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for Aftermath: The DB Chronicles

6/22 c254 SargentEpsilon
I wonder why this climate in particular was chosen for the 3 Jedi studied prior to the big split.
6/22 c254 StrongGuy159
Nice chapter continue please.
5/29 c253 SargentEpsilon
Well done, good sir. This intense chapter kept my attention the whole way through. And made me wonder how dangerous a team Dio and Jojo could've been had Dio never attempted to poison his father. Especially if Jojo also developed a Stand. And no, I'm not referring to Dario as Dio's father. I doubt he would either.
5/28 c253 Guest
I wonder how you’ll handle homelander and Omni man all thing’s considered will they be hero, villain, neutral can’t wait to find out.
5/28 c253 StrongGuy159
Nice chapter continue please.
5/19 c1 thenewyorktoday
[URL" /"]The New York Today[/URL]
5/15 c252 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
4/27 c251 Guest
You have to let nezuko join
4/23 c251 seth.scorpio95
Since everything is still more messed up than normal, what are the odds of Tanjiro's sister appearing with him just because she was in the start of the fight?
4/22 c251 StrongGuy159
Nice chapter continue please.
3/28 c250 SargentEpsilon
Good to see Cloud and Tony meeting back up. Not exactly an instant fix, but a step in the right direction. Also, I so look forward to how they react to the matches that happened while they were away.
3/28 c250 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
3/12 c249 SargentEpsilon
Good bit of insight into how Barbara handles her life as Oracle. And having recently watched an hour long video talking about the incident that put her in the chair to begin with, both the original comic and the animated movie adaptation, I can see Barbara herself being among the list of people who prefer how she recovered in the aftermath to the incident itself.
3/12 c249 StrongGuy159
Nice chapter continue please.
2/27 c248 Yokaimon
Good story hope you update your story soon.
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