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9/20/2020 c12 Freyja77
I really dislike the choice of a lance. Lances were specifically designed for mounted combat, specifically for mounted charges. Most often lances either broke after the charge or were discarded. You could have gone with a halberd, spear or guandao type weapon especially as that would allow Ranma to actually wield it using spear techniques.
9/16/2020 c12 23Byakugan789
"if he couldn't handle you being stronger than him, he wasn't worth your time"
Yes and no... We've been getting MOUNTAINS of data on this over the last 60 years of feminism. Women are NOT happy with weaker husbands who make less money than them and give in to their whims. By MASSIVE Self Report, any of these things make them UnHappy, and in combination it makes them Miserable. And when she is miserable, SHE WILL make HIM miserable. So, him knowing when to duck out is just as likely to be a sign of high character as a lack of it.

Ranma has a bunkbed for the twins to take over? A chapter or two ago, before the battle, you said he had a hammock.

Marrying a friend is the best kind of marraige. Because after the romance ends, your hormones settle and the illusion is ripped away, you're still left with someone you know and like who knows and likes you. You're still connected by that friendship, rather than being bound by duty and the threat of divorcerape.
I guess there's a vote for #UkyoBestGirl. Personally, I'd go Ranma marries Nabiki and "Ranko" marries "mr Ukyo".

People break up mostly as a result of womens lib. They like monkey branching off to a "better man" and disillusioned men enjoy having free access to all the poon-tang they can talk up in a bar. If she doesn't think she can do better, the relationship lasts, rock steady.

Dumbledore? Ranma's timeline is 1984-6 and he's not a particularly big reader. How would he even know about the Harry Potter series?
It IS a school for warriors though.

and so the cats out of the bag... surprised there was no scene with Yang questioning Ranma about it...

Not like Nora or something? She was pretty reasonable outside of battle in the anime.
Ah, I see, just trying to flesh her out as a person with problems.
9/14/2020 c11 Byakugan789
Less into atlas and more Mistral. After all, Lionheart was the traitor, Wiess dad had to be bought on the promise of returning his dust business. Their man inside atlas is Arthur Watts, disgraced exiled "dead" genius who designed the kernel for most of their systems and the aura transfer method they were hoping to use on Amber.

You call Juane Johnson a few times.

More mistral than Vale. Mistral is the place where their academy is a Xianxia sect temple.

Poor James. Though he could still EFFECTIVELY recruit Ranma, by telling him "I have a challenge for you" and then pointing at a problem area of grim, or team of particularly nasty enemy hunters.
Cinder for instance. Why bother transferring Amber's aura when you could get Ranma to kill Cinder instead?

because the sterotypes about the faunus tend to be true? And all of the characters thus far have tended to act like their animal mirrors? Also, because all people are kinda racist, especially the liberals who get in your face about not being so. If everything you preach revolves around race, it doesn't mater who you're being nice too... you're a freaking racist. Particularly if you want one race to bow to another, regardless of whether the arguments about superiority or crimes of an ancestor. Never mind that race is a lie and ethnicity (or better, clan) is where those arguments actually hold water.

nice little scene, I suppose. But does this mean they aren't going to get involved with Roman and Penny? Because that would be sad.

Mercury doesn't have a semblance. His father was apparently able to steal it from him. Revealed in mid season 7.

ach, such a pity. It woulda been a real slap on the face for Cinder to be killed by a prank. Though, her powers COULD allow her to shift the rock back and look around the cave.
9/14/2020 c10 Byakugan789
If you want a beta, send me the files and I can go through all of the weird sentences, dropped words, what I think are autocorrect errors and other stuff. If you're willing to work off Googledocs, I'll even leave highlighted comments for most of the updated info from later seasons.

Partcularly though, I'm most interested to know what you reaction was when it was revealed that Drunkle Qrow and Raven Brawnwen were given their ability to transform into corvids by Ozpin. "A truly minuscule amount of magic in the end" he called it.

Again with the "revealed later (TM)" but Mercury is really loyal as mercs go. "working with her just sorta fits, like destiny" was how he put it when Emerald started digging at his reasons.

Ozpin and Ironwood sort of ARE experimenting on her though?

