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7/14 c19 2Dracoog101
Nice! Good to see this back! Can't wait for the next chapter and hope you are doing well!
7/14 c5 stylo1
heh the issue of aura vs ki is solved by simply not explaining it, except for that thing with spring we dont tslk about...

rather lame and leaving a lot of room for you to change how battles are fought
7/13 c6 stylo1
taekwondo is a lot of kicking, far more then kickboxing.

if you go in detail at least make sure you know what you talk about. it is why most writers dont do this
7/13 c6 stylo1
weird how cat and dog faunus dont get along, most cats and dogs have no problems with eachother, the whole emnity thing is a fictional concept of cartoons
7/13 c19 9Dragon Man 180
I really want to see Ranma beat Achilles into the ground on a CCT broadcast. I can’t wait to see Phyrra’s new weapon Thetis makes for her with Ruby’s input.

If Cinder keeps trying to flirt with Ranma to make him loose focus she’s fighting a loosing battle. Man, imagine the Dragon’s Heavens Bladt he could make with her using Maiden powers and luring her into a spiral!
7/13 c5 stylo1
musical memory
manifestation based telekinesis
which in reality is just temporary conjuration with a minor telekinetic control over it while using music as an activation key.

this is the dumbest thing i ever heard and the only sense it makes is why the arc's send her to goodwitch for this even if they had no reason to do so at the time.

weird shit dude
7/13 c4 stylo1
"there is no such thing as a pyrrhic victory"

then ranma obviously doesnt understand the meaning of that. his example is perfect way of showing a pyrrhic victory, they 'won' against the grimm but took serious losses and had to pull back and abandon the settlement
7/13 c4 stylo1
flirting with a woman costing you 2-3 weeks of work to pay for it. no matter how beautiful a woman is that is just pathetic.
yang trusting out her chest to test ramna is also pathetic, if you gonna wear a tube top like that and trust your tits forward only someone who isnt interested wont look. how long one looks would be a different deal but this...

sufficive to say im not really impressed with yang. always thought destroying the bar because she doesnt get awnsers that everyone else pays for is just a gross abuse of power. if rwby was in any way realistic this wouldve likely seen her banned from beacon and or on probation and a watchlist for having aura and a semblance with little selfcontrol
7/12 c19 WearyCurmudgeon
- No Magic
A) Not your fault that it got retconned.

B) It still wouldn't be that hard to have your AU as "canon" compliant. It's all a matter of perspective really.

When the Gods took away Magic, the only things they kept in place were the relics as well as Ozma and Salem. Anyone else couldn't develop/access it.

The latter two had kids who supposedly perished, but if one survived than that lineage would still have "stabilized" Magic, but be unaware of it or warned against using it. (The Arcs? Considering how much they look like human Salem or how Salem's emblem can be recreated by the Arc's one with Crocea More superimposed over it.)

Now Ozzie used some of his Magic to create the 4 Maidens and then there's the Silver Eyed Warriors, who are descended from one of his incarnations.

In their case, there was only one genetic tie not two like with the kids, so it kinda mutated into that eye power.

Then there's Ranma, who comes into their universe cursed, but has no blood relation to either Ozzie and his incarnations or Salem.

He'd smack right into the Divine Edict that outside the outlined bits above there can be no Magic.

So it then becomes an issue of what is greater. The power of the Jyusenko pools or the Divine Will of the Two Brats.

Either path is a viable interpretation. Your current AU would have the Brats be stronger.

What about Ki? If they never considered it an issue then there would be no ban against it.


See it fits. No muss, no fuss.

- Food
Ranma wasn't wrong with his assessment considering Mistral is this weird blend of China, Japan, Greece and possibly Korea and Roman. India wouldn't look out of place either.


Vacuo is more Spain, think Spaghetti Westerns, combined with the Sahara, Arabian Peninsula and the Gobi. Taiyang, Ruby and Yang's father is IIRC originally from Vacuo, as is Sun.

So there is some type of Chinese link as well. Mongolian maybe, with it previously having been steppes and grasslands before it got wrecked?

- Semblance Marriage
*Face palm*
Let's hope that she doesn't eventually try to interfere in Ranma and Pyrrha's relationship then to point her towards Jaune, considering his Aura Amplification one, or the genetic large reserves he brings to the table.

I may be an Arkos shipper, but as said before you make the Ranma/Pyrrha thing work and they fit together as well as canon Pyrrha and Jaune would've.

Current Jaune feels more like a best friend/brother/leader to her.

- Stamina
Just goes to show that this is still early days, as I'd argue that by the time of Season 8, Ruby has the best stamina on her team.

