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1/26 c30 1jasnrob
Enjoyed your story
1/25 c30 7HarryPotterFangirl85
Enjoyed it.
1/22 c30 MrsFH
This is one of those stories where, as the chapters went by towards the end, I kept thinking “oh, no, just X chapters to go.” I definitely enjoyed it, and wanted more. Thanks for sharing it!
1/15 c1 geumsappa6
28화까지 봄
1/10 c30 1ReflectionsOfReality
I guess you have one epilogue you have them all, I mean have him pair off with girl (or boy) X and have standard happily ever after...

This story is a little different as Harry has not be traumatised as much as most, I may be curious of what his future career ends up being but it is not really the loose end that it often is.

Maybe you could develop a whole post war story but it has reached the edge of the map so everything else would be either pure slice of life or a whole new story line.

Heh, I could see your Draco Malfoy who has been exposed to very little Dark Lord horror going on a very unrealistic 'Dark' crusade but considering I am not even sure he even knows much dark arts I think his reign would be more bumbling than competent.
1/8 c30 mysinger
Brilliant story! It was intriguing and delightful from beginning to end. Thank you for persevering and finishing this tale in spite of chronic pain. I admire your talent and your strength of will. Take care.
12/15/2022 c25 Guest
How come the twins have to run to make it before curfew? It was before Harrys detention and they were on the same floor.
Other than this puzzle this story is delightful to read with the perfect mixture of muggle logic and magic life.
Love, Bihi
12/10/2022 c30 2GeorgeTobor
The only thing I would change is that I want to know what happens to the manipulative old man.

But thanks for the story.
12/10/2022 c29 GeorgeTobor
I may have had Sirius kill Albus if this was my story.

I Loathe the man so much.

He gets in the way of true justice.
12/10/2022 c26 GeorgeTobor
Talking about Ron as the hero, I have an idea.
Remember when Ron turns on Harry in Goblet Of Fire?
Harry needs a wish, wish upon a star, a genie, a magic ring that grants one wish...
Just invent something.

Anyway Harry wishes that Ron was the Boy Who Lived.

All of Ron family must have been killed, even any squibs.
Ron is sent to a muggle orphanage by Dumbledore who wards it.
It is not a well known place, part of his scheme is security through obscurity.
Ron never has second helpings, is picked on by the bigger boys and generally suffers.
Then of course he is taken back to the wizzy world.
What would happen to Ron, lazy and rude as he is?

By the way, Ron remembers that Harry used to be the BWL.
Does Ron grow up and see how bad Harry had it and how good his old life was?
If he tries to tell anyone about his past life he cannot.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter and Lily and James are in France.
Hermione and her family are also in France.

Does Ron do better or worse than Harry managed?
Who is the new golden trio?
How many die and does Tom win?

If Tom wins the British Military destroys the British Wizarding World.
12/10/2022 c25 GeorgeTobor
One of Rowling's major mistakes was trying to change from children's story to almost adult in seven books.

People who might gloss over a plot hole in a tale for pre teens will not let such a mistake go in a book with an older target audience.

And then the entire series will be judged in the strictest possible way.

Which is young adult...
12/10/2022 c24 GeorgeTobor
I particularly like Reaper or time travel fics.

One that is very good is ROUNDABOUT DESTINY. Hermione is reborn as the twin of James Potter.

FAERY HEROES deals with snivelus in a karmic way.

Lequin has a good fic that is both here and on AO3.
12/10/2022 c21 GeorgeTobor
Sorry for Snape?

What are you smoking? Tell us, the world is insane, we need drugs.

Seriously, Snape is a vile creature who chose to become a death eater.

Yes he "loved"/obsessed over Lily but if he had truly loved her he would have wanted her happiness, even if she chose James.

And the way he treated Harry, Neville and others how badly did he treat fellow students when he was in Hogwarts?

When two evil people fight it does not make one of them good.

But this is a question, if Snape owes James a life debt why did he survive when James died? After all, Severus knew he was the one who told Tom about the prophecy. Why did magic not require a price then?

The reason is Rowling does not think about consequences.
12/10/2022 c20 GeorgeTobor
There is Nothing in the prophecy that says Harry cannot have help.

Nothing that means Lily and James had to die.

Dumbledore is a megalomaniac who needs to control everyone.

Read FOR THE GREATER GOOD by marietsy2
12/10/2022 c18 GeorgeTobor
Raise Hell?

Better to cast nearly all the ministry into HELL...

There is an unfinished fic where Ranma becomes the daughter/son of Hild.
This makes Ranma incredibly, stupidly powerful. But imagine if Ranma rescued Harry from the Dursleys when Harry was Four years old.

Ranma then goes to Hogwarts with Harry and kicks ass.

As the Heir of Hild the Grand Demoness, ruler of all Hells, Ranma would outrank everyone!

Oh and OVERWHELM them too
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