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5/18 c11 jhsilver123
Dude, what the hell was that?
Ozpin gave Ranma nothing yet Ranma kept yapping, and although Ozpin would have eventually figure some of this out, It would have been better to keep his mouth shut since it wasn't worth what Ozpin was giving.
3/22 c18 SeanHicks4
Interesting cross, looking forward to seeing some more. The world building seems a bit off, but I saw it seems to have started before volume 4 or the expended universe books revealing things like Salem’s origins, or Coco’s tastes in relationships. I noticed a few spelling and grammar issues, the biggest seems to be something of a trend in your work with dialogue not always being given open or close quotation marks. I probably could also have done without the original Grimm, while it does add some changes to canon, the mass of names and lack of further development was a bit more annoying than the OC upper years you introduced. Probably meant to say more but it’s late and I’ve been reading over the last few days so I’ll come off confusing or something if I push too much ...
4 months to update seems an awful lot like 11 at this point just looking at the time stamps, not to be mean about it...
3/17 c1 brandonmunoz499
I hope it pyrrha
1/16 c18 Raiju001
I am enjoying this story very much! Thank you for this take on the whole world. I like your version better than the current rooster teeth version. Thank you again for the story!
1/14 c6 dloold87
ahaha Ozpin has no idea of Ranma's skills
12/26/2020 c18 Guest
buenas hace tiempo que no me pasaba por tus fics espero actualización de este pronto y sugiero un nuevo fic que puedas escribir de ramma y fate grand order creo que estos dos generos escritos por ti seria genial cuidate dtb
12/9/2020 c1 jl6150593
Yes finally! someone who realizes that Pyrrha's death was not only forced and senseless, but the character just had too much to give to the story, just wanted to comment on that :D
12/1/2020 c18 MrHarveste
Loving your work as always hope to see more of this story.
12/1/2020 c18 4Monster King
11/27/2020 c18 HungrySnack
Where is the update? its been over 4 months.

I only care because I enjoy your work. Thankyou.
10/5/2020 c1 Byakugan
nah, Wiess gets pretty busty in 6 and 7.

Racial profiling that's entirely correct? I mean, seriously, you even wrote extra background monologues FROM Blake, explaining how the fang only really attack shipments of weapons and dust. Not cash or goods.

Sun makes being a walking trope fun. Best possible match for Blake. Loyal, skilled, capable of pulling the stick out of her ass on repeated occasions.

Loony Toons are awesome.

Ah penny... if it weren't for Japan, I'd have trouble believing someone that painfully cute has a dudes soul.
Well, half a dudes soul.
He really should have started recruiting other old dying fogies and made more Penny's. Or other models, but same idea. Her waifu bot upgrade in season 7 is just perfect. Pity she totally gets set up AGAIN. But hey, it ends with her becoming Winter! So, winter maiden, with a dudes soul! It's an almost perfect fit for a Ranma story!
Speaking of which, I really don't get why the Maiden power have only ever gone to girls. The reason they pick new hosts in the first place is because they're shards of Ozpin, the same way Penny is a shard of Pietro Polendina.
Though, that in itself has interesting implications for dear ozzy...

Silly Penny needs to download more anthropology. Petite little girls are often contestants of eating contests. Often as not, they even WIN! It's hilarious to watch! They walk away looking pregnant...
heh, that line should be dated, given where her souls been and who her programmer is...

Perry is a dog. Such a pity. It would have been so much better if Perry were a platypus... ;p

When did cinder have time to put in the worm? Because in canon, they needed all of the teachers distracted with the dance for her to do that.

More to cover the brand on his left eye than to appear the monster, most likely.
Also, not particularly remarkable. The show is VERY into it's stereotypes for the faunus.

youch, you're going stereotyped Knights Templar on Ozzy? Poor guy.
10/2/2020 c18 23Byakugan789
Slow can be good... but it can also ruin everything. Love is friendship/loyalty that lasts after the 3 years of lust fades. The pursuit can extend that 3 years further, but that's typically more for the obsessive types. Regardless, married at 19-25 to a long term friend the girl looks up to with a kid or several in the first 3 years is statistically the least likely to divorce or result in marital abuse.
On the other extreme; waiting while she pursues her career and sleeps around is statistically the highest path for creating bitter, childless, man hating cat ladies.

Heh, yeah, gorgeous guy more or less sexually harasses a girl, she's flattered. Gross, or even merely normal guy does even half that, dat's rape!

It's kinda odd really, to think that canonically, dumpy blond malichite is the mother of the twins at juniors. Their dads jeans musta been hella dominant.

Also, what's the chance Ranma will take an interest in Hazel's trick of empowering himself directly with dust? Sure, Ranma doesn't really need it... but his canon persona is all about picking up new tricks.

I also wonder (again) if Ranma will end up with two shards of ozpin when he kills cinder, or if someone else will get it?
9/25/2020 c17 Byakugan789
Would sea sickness even be a thing with a ship that large, outside of a storm? I've known people in the Navy who have troubles with sea sickness on destroyers and cruisers, but are completely fine on aircraft carriers and oil tankers. Outside of a storm.

Hah, Ranma doesn't know America very well. Though, alot of foreigners I met on deployment didn't either. It's rather amazing how many people seem to think America only has 5 states. Hawaii, Alaska, California, Texas and New York.
Regardless, getting a gun is a pain in the ass, and discouraged besides. The bigger your town/city, the harder they make it, even if you don't have anything resembling a criminal record or family.
Also? Racial tensions in high gun areas are always at an all time low. As they said in The Walking Dead; You speak politely to a man with a gun, it's just common sense.

