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for Son of the Stag

3/28 c17 1Spaceman-7391
Keep it up, the story is pretty dram good.

It’ll be a shame if the story never gets to its conclusion.
3/27 c17 1Blaze501st
I really appreciate what you are doing here. so often we have Naruto being transported to GOTverse, or born an orphan, or into an OC house...or into the Starks. before you i haven't seen a Naruto Bareatheon(idk if spelled that right, too lazy to check) before. and you are including Margaery, who is often overlooked as a paring. Will Naruto start going by Naruto Uzumaki Baretheon now?
3/27 c1 Stormzy
An extremely rare Naruto work that might actually be good? Hopefully this continues to get better.
3/25 c17 qalleesyawesome
great chapter thanks for updating
3/24 c17 NaruCrazy
Why not finish some of the fics rather writing new fics and enforcing ember rule?
3/22 c17 MicroPro
I've never written a review before but I feel it is kind of needed here. This story is great so far, but...

Update when you can, you don't need a schedule, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever. Your physical and mental health are vastly more important than whatever Naruto is doing in the GoT universe.

Keep yourself healthy, cheers.
3/21 c17 Mthatha SA
Damn. I love this fanfic. Wish the chapters were longer like before but it's still amazing...hope that Naruto and Margeary can mend their relationship. It just seems like he loves Daenerys more at this point
3/21 c17 Heatstroke123
great chapter Neon looking forward to more of this story.
3/21 c17 FENIXHY
Excellent chapter, I look forward to the next one.
3/20 c17 FanFictionman43
Good stuff. Waiting for more
3/20 c17 Gogetsu16
Me gusta mucho la historia, ojalá fueran un poco más largo los capitulos, me preguntó si la rosa está tramando algo
3/20 c17 alexiania
still enjoying this as always, don't push yourself too hard if you're not well, bit youre still doing amazing work
3/19 c17 32Adventreader221
yay, a new update, I'm so happy. update soon plz
3/19 c17 HelloEver22
As amazing as ever, thank you!
3/19 c17 3aragon66
Ya know.. about 15 years ago I started reading fanfics.
I was what? 14 or 15 years old at the time.
I'd just discovered Claymore and I found this site and I recall this Naruto/Claymore fanfic. I loved it. It was my inspiration for writing, at least until the trolls arrived and killed that motivation.
Time stops for no man, it erases everything.. But here and now, all that matters is that we do what we love and sod off everyone else!
I hope you get better and I hope you never give up writing.
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