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for The Arctic Swordsman - Watchman of the Stars

11/12/2016 c33 18Mataras
Dude, that's so cool! I am so sorry I didn't review sooner, life has been crazy, but I'm so glad that you're writing again, because I have missed this story! I absolutely approve of Mataras being Kione's coach (I get the feeling that he may soon be receiving a lesson in humility, though.) I demand another!
11/4/2016 c33 9Lord Pyrus
Like the new chapter! And I like the the cover. Keep up the good work!
11/3/2016 c33 15TheSib
Interesting how she actually prefers being blind. Looking forward to where this goes.
10/19/2016 c14 Toa Draconix
...A blade within, a sword that lives and breathes within you. A warrior holds that sword, traced back by blood...congratulations. In advance, let me explain how to contain the sword within your soul, and the warrior in your blood; I had to learn it as well.

The alter ego. Not only does your mind change, a second personality released, that personality uses your mind more than you, in a sense, the personality turns your body almost indestructible, your hands and feet into weapons. There are three ancient methods people have used to control or contain the personality, to wield the sword.

The way I use, is that I force myself to go too deep into meditation, to the point of being in the same place in my mind as that personality. At this point, their are two methods of how to deal with the personality: a mental cage, because such a force of combat has its uses, and then there is what few people have the inner strength to accomplish. They fight the other personality, and force it to submit. Or rather, that's the usual paths people usually talk. I found a compromise, taking a page from an anime, Naruto, and come to an agreement with the personality, essentially be a Jinchuriki. Its the best way to go about it, following this method.

The second method, also meditation heavy, is training your willpower into a wall between you, and the personality. Its most likely to fail down the line, due to people eventually stopping fortifying the wall each day.

The last method I am listing is the most...risky. In short, without too much extended explanation, you take drugs to fall asleep, black out all memories of what happens, and if you wake up and not the personality, then congratulations, you destroyed all trace of the personality and are NOT erased from your own mind. If its the personality? The other guy was creative, a storyteller. You aren't.

I hope that this helps you, man. I've gotten along with my altar ego! Good luck.
10/4/2016 c5 Guest
Yeah, you said it brother! Sinon and Asuna are pretty scary...
10/3/2016 c32 Sundown17
Hey. I was wondering if you have ev Dr read the book 'beastly.' It is a modern day beauty and the beast spin-off and, after reading this chapter, I think you might find it a little helpful.
10/3/2016 c32 TheSib
Interesting chapter. I like that we got a better look at Sarah. I'm curious to see how Kione works out. She'll at least be able to see in the VR world even if she's blind IRL.
10/3/2016 c32 18Mataras
Dude, seems like you've been investing a lot of EXP into your writing skill lately- very well done.
Just one question- which character IS the most determined in the story?
10/3/2016 c32 9Lord Pyrus
Kione's situation reminds me somewhat of Yui's. I like it.
9/30/2016 c30 18Mataras
Dude, the me in the omake said It- this is an awesome chapter!
9/17/2016 c28 Mataras
DUDE THAT WAS WAS AWESOME! The ending to this arc WAS perfect, I approve all the way! The only thing I want to know is if their Jedi/With etc re answer anger over to Aincrad, cos IMO that would be pretty sweet. Either way, you sir have earned your title, Watchman of the Stars. Well done.
9/16/2016 c28 15TheSib
Marcus and Sarah seem like an interesting couple but I feel like there was barely any buildup to it. Try and dedicate some of the story to the two of them getting closer as a couple perhaps.

Great chapter by the way. Enjoyed Marcus seeing his dad
9/16/2016 c28 Ethan Kironus
Could you throw in a chapter or two for Arctic Angel? I just want to see their romance have a bit more dedicated space.
8/18/2016 c27 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Interesting! I enjoyed this. I have to admit though to some small extent, that the Arctic Angel shipping was a bit rushed, but hey! As long as it works out!

And so their father sent them a letter eh? Hmm...I wonder what'll happen?
8/18/2016 c27 18Mataras
Aw... I wanted to kill the dastard! But I guess we all know I can't say no to someone that speaks in the spirit of my sister... Good job, though!
The only thing I would have changed was the scene where Marcus regains his senses- it seemed like there was a certain amount of emotion upheaval lacking. Other than that, fantastic job!
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