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3/16/2016 c4 111The Layman
Deadpool: NOOOOOOOO! My [technically] naked, sexy witch waifu! Serves you right for focusing on her boobs as the deciding factor for victory. Deadpool: ...so I should have taken her ass into account as well? *hangs head sorrowfully* Ignore him. I sort of suspected Dante would when they mentioned his penchant for regularly surviving impalement, but his Royal Guard form pretty much clinched it. In the end, I'm fine with how the fight went. Deadpool: Well I'm not! There's only room for ONE red clad, quippy damage sponge, and it sure as hell ain't Orphan Boy there! Why, if I weren't text on a screen right now...! Anyway, looking forward to seeing Yang's new arm in action!
3/9/2016 c3 Randy
Tifa and Yang are so gay for each other. Add a vibrator while you're at it Iron Man.
3/9/2016 c3 The Layman
Hmm...if I were to bet money, I'd say that I have no clue who'll win this DEATHBATTLE! On one hand, Bayonetta has the experience edge over Dante, but then there's the Underdog (trademarked) factor to consider in that case...

Deadpool: Bayonetta's gonna win. Hands down!

Wade, I thought I told you to get lo- ...hang on, why do you think that?

Deadpool: Because you forgot about the Booby Factor(trademark, copyright, registered)!

...remind me why I keep you around again?

Deadpool: Because I'm a meta-fictional being who literally can't die because he's boning Death. ...and while I've got this line, I have a few choice words for "dumbboobX" about how little page time I had in this chapter-

And I'm cutting you off before you say something that could get me kicked off the site. See you next week and, in the words of the great Boomstick...

3/6/2016 c2 The Layman
...OK, you got me, that was some pretty good Deadpool. (I laughed quite a bit.) I think I'm actually gonna like this story now.

Deadpool: Also, this guy I know called "The Layman" wrote a fic called "Deadpool is inflicted on RWBY". You should give it a looksee; judging by the kind of reviews it's getting I'd say it's pretty [censor]ing good!

*sigh*, what have I told you about interrupting my reviews for shameless plugs, Wade?

Deadpool: Um...you haven't? This is LITERALLY the first time I've ever appeared in one of your reviews-

Get out if here already!

Deadpool: Fine! I'ma just grab my unicorn and my "special" crocks and watch my new movie again. ...I'll be touching myself, in case you didn't-


Deadpool: Go check out Distorted Mirror Images, X! Woobwoobwoobwoobwoobwoobwoob!

Now where was I...? Oh right; suggestions!

First: More of Tifa and Yang just hanging out together, possibly with the other DB contestants.

Second: Along those lines, I still want a scene of Yang and Cloud bonding over motorcycles; that seems like a good way for her to cope with what happened to her in Volume 3.

Third: Give the Dragonball Z characters their Abridged personalities. (The exception being Mr. Satan, since he hasn't appeared in TFS DBZA yet.)

Forth: At some point, Deadpool needs to comment on the Smash Bros. connection between most of these characters. (Not the Kharacter though.)

Fifth: Dante's thoughts on D.M.C., what are they?

And finally: More of Tifa and Yang just hanging out together, being friends.

So there you go, that ought to be enough to chew on for a while.
3/6/2016 c1 The Layman
Um, I checked, and the enemies "Bayo" fights are Angels, not demons. (Hence why her fighting Dante is so perfect, since HE fights demons.) You might want to fix that.

Also, I was under the impression that you were going to continue updating "Dawn of stuff" instead of starting a brand new story. I guess I was wrong.
2/29/2016 c1 Randy
It's nice to see that Yang has people who care about her given her abandonment issues.
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