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for A Semblance of Hope

5/16 c2 4DaDragon562
Man this was a good chapter, I enjoyed the fall and how it was portrayed here better than in the original inspiration story
4/3 c1 leebrough98us
Good work as usual love your stories, even if I complain.
4/3 c2 leebrough98us
meh a little disappointed he ain't gonna be a student. moving a little to fast for my liking, oh well. Good story still.
3/19 c4 charly22salazar
Just like that? No man the way he interacted with Ozpin and accepted is wierd man... It feel like you forced to keep him in cannon plot.
3/18 c3 8KM Donovan
by the way? magic DOES exist in RWBY. it was added by Oum himself just before he died. later seasons expanded on it. Salem and Ozpin have magic. Salem uses it to control the Grimm, Ozpin's magic is the source of his body hopping immortality. well that and divine empowerment/curse depending on which one you are talking about. salem is cursed, ozpin is empowered.

but salems magic was one of the last additions Oum added to the show before his passing. so magic DOES exist in Remnant, it is simply beyond rare. and the current incarnation of humanity has no ability to use it. Salem and ozpin are from the first iteration of humanity, whole different set of rules there.
11/1/2021 c13 icrawler
and everyone clapped
11/1/2021 c19 2Mr. Haziq
from start to now i noticed quite a bit of you using the wrong pronoun and occasionally the wrong name
9/30/2021 c17 Im Not Itachi
How dare you say something racist, consistently racist student. In response, I'm going to threaten you with a grisly death several times over the course of the next several chapters. Seeing as your entire team is a caricature meant to portray people unwilling to change, I have no qualms actively pushing for your frequent injury and embarrassment. I'm sure this won't make you double down on your beliefs. After all, when has violent opposition of someone else's ideals made them extra resentful?
9/29/2021 c19 razmire
Ranma is just surrounding himself with enemies now that he’s in Mistral. To bad that said enemies aren’t all on the same side, otherwise they might have a chance against him.
8/31/2021 c3 9Kolomte'49
It’s despair me, It just despairs me the end of this chapter for Ranma's bad habit. Which means you did a great job with this chapter and managing the personality of the characters.
It's just that one would think that the bad experience he had at his school would make Ranma take any trouble more seriously: leaving his aura aside, matching his ability with Yang when his damn job was to avoid disasters at the club and even take it as a game… the problem may have started Yang and Junior, but it turned Ranma's responsibility since he started facing the blonde berserker.
I know, I know, it's just Ranma being Ranma. And I wouldn't want him any other way. I just wanted to say it and get it off my chest. I just hope that in the next chapter there will be repercussions either for him or Yang.
I know it doesn't make sense to say all this, considering how far behind I am in history, but I already did.
Great job, like the rest of your stories I've read.
7/31/2021 c19 SeanHicks4
Interesting, kinda disappointing that your ending it early because you lost interest in the show around the Tim Monty passed., but at least you recognize that people would still like a cleaner ending than abandonment. The mistakes about magic at least were more from the background not being as far along and could be adapted or ignored when it came up…probably too tired to explain that right…
7/31/2021 c8 30Manga154
I think our wild horse will have a bit of a problem with the team showing up and not getting all the medical supplies that he was supposed to, I mean sure six low level fighters are nice to take a mob, but I'm sure it would of been nice if that high level fighter didn't bleed out because they used up all the medical supplies on civies thinking they had more...

Great story I love how it's all playing out!
7/29/2021 c19 fuunu
oh boy once Yang finds out Pyrrha considers Ranma her boyfriend I think sparks are going to fly
7/27/2021 c19 Mprimrus
I have an idea on how to get magic from THIS Ranma's home world to this one. PM me if you are interested.
7/26/2021 c19 jnautking
Hahahaha that last part was great
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