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5/19 c28 santos.luis.contato
Bella's death? when Belatriz died?
5/8 c3 icefists
Holy fuck did you really write woman are to be worshiped? Lol fuck right off loser
4/30 c6 Robert Regan
I bet Molly's voice could also curdle fresh milk.
4/26 c13 Simianpower
"... wondering where Harry came up with this stuff" wink-wink, nudge nudge, let's make fun of corny Pureblood magic tropes after two chapters so full of them that it's possibly the corniest collection ever seen.

I liked this story until chapters 12 and 13, but I couldn't even finish this. It's just so bad! Sorry, but I'm noping out of here right now!
4/26 c12 Simianpower
This chapter was very disappointing. "I'm 85% sure I want to stay away from Hogwarts this year" and thus have some actually unique plot happen rather than stations of canon... then five minutes later "Nah, just kidding, I'm going back!" And then the "magic is alive" tripe. Ugh! Interest... rapidly... waning!
4/26 c9 Simianpower
Solicitor and barrister. Not lawyer and attorney.
4/26 c6 Simianpower
The "dogman" this, "dogman" that is a bit offputting. Just say "he" or "Sirius". We get that he's an animagus, but it's not his defining characteristic and hasn't even been relevant in this story except in how you refer to him.
4/26 c5 Simianpower
You CAN'T simply revoke a secret. The whole point of the Fidelius Charm is trust. It's based on fidelity, on trust, and once you trust someone with a secret it's also theirs. You can't just take that back. That part was... uhh... dumb. I like where you're taking the story, but that part is simply wrong. Not to mention unnecessary; he could simply revoke permission for any of them to come into his house and the wards would keep them out, secret or no secret.
4/16 c25 josamen1
Re: A/N at the end...yeah she's cunning and smarter than she lets on but she wouldn't've gotten nearly the toe-hold she did if it weren't for the Phony Wicked Bloviator's pacifism...all he would've had to do as headmaster was declare Hogwarts' independence as a private school and add words to enforce that independence...i.e., wards that bar any and all Ministry personnel from attempting to interfere...preferably by ejecting said interlopers into the iciest portion of the Atlantic Ocean :)
4/16 c30 halemd10
Thanks for finishing even after your injury.
Well done. It was a fun read.
Nice to see a story where the adults take charge keeping the kids out of it.
4/14 c30 Grosvenor
Great story,loved every page of it,Sad that you had such a host of physical health problems to deal with while writing it.
Well done for getting to the end .
4/13 c15 Grosvenor
Undergarments in Britain are called boxers or
briefs .
4/13 c5 Grosvenor
it's barister not attorney
3/26 c4 30Vance McGill
Arthur is bullshitting Sirius there. "Everyone knows about the Burrow?" The Fidelius will make EVERYONE forget about the location the charm is on unless the Secret Keeper reveals it. They will literally forget that the location ever existed! The whole place can be put under a Fidelius, not just a basement and it would still work!
3/21 c30 9MollyMuffinHead
thanks for the story.
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