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3/29/2021 c40 Courtney Elizabeth1
Soo good u did great. Thanks
3/24/2021 c18 Courtney Elizabeth1
Sooooooo intense. Niceee love this story.
3/23/2021 c13 Courtney Elizabeth1
I pictured Danny as Charizard seismic tossing Raven just then with grabbing the cloaking, draggin her to then toss her to the ground
3/22/2021 c8 Courtney Elizabeth1
Dick as Robin never had the bo staff that was always Tim Drake. Robin has the escrima sticks.

Either way tho this is an awesome story. Very well written. Only constructive criticism is that there is an over use of then. A lot of times where u used and then ... and then ... etc. The then never actually needed to be used.

But apart from that awesome work
3/21/2021 c6 Courtney Elizabeth1
This is great so far. Love how everything ties together
1/26/2021 c5 Khy Dragon
Hey, I’m using some of your story to make my own on Wattpad. I hope that’s alright. Thank you.
8/13/2020 c3 Kevin
Really liking the story so far but I think Danny Phantom can take the DCAU Justice League due to hacks and powerscaling.
7/13/2020 c29 xgirl128
OMG, I just thought of something that would have been really funny for one of the earlier chapters, when Starfire and Jazz were bonding Starfire could have talked about how she could braid someone's hair other than beast boy's and everyone turns to look at beast boy and he just shrugs and says that Starfire would beg him to turn into an animal with long hair/fur so that she could practice braiding
11/30/2019 c40 PhoenixDragon90
I enjoyed this story.
Loved It!
Keep Up The Good Work!
Thanks for the meal.
Till Next Time!
11/4/2019 c6 PlaidPajamas01
Oh thank god he's gonna be getting more help. Running like this would be so much easier if he just left his friends but Danny would never do that. It's a very difficult situation. And man I hope the Justice League realizes that they're good guys!
11/27/2018 c20 1avidreaded
Seemed about right. Only thing I can think of is that Flash is able to vibrate his body fast enough to A) give BB friction burns or B) make his own molecules slip through the gaps of other molecules. And Manhunter's phasing is actually density shifting where he just makes it so his molecules can slip through the space between other molecules. Arguably he wouldn't be able to escape from Raven trapping him in a sphere. And of course Green Lantern could've just dome trapped Jazz.
4/6/2018 c3 Guest
u should get more of your fanfic buddies to make more of the type of x-over stories of danny and his friends running away to jump city and joining the teen titans, cuz it's totally awesome!:0)
9/27/2017 c40 2Keith Halfa
AWESOME! Thank you for this brilliant story
8/20/2017 c30 The unseen phantom
"At lest there motivated" lmao, that is they funniest thing I have ever read in a fanfic so far.
8/17/2017 c10 lulu2613
Why not the four horsemen? Their speech reminds me of the four horsemen from now you see me
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