Giant robots of atlas, so you've gotten to the end of season 6 at the point of writing this. Good to know.
It also means Rubys special eyes have been explained and can be used as a reason why Ranma's chi attacks are so effective against grim (when he actually bothers to use them). Live vs destruction.
As a side note though, while you may not NEED them, Giant robots and numbers are still a massively good idea and shouldn't be dismissed. If all of those ruined towns the anime visits were populated by people with active aruras and trained semblances, the town would be able to militia their way out of anything below A class directed hordes. The Town Guard would be able to handle culling their areas and Hunters could be a force sent to either sweep new settlement areas or raid A and S class monsters.

Why not combine the two tactics? Fletchlet cannons are a thing! And the robots didn't turn on anyone, they were captured by the opposing force. Speaking of Robots, I think Ironwood and Pietro Polendina should have run with Cinder's accusations regarding Penny in season 3. Mass produce Penny's. If they're even half as fun as Penny in seasons 2, 3 or 7, then there's virtually nothing that can go wrong.

Ironwood does actually have a council behind him, and has for several years at this point. It's just, he holds two of the five positions on that council as headmaster and general, so generally, they don't matter.

If Ironwood DOESN'T have a logistics fleet that travels with his normal one to do onsite repairs, construction and medical, then he's a cartoonishly BAD general.

You keep saying black fang. Is that an AU? Or brain fart? White fang. Even after two different changes of leadership.

You should watch the anime "a certain scientific Railgun" for ideas for Pyrrha. Metal sand held in the shape of a weapon, held in a cloudy weapon and vibrated at high frequency, used as a spinning sphere to be both an ablative shield and AOE attack, using magnetism to cheat at lightning based attacks, flight with all that armor of hers, and of course the classic style railgun attack. Pyrrha's doing pretty good already for a relatively low powered Magneto/Makoto Misaka, but her fight at the clocktower showed just how much juice she's got to squeeze if she goes all out.

Although...given her power is named polarity, it might not NECESSARILY be limited to magnetism and she could cheat as far as manipulating water and electricity outright.

ANYWAY... The concentration needed for anything you use in a fight goes down the more you practice and become familiar with it. Give Pyrrha a couple of months to practice, it could easily be used as a battle tactic. Her current form of battle cheating likely took quite some time to master.

Probably the same thing that brought her mother and older sister to be hunters? The Schnee legacy. A heritable semblance. Which is apparently also matrilinial, given her brother doesn't have it.

Is it bad I agree with the council on the need to use the crisis to emphasize beacons training program? Of course... I want it to be much MUCH broader than even they do...

And I wouldn't call Cinder cautious. More, manipulative chessmaster. She loves teasing her opponents with her face, even as far back as season 1, and definitely season 2. And she got HELLA MORE BRASH, though no less "set up the dominos" after finally getting Ambers power.
9/13/2020 c9 Byakugan789
You know, with all of these S classes taking down cities by breaking walls, It's a little odd that humanity hasn't gotten to the Mott and Bailey strategy yet. Instead of one big wall, you have a bunch of sections of layers which can be evacuated one at a time as walls fall, ending in a major fortification meant to outlast concerted assaults. Atlas sort of got there with their flying city vs surface industry plan, I guess.

spring is the hope of man. If Oz doesn't realize what happened when he sees this, he really is lost. Cannot wait to see the reaction at the end of this chapter or beginning of the next.
Moko Ha Reiku... Fierce rising spirit?

I wonder, is your version of springs power because if your "no magic" AU? Or because you write this before Raven Bronwyn was revealed as Spring, with her storm and ice powers?
regardless, nice drag out knock down fight. I like how the spiders planned out their ambush.

If Ranma's channeling the life-force of the planet rather than magic... how exactly is he running out of ki? Unless his inexperience with this ability means the power is there but he's not drawing on it properly, if at all, and is using all his own power while the Spring Maidens aura is just faffing about.
9/12/2020 c8 Byakugan789
Obstacle course with spoiled orange paint? That sounds very naruto and very not Ranma, but OK.
Love Yangs flirting though. Can't wait till he tells her about his old flame, Coral Gem (Shan Pu). They're so very similar.

Ranma's poor door. Why do I get the feeling it will see alot more of this abuse?

