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for A Semblance of Hope

7/12 c19 IchaichaManager
El mundo humano.. A sido un tiempo
7/12 c19 Guest
"Curse you, whoever you are, I will have my revenge"... and so a new rival is born.
7/12 c19 Rebell 01
It was his fate to lose his pants.
7/12 c19 gustavomedrano29
thanks for the chapter I love you character develoment
7/12 c19 2Kaiya Azure
Considering the setting, I'm surprised that news crews don't use drones or robots for when reporting in the field is too dangerous. Never mind the Council's thoughtless idea of trying to make Hunters juggle between clearing out Grimm and protecting civilians that would attract even more Grimm in high enough concentrations that may exceed what any Hunter can handle without taking a break between fights. Even if they choose to ignore the fact of some one controlling the Grimm, defending those in danger is probably even more difficult than simply clearing Grimm from a set area. Trying to do both at the same time would result in failure more often than not.

Lionheart may work for Salem, but I think even he would have tried to be a bit more subtle if he were trying to kill anyone. Though that's assuming the Council wasn't simply being incompetent.
7/12 c19 AnimeA55Kicker
It has been far too long since Ranma made an eternal enemy. I’ve missed this.
7/12 c19 4Monster King
6/24 c14 zedwolfshifted
Was this before they showed his face being marked?
6/24 c11 zedwolfshifted
I thought mercury’s Dad took his semblance away and died before giving it back to him
5/18 c11 jhsilver123
Dude, what the hell was that?
Ozpin gave Ranma nothing yet Ranma kept yapping, and although Ozpin would have eventually figure some of this out, It would have been better to keep his mouth shut since it wasn't worth what Ozpin was giving.
3/22 c18 SeanHicks4
Interesting cross, looking forward to seeing some more. The world building seems a bit off, but I saw it seems to have started before volume 4 or the expended universe books revealing things like Salem’s origins, or Coco’s tastes in relationships. I noticed a few spelling and grammar issues, the biggest seems to be something of a trend in your work with dialogue not always being given open or close quotation marks. I probably could also have done without the original Grimm, while it does add some changes to canon, the mass of names and lack of further development was a bit more annoying than the OC upper years you introduced. Probably meant to say more but it’s late and I’ve been reading over the last few days so I’ll come off confusing or something if I push too much ...
4 months to update seems an awful lot like 11 at this point just looking at the time stamps, not to be mean about it...
3/17 c1 brandonmunoz499
I hope it pyrrha
1/16 c18 Raiju001
I am enjoying this story very much! Thank you for this take on the whole world. I like your version better than the current rooster teeth version. Thank you again for the story!
1/14 c6 dloold87
ahaha Ozpin has no idea of Ranma's skills
12/26/2020 c18 Guest
buenas hace tiempo que no me pasaba por tus fics espero actualización de este pronto y sugiero un nuevo fic que puedas escribir de ramma y fate grand order creo que estos dos generos escritos por ti seria genial cuidate dtb
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