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5/25/2004 c6 mysticalgirll
The story is totally awsome! i hope u update it soon!
4/23/2003 c6 ashuri Campell
COLL! This story is reall great I hope to read more soon since it looks like you havn't updated in a year. I hope you do update soon.


ashuri ^_^
12/31/2002 c6 41Songwind
Da... what a predicament Jennifer's in. Hope she can deal with it all (the guys' relationships especially). Will her sister be pulled into the book? I think it'd be kinda funny if Jacob appeared and he got to be a Priest of Suzaku or Seiryuu (did I spell that right?) as opposed to another girl... but hey, this story's going great. Astrid is so kawaii! *loves kittens*

Oh, as a small sidenote, thanks for reviewing my ficcy. Glad you like.
9/14/2002 c6 2Fiery-Ice
OMG please dun leave me hanging here! pleaaaaaaasee! jennifer is cool! c'mon onegai dun leave me hanging! *sniff* i just wanted tuh reaaaaaad *sniff* update soooon pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeeeee!
3/25/2002 c5 oLd NaVy
...? Where is the rest? Well? I'm waiting! -sigh- I'm not patient, and no one is helping me out with that...

but anyhoo, just hurry, please? It's a very interesting fic.!
7/19/2001 c3 5kireiRei
cute.. i like it!
5/30/2001 c5 jacob
yay im back

but you need to get me into the book so's i can get midievil on 's @$$.

2/13/2001 c2 Kitsune no Kishi
Just one tiny little thing... I noticed this as I was flicking through FF.net. It's ACCEPT, not EXCEPT. Accept is to... well, take something, or willing take a position. Or something like that. "I accept this award." Except is like exclusion. "I like everything except bananas." Sorry, but it's just a bit of a pet peeve.
1/28/2001 c4 tyre
please write more! i love this!
12/21/2000 c4 Guest
i loved it! write more! write more! and quick i cant stand it when good stories aren't continued!
12/21/2000 c4 KDM
This is really good. Please hurry with the next part, please!
12/19/2000 c4 Lanen
LOLOLOLOLOL! I loved the ending! ROFLMAO! Hehehehe!
12/17/2000 c4 ChelseyDelpine's little siter
12/17/2000 c3 Chelsey
Good Story!
12/17/2000 c4 Skya
That was soooooooo good! I love all your stories! And you're right about the Tamahome and Hotohori thing. MIAKA WENT FOR THE MOST UN-BISHONEN GUY! And he caused her all kinds of trouble, too! I think Hotohori or Chichiri or Tasuki or even Chiriko would be a better choice than him! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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