With Yang and Blake fighting it out for the number 2 spot, due to how Yang's Semblance* decreases her Aura reserves by feeding on them, next to the effects of being hit. Thus decreasing her potential maximum stamina limit that her more athletic background would otherwise provide her.

Weiss is very much in last place with her small reserves.

*: Now if her Semblance had been "kinetic" energy absorption a la Sebastian Shaw, that would've made it a different ballgame and put her on top, as every hit she takes would've upped her reserves, boosted her strength and heightened the healing aspect of Aura.

She'd have been as much as a monster to fight in a battle of attrition as a fully Semblance trained Jaune would be. (As theoretically he should be able to amplify his Aura regeneration rate. So it would be akin to fighting Wolverine. You need that one big shot to take them down instantly, otherwise you're in deep Bantha poodoo, because they keeps going and going.)

- Denial
Kinda surprised that Jaune didn't pull out the team leader card as to why the two have each other's number.

Case in point "the Breach" during Season 3, where Ruby called in JNPR as reinforcements and to spread the word to the Staff about the Wall Breach.

Wouldn't have surprised me if canon Jaune also had Coco's number of Team CFVY after having helped out Velvet with Cardin's bullying.

Yeah, the idea of having embedded reporters on an operation like this, is the height of folly.

There's already a ton of variables that can doom the mission and those are ones that can't be avoided. So why add unnecessary ones that'll even further increase the odds of things going FUBAR?

That's just Stupid, and yes, the capital is justified as it denotes the level of stupidity. There's stupid and then there's Stupid.

Glad to have it seen shot down by the people who'll be the boots on the ground.

- Cinder
Well, if she does try and drain Ranma and gets her head punched off, then that should mean that the Fall Maiden powers should snap back into Amber and that would prevent Pyrrha from being tapped for that insanity.

(They'd have been better off picking someone with a Fire Semblance to hide the abilities in plain sight.)

- Rival
Heh, old hat for Ranma (Shampoo and Mousse all over again in a way). Although why do I have this feeling that "Manager" is encouraging this behaviour and it's going to lead to a permanent split between Pyrrha and him?

Maybe even the destruction of his marriage, leaving him with nothing?




- Wrong name(sl
*... under Ranma's strength, flicked forward, hurling Pyrrha through the air just as the last of the pink ...*

*Midair, Pyrrha flipped herself upward, Magnhild coming up off her chest ...*

That should read "Nora" rather than "Pyrrha" in both cases.
7/13 c2 stylo1
isnt glynda's semblance telekenisis, how is that similar to matter creation or something?

why do the arc's wait till age 16 till activating their aura?

there are a lot of points that feel more as flimsy excuses to push ahead thd plot or explain weird things of canon(of which there are many, rwby is made up of weirdness that makes no sense)
7/13 c2 stylo1
if something a simple as a school exam can attract a mass of grimm then why the hell isnt meditation taught as a major class to help keep ppl calm? i think you overdid it here, if this was true exams would not be given, period. i doubt the concept of school would even exsist, can you imagine the panic of first day for little childeren?
7/13 c1 stylo1
there is a lot wrong with this and i do mean a lot. it is mostly in small details that tbh dont matter all that much overall but they are also so simple that the mistakes just seem so stupid.

just a few examples

you use the term weapons for everything from guns to hand to hand it makes it real hard to follow.

comparing long range guns to bow and arrow as if the two are the same which isnt even remotely the case. also with their strength an bow and arrow is quite useful.

monomolecular wire being real old... right cause such a thing is not cutting edge tech. the very name means 'a single monocule thick' which means you can manipulate monocules and fusion basicly manipulating monocules. seeing as dust does not work in space this would be 'the' sollution. combine it with gravity dust to get shit in space and you have a orbital MAC for your S class grimm. ofc this is besides the point that such tech is cutting edge and not 'real old and not in use anymore' where are the swords with such an edge? no armor can block it.

as i said just seems so stupid...

i really hope you'll find a good explanation for KI because why would KI exsist but magic not tot the point of the universe rejecting it
7/13 c19 Markus2994
Getting rid of the curse was a good thing i lije this story quite alot
7/13 c1 stylo1
a curse causing pain because the magic for the curse does not exsists. thats like having an car accident because there are no cars
7/12 c19 Blaze1992
Huh I thought for sure this would end with Ranma punching someone like her dad or one of the people who don't understand the meaning of NO.

Didn't think it would end with a idiot forced to streak cause his mouth tried to check a cash he had no business doing so.
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