. That one seriously gives me the creeps. As I said before, I didn't expect Danny to agree to outing the Empire capes. Did he leave Kayden out on purpose, or did he leave her out at all?

Wow, all that info on Coil, I assume the red dot indicated his base.
Did Lisa give Calvert's identity, too? Does she know it yet?

Is Lung going to be a problem for Danny? Will a bullet through the head kill him in his dragon form?

Thank you for another entertaining chapter of this one! :D
3/25 c9 22Lexarius
Things are gonna get espectacularly ugly.

For the Empire and Coil.

I’ll go get the popcorn.
3/24 c9 Sebine
Why yes, I am afraid of the Dark.
As any sane person would be.
3/24 c9 osterreicher97
Lol, this is awesome.
3/24 c9 animusand
Glad to see business is booming for the Dark's comeback. Heh heh, I can just imagine going through Coil's hideout. The problem with underground bases is all lighting is artificial. Cut power and bug gun-fu empties most of the bunker.
3/24 c9 8Quathis
So many plans that go so wrong. Looks like a big mess is on the way. Piggot might just be happy with the city after this gets finished. Until next time.
3/24 c9 2Mugen-Muse
Well, even if Kayden got outed, I think she managed to get enough distance for the PRT to calm down and think things through when they finally catch up. Though that assumes they even bother to chase her down. One can only hope she steers clear of people like Tagg who don't seem to understand the danger of a mother bear protecting her cubs.

Definitely curious to see how the Empire attempts to share the conclusions they came up with. In any case, I look forward to seeing what Danny, Taylor, and Chewie do to their current target.
3/24 c9 16zigmas
For all the fun and gun, I doubt it'll be that simple for DARK to actually kill Coilvert, as opposed to drive him away via scaring to death, lol.
Also, funny delusional Max is funny.
Also, while I won't mind a next chapter, this is still not my first priority fic of yours, just saying.
3/24 c9 8Kamiro G.S
The pieces are falling into their places, and no one man is making the puzzle.
3/24 c9 JanessaVR
Things are really starting to pick up speed here! Looks like it all comes to a head next chapter. Can't wait.
3/24 c9 TBearTech
enjoying the father daughter causing havoc together. Competence can be very scary when applied correctly.
Thank you for continuing this story.
3/24 c9 6Greyff
Ah, the UnCoiling. Quite often it amuses me greatly and i'm looking forward to seeing it unwind.
3/24 c9 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
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