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for A Prelude to Eternal Sunrise

3/20 c25 1MyladyNancy
2/26 c25 Fallow60
Epic but sometimes difficult to see which page they are reading maybe an indication of a page number if you skip a lager section? It would make it easier to check it in the original book ; )

xxxXx. KUDOS. xXxxx. : )
12/22/2023 c25 Kuro Furasshu
:) loved it
12/22/2023 c25 ProditorMagnus
I like the style of not repeating too much. I know hp and twlight well enough to not need full text.
12/19/2023 c23 Amanda Pall
absolutely loved this chapter! I cannot wait for more!
12/6/2023 c16 Amanda Pall
I absolutely loved both this chapter and the last one. I was so excited to see how her first day is as about vampire would go. And you did it justice. You also did well with the whole romantic side I thought. It was funny and necessary idea of how Edward was enjoying it without getting too explicit. and whenever I see a chapter of yours, come up, it makes my day.
12/5/2023 c3 Guest
This is a great chapter, really fun
12/5/2023 c16 2RKD-CULLEN
Oh damn I’m so excited/dreading the next bit where they realize Alice and Jasper left and the mission she gave Bella. I’m loving these regular updates!
12/5/2023 c16 GottaLoveFanFiction
Makes me want to reread this book!
12/1/2023 c14 GottaLoveFanFiction
Yeah, going back to Bella POV.
11/30/2023 c13 Kuro Furasshu
I always hated that Jacob imprinted on renesmee and in my opinion it should of been seth
11/30/2023 c13 GottaLoveFanFiction
Yeah I remember being so confused, why Jacob’s POV. Annoyed the heck out of me. And it lasted for a while.
11/28/2023 c12 GottaLoveFanFiction
Emmett is so easy going.
11/28/2023 c12 Amanda Pall
OMG! I was so excited about this chapter and you did it proud! i loved the humor and yet the discretion. It stated true to the characters. And the pregnancy news? perfect
11/26/2023 c11 Amanda Pall
OMG! I loved how you made that hard for him. It stayed true to Edward i cannot wait to read the next book. Thanks for updating so quickly!
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