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1/17 c1 8daled73
Dear Author, you are, of course, entitled to cleave to canon if you desire, however you are operating in the fan fiction metaverse, and are definitely AU. Other peoples AUs do not have to and will probably not agree with yours, definitely not at ALL POINTS. Calling your readers stupid or fools in your Author's Notes reflects, badly I might add, on yourself. In other AUs Harry's ancestors need not be canon, so be careful of your assertions. Besides, is the whole point that ALL fan fics except "missing scenes" are automatically AU?
1/16 c30 3Steve-Arkarian
This story was alright. It doesn't seem like things with Dumbledore really got wrapped up, and I'm a little confused about the fight. In an earlier chapter you said there were tons of death eaters (maybe even mentioned a number. 50-100?) and yet only 7 people went to fight ... but they still won? It doesn't make sense.
1/15 c30 renowned-warrior
I think it was a good story although as you yourself mentioned the ending was a bit lacking.
But all in all a good and well written story with a different perspective and some interesting ideas.
You fought your way through it even with a lot of health issues and other problems and for that you deserve an applause. It was a pleasure to read and I thank you for sharing it with us.
1/15 c6 renowned-warrior
Dude, sorry to rant here but I hope that you will accept it.

I know how Hermione is portrayed in the book but I also know that different people all over the freaking world reads, takes, understands, interprets and attributes different things and meanings to words. We all read Hermione differently and understand her all differentlyeven if we may share languages, whether in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian or otherwise.
This is your version of Hermione and your way of dealing with Hermione.
What I'm trying to say is... This is your story and those who complain can fuck off.
1/15 c19 Steve-Arkarian
I thought Sirius was also going to reclaim his seats? But he didn't.
1/14 c4 Steve-Arkarian
In canon she definitely didn't, but I don't understand why Hermione (in many fanfictions that I have read) didn't stay in touch with Harry at the beginning of the summer, before she went to Grimmauld place, the muggle way. She had his address and they must have had his phone number because at one point Ron called Harry, yet Hermione doesn't write him any post the muggle way and doesn't call him. Even if they were trying to be safe and make sure nothing was intercepted or whatever I'm pretty sure that death eaters don't usually know how to use muggle post.
1/14 c2 Steve-Arkarian
*squeals and hugs you* I love this story so far!
1/13 c30 Katherine Rosalie Hale
Great job! I don't think the ending is lame. Your life is a story, only idiots go out in a blaze of glory. The end of this story was perfect for the narrative.
1/13 c27 Katherine Rosalie Hale
Oh boy! I am really enjoying this! There are a few errors in there, but over all it is an amazing story! I skim reviews before downloading a fiction to read, so if someone else is reading this... THIS IS WORTH YOUR TIME! READ IT!
1/9 c30 Pranavi
Very beautiful story.
1/6 c27 Guest
I thought Snape was so terrified by the alien that he would NEVER again try to enter Harry's mind. Oh well...still, thanks for an interesting story.
1/5 c21 Guest
Really enjoying your story...even if Harry is a whiny crybaby.
1/5 c8 Guest
Take that you meanies! Harry hurled a vicious tripping hex at the 10 D.E.s. buying time? What for? If he's got time for schoolyard pranks couldn't he use something a little more effective that would also gain that time? Countless fanfics have presumably serious scuffles where the good guy lands a solid hit with a totally worthless spell. It's like they're not really trying. Ok, rant over. Thanks for a well written story.
1/1 c18 bellalib
Great story! But DANG! You have a bipolar Harry! He wants to be treated like an adult and he acts the part, but mostly you have him being a whiney pansy! I'd like to smack him myself stand tell him to stop being a p****!
12/28/2021 c11 TennysonPoet
Enjoying this
Thanks so much
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