Given the only fishy grim shown in the series are Yinglong and Leviathan, I dunno whether to agree with that assessment or call bull.
Well, them, and the gigantic fucking sky whale Salem rode in on in the finale of season 7.

Knowledge is only terrible if you're struggling with denial.

Why's wies being uptight about her rapier? I thought Ruby already tooled up everybodies weapons? During that punishment arc?

Hrmm...you do like your flanders, it seems. That's quite the departure from how Adam was described in the anime. Adam was the avatar of spite, yes, but he wasn't shown or stated to be a monster.

Ah, anti-racists, being just as violent as racists. More, really, given the situation. :eyeroll:
also, interesting way to deal with ranma's classes.

Y'know, I kinda wonder, will Amber wake up when Ranma kills cinder? Or will he get Falls stolen power?
Course, I'd be more interested in seeing Neo get it at this point. No offense to Pyrrha.

rofl! Neko-ken finally happened! Pity you didn't go through the whole explanation with them. Or have him go cat-mode in the middle of a grim horde, for him to utterly devastate, but this was fun regardless.

Well, given what happened in that scene, and the battle with the horseman, it's more likely Ren kept the pair going until Nora got tired of being scared and needing to be saved all the time, and got hammer-happy.

Well, yeah, if a girl can beat a boy, the only way she's ever going to be even slightly interested in him is if he's BOTH pretty and can make her laugh. And not mean laughs either. Juane being a pretty good example.
Even then, she's not going to respect him. Also as shown with Juane.

Heh... cinematic drama right in the middle of a kiss? Guess we know who the chosen one is now.

Hive queen progenitor, now, is she? Now that's QUITE the AU.

Trito-shark, huh?
Also, why isn't he using Mokotakabisha? Seriously, you made it critically effective and then never use it!?

Are Piranadon by any chance akin to the Deep One's fish people from Lovecraft?

TOARU NO RAILGUN, MISAKA CHAN! Er, Pyrrha, i mean. *cough*.

Nice kiss there at the end.
9/24/2020 c16 Byakugan789
hrmm... is the AU of Salem being a grim part of your "No magic" AU, or the part where I can't figure out where you are on watching the series?
Her Grimness is a technicality. She WAS human. Then she messed with the gods and got cursed with immortality. Season 6 I think. After they get the lantern from Raven in season 5, but before they get to Pyrrha's home. She found immortality more a curse than a gift, and tried to kill herself in the Grim generation pools, which killed everything else to ever touch them. But because she was immortal, the pool infected her of the course of a century.

Too sexy to pull it off, heh, she hasn't met coco I guess.

Despite the stereotype of girls doing the cooking, Men make up 95% of professional chefs, from short order diners to gourmet restaurants. The division of labor where women cook is generally hinged upon her being unable to do harder jobs and the family not having leisure money.
This is also largely true in the related cottage industries. Bakeries, deli's and the like. Though the ratio is somewhat more favorable to women, that's mostly because of savories such as cakes, pastries and such. its only in food service and stay at home mothers where you see the stereotype of women handling food return.

Hmm...I'd thought Ranma had been getting better over the course of the manga about cats. Given he deliberately used it several times and even in the intro had to be more or less swarmed to really freak out.
eh w/e, you took Yangs flirting and Ruby's weapon crafting to fetish levels too.

Train rider doesn't know that Yang is Raven Bronwynns daughter?

Ranma's USED to a lot of relationship drama and oddities. Not comfortable with, sure, but he is USED to it all.

Why humans in Renmant are better. They manage to build cities. On a hellworld. The faunas despite their "multiple natural advantages" have not. Simple as that. When Menagerie manages to build it's own city, hunter school, army and start trading it's natural resources, they will have proven themselves equal.
It's like making the argument Toad from the XMen is superior because magneto and charles named their race homo-superior.

Fox stereotyping, blake? tisk tisk.

Be funny if all of the cats on the ship end up sleeping on Ranma tonight.
9/22/2020 c15 Byakugan789
Nice defensive setup. I do wonder why it's not self sustaining any more though. Volcanic soil and the fact it's a port and thus has fishing, should be plenty. Unless it's that mentioned need for dust imports to run everything?

Heh, call them an infestation of Shutterbugs, it makes a better sounding analogy.

Hmm... I'd have thought the bullheads would use more gravity dust than fire. eh, w/e

I guess this wasn't revealed yet, as season 7 was in 2019, but Mercury doesn't have a semblance. His fathers semblance allowed him to steal Mercury's semblance. His steam attacks are due to his mechanical legs being loaded with a Steam type Dust and his combat prowess is because like Ranma his training was just that ridiculous.

I like the business code you set up for cinder.

trading out the mother daughter vibe for a lesbian one with cinder/emerald?

Ah, Ranma/pyrrha... there's a lot of books like that. The ones that sound nice and like you're taught at home tend to be idealized and only work for 5% of girls, while the ones that piss everybody off tend to have great results with most of them.
Bit of a short hand though;
only visuals will catch a guy, and only being some he can stand to be around, an actual friend, will keep him longer than the three year lust period. Guys are not afraid of commitment and kids, they're afraid of being legally liable to someone they can't stand out of the bedroom who will wield those kids as a weapon.
Girls will always go for the highest status guy within their reach. Figure out what they judge status by and only put up with 1 in 10 shit tests. Put up with too many of them, fall in status or suffer someone of higher status and lower standards to hang around; and she'll leave you.
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