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5/11 c63 wanderingwitchelaine
yay what a great story, loved it. off to read the sequal
5/11 c55 wanderingwitchelaine
another good chapter, thanks love the story
5/11 c51 wanderingwitchelaine
another very good chapter :) thanks
5/11 c46 wanderingwitchelaine
hah love the story, adore Yui :) and I assume Strea is from the books or games
5/10 c38 wanderingwitchelaine
made me cry, love the chapter
5/10 c30 wanderingwitchelaine
yea time to take down LC thanks for the chapter
5/10 c26 wanderingwitchelaine
Moon princess indeed, thanks for the chapter :)
5/10 c25 wanderingwitchelaine
wonderful chapter thanks :)
5/10 c24 wanderingwitchelaine
died from his own hubris, fitting, love the tale
5/10 c22 wanderingwitchelaine
sweet the two of them love the story
5/10 c18 wanderingwitchelaine
Kitsune! I love Argo look forward to more
5/9 c17 wanderingwitchelaine
really, really, good story thanks for the chapter
5/9 c14 wanderingwitchelaine
Laughing Coffin, yikes wonder when they would appear, go harry!
5/9 c11 wanderingwitchelaine
HP would just kill the berk dead, great chapter
5/9 c7 wanderingwitchelaine
another great chapter, thanks :)
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