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for Reclaiming the House of Black

1/26 c27 6Ziya Hitsugaya
you take as much time as you need, i love your stories and I hope to see you one day update them once more. until then get well soon.
1/24 c27 aqp.gerencia
Hola tu historia me ha encantado, espero ya estés recuperado y pronto vuelvas a escribir.
Por otro lado déjame decirte que no me gustan las historias cruzadas
1/24 c27 1cckeimig
Get well soon. Your health takes priority over our entertainment.
1/23 c27 Taylor eaglebear
i wish there was more i want more please update soon
1/23 c12 Taylor eaglebear
I wonder if you could add bogarts and dementors to harry's mindscape
bogarts because they turn into peoples fears
dementors because they are all kinds of bad
possibly some dragons and other stuff from the tournament for obvious reasons
1/22 c27 Dar Sel'La
you do what you need to to heal and get better. Screw anyone that argues otherwise.
1/22 c27 silversongs
I hope you get better soon and no it is not so you can continue the story. Do what you need and can do.
1/22 c14 3Spica75
Aaand now you're making Hermione religious...
Because she was so much that in canon, except, completely and utterly not.
1/22 c13 Spica75
"they cant protect their minds"?
No, because you had Harry be the only one to have access to the book for absolutely no valid reason beyond protagonist priviliges.
Together with him somehow suddenly stealing Hermione's smarts, you're getting dangerously close to turning him into a Mary Sue...
1/22 c11 Spica75
Exaggerating Hermione's bad side while cutting away her best side and dumbing her down?
Too much.
1/20 c27 phoebuscat
Don't hurt Snape!
1/17 c27 dmalfoy1973
Please continue this is really good
1/17 c1 dmalfoy1973
Please continue this is really good
1/16 c27 2MiniAshke
This is a very well developed story. Thank you for the work you have put into it so far.
1/14 c27 Lara
Best wishes! Stay safe! We will wait for you!
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