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2/12/2017 c1 3Apostle-of-Darkness
Alright, it's BACK!

Personally, I would go with the one where the N7 soldier uses a sword. Just a personal opinion from the other times this had been posted.
3/11/2016 c1 1Zimbolical
NIce to see the story back again
N7 Fury Adept
3/3/2016 c1 XxVokunxX
Nice work with the fic I think he should be shadow infiltrator main reason nemesis is with and well she is one the best assassin's in the universe so yeah she could teach him a lot in any of the classes really but I prefer the shadow
3/1/2016 c1 Icewolf799
N7 Shadow Infiltrator I would say. I can't wait for more chapter.
3/1/2016 c1 1Jarjaxle
N7 Shadow Infiltrator...I hope my OC Krogan and Turian from original Version get into story...don't knwo if they were in 1st version tough.

Well, now just to wait Lala and Co. to arrive! XD
2/29/2016 c1 coduss
eh...if i had to pick one of them, I'd go Fury adept. personally, i prefer Vanguard and just beating the ever loving shit out of people, but I'll take what i can get
2/29/2016 c1 Zerohero
Cool it's nice that you started this story again, I was disappointed when your scrapped the first one. Can't wait to read more
2/29/2016 c1 15Leaf Ranger
I think he should be an N7 Shadow Infiltrator. Of the three classes, I think it's the most combat oriented. The Fury Adept would be my second choice, but I think Shadow Infiltrator is best bet. It puts him in a good position to be skilled at both long and close range combat.

Overall, good work and start so far. Keep it up man.
2/29/2016 c1 30Azure King and Azure Queen
...I say Fury Adept since it's my class haha...but to be fair...yeah that it fits him pretty well. Good luck with this story and great work

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