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for A Semblance of Hope

11/2/2018 c15 Daenerys5539
Another excellent chapter.

The only problem I have is with the Mercury fight. You see, there is a major flaw with future sight when it comes to fights - especially against someone with Ranma's skill. Mainly that it would effectively be completely useless.

Seeing something happening five seconds in the future sounds powerful, but it's a LONG time for someone like Ranma. As soon as Mercury tries to change what he does, he invalidates what he was reacting to. Ranma is not going to try the same move in the changed circumstances.

Mercury's every movement is going to change the outcome he's seen - but he won't be able to take advantage, because Ranma won't be doing the same thing anymore, because HE has the time and training to act on the present circumstances, rather than what led to Mercury's changes.
11/1/2018 c15 FateBurn
Nice chapter
11/1/2018 c15 kajoshin
How can Mercury's ankle bother him when it's a robotic leg?
Other than that good chapter.
11/1/2018 c15 Tribernator
Wow, this honestly felt like a pretty short chapter. Im glad to hear that ozzy will at least be willing to talk about a few of his big secrets, should be interesting to see how that goes in a few chapters when ranma and crew get back.
11/1/2018 c15 4Greatazuredragon
Yeah Mercury Vs Ranma is a no brainer.
Nice chapter, good work.
11/1/2018 c15 Armiture
That Ranma would have so much fun playing with a combat precog that he would forget to capture said precog to play with later is so Ranma. That was my favorite scene in this chapter.

I look forward to hearing Blake's statement next time and I hope that you avoid any further illnesses for the foreseeable future.
11/1/2018 c15 Look what Jesus did
On the fight with Mercury and Ranma I agree with both the results and the reasoning but I’m a little disappointed that again an opportunity was missed to point out a massive drawback with battle precognition. That being if you change your response to your opponents attack and their skill/speed is fairly superior to yours they would then tailor their attacks to the new holes you would be unwittingly leaving in their defence. You touched on it a little in the fight but it always disappoints me when a perfect setup to shame such a Mary Sueish ability passes by
11/1/2018 c15 Noobody77
Is Ranma fukin dumb? A spy was confirmed to have been following him for long enough to have seen his incredibly secret and important meeting/prisoner exchange but instead of capturing him he fucks around like an idiot and lets him get away? Way to hand the mc an idiot ball author.
11/1/2018 c15 shugokage
Definitely an impressive chapter and good scenes!
11/1/2018 c15 sandmanwake
Ozpin's whole you must trust to be trusted in turn was not only manipulative, it's also a bunch of BS. Ranma's secret was the equivalent of a Hunter not disclosing what all their Semblance can do, which probably every Hunter does. Ozpin was basically arguing that everyone should disclose all their secrets to him even though they don't know him that well and maybe he'll entrust them with some of his secrets.

And something just occurred to me from reading the Mercury vs Ranma fight: Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire Technique Ruby's Semblance.
11/1/2018 c15 1OBSERVER01
Ranma vs mercury was done well :)
11/1/2018 c15 4Ranryuujin Omega
Great chapter as usual, man! It's still the usual quality even if you were sick. Heck, I'd say this was a little better than the last chapter despite having much less action. I've been reading along even if I haven't been reviewing in a while.

I am excited about the ship battle, a possible big struggle... and most importantly that big talk with Ozpin that you've been building up to. Looking forward for more as I wonder how you're going to tackle it and how honest Ranma is going to be about it.

It's a shame about the relative lack of popularity about this fic though, with all of the possible trouble about you bucking the established trend/attitudes towards certain characters. It's still up there on the more popular side with the Ranma fans since, hey, we love crossovers over here and we're not about to judge choices unless they really take characters into extreme ooc territory.

Just keep on keepin' on, and I look forward to your updates of stories next month. I WILL say I'm biased to the Ranma side of things, but that's just me.
11/1/2018 c15 1DragonSword35d
Personally, I don’t have any major hang ups over character interpretations, here. I tend to vote towards this one a lot. This is definitely one of my favorite current stories of yours.

A couple of typos. Can’t remember most of them. Only glaring one was the use of Dollar instead of Lien.
11/1/2018 c15 Haunton
When they get to mistral please get him into cat mode
10/16/2018 c14 WillItWork
Writing of settings where OP Ranma is only slightly better than everyone else, the world of Ramnant. My own proclivities for ZOMG!RANMA-CHAN aside, having the sister dynamic and the cause works well, although it's a shame about Blake. I always liked her.

This whole thing has been VERY well written, and I'm looking forward to Ranma versus Cinder. I occasionally have some sympathy for Salem, but almost never for Cinder, and after her previous interactions with Ranma's… frenemies? Annoyance buddies? He's going to be carrying a real chip on his shoulder.

Here's to Yang not getting de-limbed, and thanks for sharing!
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