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for Legacy of the Darkest Days: origin of the Hunger Games

4/1/2016 c1 12IVolunteerAsAuthor
I think it's dependent on your standpoint how evil she is. I think that personally she saw the less of two evils and acted on it. I'm impressed by this story, and besides my own I had never seen another that focused on what happened before the Capitol take over (of course I hadn't gone into much detail because that's to come soon) but this was very well written.

On another hand I do think personally that it would have been cool to like know what she drew inspiration from for the hunger games? Like of course it was to end war, but if you think about it the games are so cleverly calculated. I just think it was brilliant and would have loved to see a little more of her thought process :)

Good read! Keep it up.
3/4/2016 c1 Paul
Santiago and Columbia deserved there fates several times over in my opinion.
Kaulkin was my favorite character.
Loved the last lines.
Alchys started out fairly noble, and it approved of her killing Santiago and taking his place, but her reasons for the hunger games just weren't good enough. I do feel that she could have avoided them if she tried harder and that it was emotion and revenge that drove her to ultimately approve the games. Alchys doesn't really seem like she's actually evil in this story. But by the time she dies in checkmate, she's crossed to many moral lines and done to many bad things for me to even slightly mourn her.
3/2/2016 c1 Iacopo
I am happy you started again to write. Achlys confuses me. I like her and I am not blind to the damage she is causing, but she does things right, that is maybe the worst thing: she goes to talk to the people, she tries to understand, she tries to solve things. She should have tried harder to find a solution that wasn't the hunger games. I think she doesn't want to admit she wants revenge.
Keep writing, it's always excellent. I admire that you made the Hunger Games make sense.
3/2/2016 c1 4Cosmic Corsair
Sorry if this review is choppy at any point. My thoughts probably won't make sense, but bear with me here.

First off, this was a very compelling premise. I said before that a lot of the authors in this fandom gloss over the political details for some reason, which is funny when you consider Collins dedicated the last two books in the franchise to political conflict.

I love the way you write dialogue. That's the first think I look at in someone's writing, and the way these people speak is very natural, but exclusive to their character.

It was a slow start, I must admit, but the pay-off was great. This is easily the most realistic and detailed interpretation of the Dark Days I've ever read. This isn't just a prequel, however. There is, under the surface, some lessons here.

Achlys is a fascinating character. But not just fascinating, but complex. She had gone from Captain to President by the end of this story, and with every transition up the rankings, blood was spilled along with it. She went through this transformation of being an aloof soldier, a mere subordinate, to a merciless leader.

I believe Virgil & the Sun City incident was the tipping point for Achlys. Once Virgil passed away, along with Ms. White and her son, Achlys made a dramatic shift. She was no longer a standby, no longer going to sit around and follow orders. Achlys became merciless, killing anyone who dared stand in her way, in her conquest for justice and vengeance.

In the end, you ask how evil Achlys is. And this is where it gets complex. Because Achlys did love people. She loved Virgil, she loved her husband. She had emotional ties. And yet, she shot a girl in the head in front of her mother, rid of her opposition with great indifference, and spear-headed the authorization of the Hunger Games — an atrocity that would last for three quarters of a century.

But then Achlys allows District Thirteen to survive underground as a sovereign state, as they wanted, when she could have easily gassed them all and amass their resources.

If Achlys had an alignment, I think it would be realistic to say Achlys was definitely Lawful Neutral at some point. She has this superseding code of honor, that her loyalty belongs to Panem, and she will fight for Panem. She explicitly states: [Loyalty was to Panem, not to an office, not to a man.]

She does have a fundamentalist mindset, but I think in her position as a commander, this gave her the will to fight.

At some point down the line, perhaps in the frenzy of the rebellion, Virgil's death, and the ineffectiveness of the President, her ideals shifted.

It's hard to say for certain that Achlys was the most evil in this situation. If it weren't for the rebels killing innocents and provoking the establishment, nothing would have ever happened. But wouldn't you agree that Achlys grew to become the very person she hated?

I cite this story as an effective example of Black and Gray morality.

You could easily finish where you left off with some sort of a story discussing the First Games, but I would also be very interested in seeing the rebuilding of Panem under Archly's rule.

Excellent read!
2/29/2016 c1 melliemoo
Very interesting story. I would love to see you write something in this timeline about the first games. I don't get a sense that Achlys is truly an evil person, but she is not above sacrificing for the greater good. The idea to do the Games does tip her more towards evil though.
2/28/2016 c1 26Vyrazhi
Your penultimate paragraph is stunning, even though it's only one line long. It reminds me of watching war footage on the evening news, or (shudder) ISIS videos. I've never seen the latter, but the former I've seen enough of for a lifetime. As for Achlys being evil - she's not evil in a Voldemort sense or a Wicked Witch sense. She's an ironclad pragmatist who will do anything to save the Capitol and Panem, and that's what makes her do things we'd call evil in a REAL sense.

Ayn Rand once wrote: "The word which has destroyed you is 'sacrifice'. Sacrifice is the surrender of a value. Full sacrifice is the surrender of all values." Even though I completely disagree with her politics, that first sentence has haunted me for years. I read ATLAS SHRUGGED as a teenager, and it hit me hard. Evadne Achlys knows what sacrifice means in this sense, and she doesn't want it turned into blood and glory.

FINALLY, someone said it better than I could - Ayn and you both.
2/27/2016 c1 4Dame Selena
On a scale of 1-10 I would put Achlys at a 5.

Ummm for scale I would put Coriolanus Snow (Stuart Pidasso interpretation) at a 4.

I would put Mad President Erik (my own story) at a 7.

To be honest though I can't feel more than neutral to Achlys. She does actions and has appropriate emotions but I can't feel her humanity. Ummm yeah I suck at explaining myself but I think it's what you said for SFCBruce's Ragnarok "I think it's because they're so wrapped in the situation that while their personalities show, they don't stand out as rounded people"

I guess I'm saying that we see Achlys the president, but what I wanted to see was Achlys the person. (Go back further, when she was a kid in a war-torn country trying to piece her life together oh wait that's not everybody's story)
2/27/2016 c1 Guest
I was about to go to bed, and figured nah, one more. I might have to reread it when I'm more clearheaded, cause there's some deeper stuff than usual in here. I should sleep because I have a paper to write on world war too for monday, and this got me thinking about war too, so yeah, good story. No seriously, I have a headache almost, because it was one longass oneshot, and as you can probably tell, I'm not making that much sense, but this was really good and to answer your question I'm not sure your President is evil, I kinda like her actually, but the answer is obviously yes, right? whatever. I so need sleep. Wish me luck, my paper is going to suck ass...
I spent three effing minutes trying to come up with a good guest name cause I forgot my last one.
this is probably the longest review I have ever written must think I'm crazy now. I swear I'm just tired. Yeah, this was a pretty sick story.
2/27/2016 c1 Emmeline Phoenix12
I liked the idea of how the Hunger Games came to be, this one-shot was very well written.

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