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5/31/2021 c238 SargentEpsilon
Good to see Strange and Kent up and about. Even if they can't access their full abilities, having them awake to help with supplies and strategy can help cut how much Ben and Johnny have to do themselves. And given how far south everything has gone, I think they need all the help they can get. That senzu garden Wildvine made can only help so much.
5/31/2021 c238 StrongGuy159
Amazing chapter continue please.
5/18/2021 c237 Guest
If there is one way I would describe this story, it would be wasted potential. If there was another way I would describe this story, it would be filled with spite. This story started out great, just different characters coming together, hanging out in a hotel and sometimes dealing with whatever schemes the villains have cooked up. Which is something that people like to see in a mass multiplayer crossover fic, and you did that. For about the first fifty chapters, after that it was just the characters becoming flanderized to the point that they couldn't even be recognised anymore when they were speaking unless you indicated who was speaking. All of the characters have become flat strawmen used to convey whatever grievances you were to have with a particular franchise that week. These people aren't characters, they are you. You who inserted himself into the characters, and who projected his own issues onto the characters. Which is clear as day to see to anyone who has read your story, and has even spend a single second with the franchise of the character that you're using to bash said franchise or the fans of that franchise. Now I will give you some credit, there are some chapters here and there beyond chapter fifty that actually seemed like you were trying to actually write something instead of using the characters to bash whatever you felt like that week. Having the characters show kindness to Lucy to get her to calm down actually makes sense, the mask chapter actually made sense the characters couldn't stop him so Deadpool got you the author to help them. But everything else, it's just chapter upon chapters of the characters pointing something from a franchise that you got some grievances with. And I doubt anyone is looking forward to 'Let's-break-the-fourth-wall-and-have-us-talk-badly-about-franchises-and-the-people-who-work-on-them-because-the-author-got-nothing-better-to-do-and-has-run-out-of-ideas-so-let's-become-out-of-character-and-act-like-this-is-good-writing' chapter 1042. But seriously, in the blurb you advertise this as the only death battle story with plot, having the characters get into shenanigans, drama, debates and so on. It gives the impression that the characters will actually go on some grand adventure to save their worlds, or get into some grand fight against the villains or some other things. But no, all you ever do with it is have most chapters be less than a thousand words and have the characters complain about something you have grievances with. And even when you do try, like the short story arcs or the goku/superman team ups it still falls flat on it's face. Cause you'll still break away from the action to have the characters complain about something you don't like, or you'll just have characters bash other characters for no rhyme or reason simply because you don't like them. And honestly, it just feels spiteful to me at this point like the only reason this story still exists is because you feel like attacking fans or characters or writers that you don't like. Furthermore, looking into this story even deeper shows that this story is just the concepts for four different stories Frankensteined together. Like you wanted to write a goku/superman team up story as well as a story of the characters who appeared in death battle teaming up together, then you wanted to write a friends to lovers fanfic and on top of that you wanted to write a story where you could have the characters bash whatever it is that you don't like. Resulting in the bloated mess, that makes anyone who reads it and the characters experience nothing but misery. This story has turned five years old this year, and it has just gotten worse over time. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks this, cause I have seen the reviews over the years and there were quite a lot of people who left entire essays on why this story sucks and I agree with them. Cause this story is bad, but seeing how nothing has changed I doubt you ever listened to anyone. And I know what you're going to say, that everyone who ever left these kinds of reviews was a hater and shouldn't be taken serious. But you'll never learn that way, and stay the exact same as you were when you started this story. So here is a piece of advice, get your head out of your ass and actually make a better story. Cause it's people like you that give fanfiction and people that write it a bad name.
5/18/2021 c237 SargentEpsilon
I don't normally pick sides over who wins a game, but that point made about Miguel's knowledge of present day games being limited makes sense to me. Still a fun chapter either way.
5/18/2021 c237 42Knight7572
Why not Yang date both Blake and Tifa
5/18/2021 c237 30Roktoof
Ooh, girlfight. Yang maybe would think about jumping off to the Grand Canyon right now.
5/17/2021 c237 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
5/14/2021 c236 1Underdog Emiya
(Breathes in, breathes out)
Ok, let me put one thing straight first, before i keep going. I don't hate this fic, as a certain guest did. I have watched many chapters, with some having decent plotlines, that made me crack a little bit. And i love Death Battle, it has marked a part of my childhood. Also, it's your history being written, not mine. So, you, dudebladeX, has every right in the world to ignore this message, and keep writting as if nothing has ever happened.

But...i will say it. I am disappointed.
Disappointed by the potencial lost in this history.
One of my favorite fics in this site is Smash Life, by CrashGuy01, a Smash Bros fanfiction. He had a similar premise to this history, a bunch of characters from the Smash Bros series living under a same roof. Although he had some ups and downs, there was something in the interactions, the shenanigans, maybe the Gravity Falls recicled scripts (lol, jk, although these are amusing) that made me come back each and every friday, now saturday, searching for it. Not a all time favorite, but something that have a nice niche in my virtual library.

Your history, on the other hand...maybe at first it had this essence, even if shorter than usual, and it was somewhat enjoyable. But as the time passed, i had nearly forgot the existence of this, only remembering via a somewhat desperate search for Death Battle styled fanfics. There is good elements, like the karaoke early on, the Doomsday arc and the Kaiju fight, but even then most of it is very muddled in my memory. At this point I only can describe this history as "guilty pleasure". But i want to be more to it: there's so much untapped potencial, and this frustrates me.

Some minor elements to critic are the outta of character moments of characters like Dante and Guts (in no corner of Hell and Midland they would hook up. EVAH), and the prevalence of the Author character in the history. Sure, as post-credit it works really fine, but then you create a arc in which the guy is the protagonist? Yeah, nope, specially with the asinine ending. I get it you get some slack from other people, but this is no excuse to not be able to create captivating histories.

All I just want to say is that i like the purpose - maybe one day i explore it in another website where i am writer. And only you can control where you want to go with this wild train. But, as of now, this is the station where i stop.

5/3/2021 c236 SargentEpsilon
Oh jeez. Between Ragnarok and Crona, Mewtwo and Ganondorf, and Cloud and that Death Star, I'm not sure which end had a rougher time this chapter.
5/3/2021 c236 42Knight7572
so when is blake joining as she has now lost an arm thanks to mikasa?
5/3/2021 c236 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
4/28/2021 c235 The Thinker
4/20/2021 c235 SargentEpsilon

1. Good to see Geese and Heihachi squirm after everything they did. Although now I wonder if anyone was able to record the whole encounter to show the others when they get back.

2. I have never heard of the anime Pinkie mentioned. Or the one Oracle found when researching the armor. Does either show have combatants with viable Death Battle matches?
4/19/2021 c231 GO D. USOPP
Can’t wait till Heihachi and Geese interacts with the others especially Terry and Jin. By the way the death battle was killer!
4/20/2021 c235 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
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