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for A Prelude to Eternal Sunrise

6/19/2020 c4 5mazes
Hello, I really like your story and I read that you have deleted all of your stories. Is there any way where I can read your so can you please tell me!
10/26/2019 c4 36AliceCullen3
2/6/2019 c1 AnnaGarcia97
What happened to the other stores of them reading them? Can anyone PM and let me know please and thank you
4/20/2018 c1 castro.janine
why u deleted the other stories ? I really like to read it
4/25/2017 c4 3RDoster2012
I'm so confused! I'm apparently missing some of the story here.
10/9/2016 c1 Leo105
HeyI really would love to read your stories about the time while they're reading too. Can I read them somewhere else? ~Leo
6/17/2016 c1 2SinfulOne
Is there anywhere ur reading series is uploaded? Id like to read them but til then ill read this an ur next one lol
5/30/2016 c4 5thcandygrande
Where is your series posted? All I see is this story and the after story. What about the others?
3/17/2016 c4 Zveka
3/2/2016 c4 BridieM
Interesting. Not a Jerkob fan, but that's o.k. Thank you for writing this. I do look forward to reading the next book.
3/2/2016 c3 BridieM
Yes. Trust in Laurent will take a long time to be earned. Really good chapter. Will Kate get to meet Garett?
3/2/2016 c2 BridieM
Really enjoyed the fight and the lead up to it. Interesting introspection ion behalf of Edward.
3/2/2016 c1 BridieM
I really enjoyed your ' Cullens reading' series. Just stumbled across this and have really enjoyed chapter 1. Thank you.
2/29/2016 c3 kgarrison3
I really hope that L is I's mate. Who knows what problems are just going to happen no matter what. T needs to keep her hands off of E. Bella cannot be revealed! Thank you!
2/29/2016 c2 kgarrison3
Good job on describing the fights - not an easy thing, I'm sure. I'm glad that E had some sympathy for V. He is a good man.
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