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for Are You Afraid of the Dark?

9/9 c11 Bucio
Well Coil, it wasn't a pleasure, you reap what you sow and that's exactly what's going to happen to you.

Although before that we see Emily address a few words to her people after the success of the mission against E88, announcing their next step against the rest of the gangs, as well as the service for Sophia (another person who suffered the karma of her actions, what Coil is going to experience)

Also see Coil and Lung respectively, plan the occupation of the former E88 territory, being precisely there where The Dark expresses his opinion about having his brand pirated, making an example of the impostor who worked for Coil and Oni Lee (whom Danny It is handled without problems too, with the help of Taylor and her insects), and making the rest of the survivors on both sides run (and I wabt to see Coil and Lung's reaction, well I guess we will see about Coil soon)

That and seeing how two members of the PRT correctly deduce what happened to one of the infamous normal members of the E88, the one who killed Fleur (which Sarah tries to inform her brother Mike, for which she asks him to go baci to BB, to show him the evidence of The Dark tying up that loose end from New Wave's past)

So, the way I see it, incidentally, Danny will end the gang war in BB, let's see how the rest of the crazy (S9, Butcher, Fallen) and the Power To Be (that is, Cauldron) react to the return of someone so notorious and infamous

Good luck and keep it up
9/9 c11 ArachnidHiveMind
Very swag
9/9 c11 2Not-Quite-Old Man
Did she just make a damn aburame clone?! That's awesome! Also, I always get giddy when these chapters release. They are just a genuinely fun mix of powers meeting John Wick.
9/9 c11 3doRodrigo
Great chapter as usual. I hope you update it soon. Thank you for providing your time to create entertainment to all your readers.
9/8 c11 7raw666
Excellent job, and keep up the excellent work.
9/8 c11 Fredrich
Super cool dark chapter ;)
9/8 c11 rankokunalpha1
Excellent! More please soon!
9/8 c11 2CMVreud
Wonderful Entreé chaud before we get to more beef. I really want a Dark vs. Coil that ends as a total Horror movie nightmare for him, because everything he does... The Dark is there before him.
9/8 c11 2LittleScareCow
Loved this chapter! Now i can’t wait ro see Lung and Coils reaction!
9/8 c11 Tork01
Ouch. Deal with competent opposition, and even the most dangerous cape can die in a second.
9/8 c11 175Quatermass
Finally! Danny's taking on Coil!
9/8 c11 cameron1812
False Dark and Oni Lee Get nailed. love it
9/8 c11 10RevDorothyL
I love to see the family Dark working so well together! :)
9/8 c11 1Dedischado
YES! That was so cool.
9/8 c11 Rhys898
Woohoo, so happy for a new chappy. Excellent job, sir!
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