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for The Hunt for Jhin

1/14/2018 c1 MarcTwain
I Love your work. I'm tempted to try and make a comic put of this
7/1/2017 c8 smoshie14
hope this story gets updated. even tho i dont play or even read zed lore, i really his character in the story. XD makes me wanna read his lore and read many fanfics about it.

i love jhin
lulu aka will graham vs. jhin aka hannibal lecter
5/28/2016 c8 1h1DrO123
Moreeeee please
5/6/2016 c8 2BreakingPenguin
Oh god the cliff hanger is killing me. Love this story as much as your other League story. They both have wonderful characterization! Your storys are very inspiring and refreshing due to the unique relationships <3 Hope you will continue writing wonderfully!~
3/30/2016 c7 Metano Strider
Hello! I'm zedlover, now with an acount, only to leave reviews properly. I don't know how you will continue this story but i cant wait for read more dialogues of people that had been clearly influenced by a cute little yordle... Please, keep writing, you are doing a great job
3/26/2016 c6 zedlover
I really love how you write. MORE MORE MOREEEEE
3/24/2016 c3 myenglishisshit2
Hello! I just wanted to tell you that when i found this fanfic i was like "AAAW YEEEEEES". More of jhin being a sociopath. More of zed being confused about technology. More of vlad being vlad. I love it.
3/7/2016 c2 Celebri
But i want to read the horrific murdering Part D:

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