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3/6/2016 c1 6Fearless by Past
Awesome! You really pulled me into the story. Hopefully you'll be writing more Harvest King and Molly stories.
3/2/2016 c1 26Symphonic Fantasia
I've never played AP/ToT, but I have to say that this is beautifully done. I loved it and could practically feel the love that Molly has for the Harvest King. A wonderful job, my dear! You should be proud.
3/2/2016 c1 73Accidentally The Whole Fanfic
Y'know, I'm not a big fan of second-person, usually. But there's always room for exceptions, and this was by far one. (Not that I want to downplay how damn good this story was by saying something like, "Well, no surprise, considering who wrote it," but - yeah.)

I could definitely feel the myriad of emotions coursing through Molly as I read this - passion, love, lust, devotion (well, maybe edging towards obsession), and hints of awe, fear, and sorrow. You got it all without making it seem overloaded, and it flowed nicely from feeling to feeling.

Plus, I agree with tapioca that the concept of Ignis as a more primal sort of god - rooted in impulse, tangibility, those sorts of things - was a pretty brilliant idea, and it fits extremely well with his fiery design at that.

Not to mention, the idea of his once-equal as his counterpart and almost-superior (which makes sense - you have to summon Ignis, even if his powers save the tree... Sephia's always present). It actually helped me appreciate his in-game character more - now I can see why he'd come off so harsh and almost detached.

So, overall - really fantastic. Beautifully written, and I love Molly's line of thinking with having children by him. And between you and tapioca, I've really started looking at Ignis in a new light.
3/1/2016 c1 31tapioca two-step
First of all, I can't tell you how much I love the lines: "Red letters for sleeping with a god" and "Selfishly, I had meant my forever."

It's wonderful how the story begins with intense physical love but you begin to see that she's actually driven by all kinds of different love for him. This story is so complex. There's lust, yeah, but she also prays to him and wants to offer herself to him as a sacrifice. She wants to treat him like her lover but at the same time knows he's an ancient deity who probably had a million girls just like her doing the exact same thing she's doing.

All the physical descriptions you gave the Harvest God were great-the smell of woodsmoke, his touch being like a sunburn, him eating an apple, etc. He's a lot more solid than floaty Sephia and it really makes sense when he says "I am the body, the Harvest Goddess is the soul." That also explains, I think, why everyone "forgot" about him-it's a lot easier to take physical sensations for granted, and why he's at risk of losing his immortality. The soul doesn't die, but the body does.

Ensuring the Harvest God's immortality through their children was a brilliant move on Molly's part. That way, even a little bit of her will become immortal, too.

That you could write such a powerful story with characters who are out of your comfort zone speaks hugely for your talent as an author. This was a phenomenal one-shot, and I'm so so happy that you wrote it for me! Thank you!

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