Well, at least you gave cardin an ironman argument for why he dislikes faunus. That's better than just about everyone else.

Eh, I'd have to disagree with Ranma there. Chess is about thinking several steps ahead and predicting the moves of your opponents. For any mono-disciplinary fighter, there's also a set number of moves they can make which are easily understood and often interlocking. So while chess may be useless for physical fighting, it's quite useful to teaching a mindset. This extends to multi-disciplinary fighters too, but less and less as their skill sheet expands and more importantly, begins to synergize.
IF they synergize.

creative punishment, for not being wacky anime shenanigins.

Mistral geography: Not... really? Mistral is named for the north blowing winds that come off the water clear, but get more foggy the further inland it travels. The map has alot of long valleys and tall mountains, but there don't seem to be any rivers and the map shows 7 notable cities and a giant lake. You mention in the notes alot that you were writing this shortly after season 3 came out, during the airing of season 4, but the databook and fandom wiki were out by that point.
If anything, Ranma should recognize it as the central area of China, where sharp mountains, many rivers and endless lakes meet. That's what mystral's beacon academy is pattered off of after all.

Atlas leader Ironwood proves himself to be a big softie in season 7.

Mrs Nikos is an Argus native, actually, and has the same blood red hair as her daughter. But I suppose that's season 6, revealed a fair bit after you wrote this.

The show didn't really give much power or politics to the councils, but that was certainly an interesting scene.

Neat little fight, I guess.

rofl. I don't remember them being that cookie and pancake obsessed, watching the series this last week, but still funny as hell.

Once more, into the breach! Juane should find the situation familiar at least.
9/12/2020 c7 Byakugan789
Speaking of teaching techniques and semblances. When Lei Ren explained the origin and evolution of Aura and semblances, he said that aura shielding is the first (and often only) technique schools teach with arua and that semblance's randomness and traditions for activating them later in life is because your semblance always manifests as what you need when you get it. Some think personality influences the semblance, others thing the semblance influences your personality even before in manifests and others have further guesses, but it always solves the problem you have when it appears. Add to that, there have been several mentions of people who can steal your semblance (unrelated to cinder), people who have two semblances and semblances that evolve.
So... I guess my question is..: When is Ranma going to start collecting peoples semblances?

heheh, most of the ones looking at Pyrrha with shattered dreams are girls hyped on girl power I bet. One one hand that's total rubbish, on the other, girls who can compete on the level of huntresses are rare and special and should be appreciated as such. Aura (cough magic) and Rooster Teeth are what makes them possible.
I suppose a few of them may be guys looking to form a relationship and acknowledging her as essentially taken now. With odd exception, girls go for the best in reach, and Ranma's the only guy to ever beat her.
Course, that'll spur on those fools who were talking last chapter.

Team battles: As long as you don't take your partner for granted, being on a boy-girl pair DOES give you an inside track. There's a MASSIVE amount of data on this, not the least of which involves feminist researchers complaining about how most women go to college and get into jobs because they're searching for a husband to team with before quitting once they've hooked him rather than giving a rats ass about "their careers".

Heh... your depiction of Neo is a lot more cute than in the anime. I've finally gotten up to season 7 and the fall of Atlas. She's baaaack! Turns out only Roman got eaten.
I look forward to her and Roman doublecrossing cinder though. Gonna have Fall wake up downstairs? Or Ranma take Cinders powers alongside spring?
9/11/2020 c6 Byakugan789
booo...asking for help changing up the teams and then using the cannon teams? Booo...booo..!

Would the wire using comic character be spiderman? Because none of the anime wire users I know of do that.

Also, with how amazingly effective Mokotakabisha is, why doesn't he use it more often? Because it doesn't make for as cool a fight scene? Because he's trying to get data for other hunters to use? Or because you're writing him as dumb? I don't think it's the last, but it seems weird. Ranma avoided big moves like that in the manga for "the challenge of it" as you said a few times in this story; but you've written a change in focus for him as wanting to KILL as many grim as possible as efficiently as possible. Given the amount of effort and injuries he takes with A and S class grim, compared to the sheer effectiveness of the chi blasts, this seems... counter-intuitive.

Most bully stories amuse me. Usually for the wrong reasons. "Ignore the bully, when they don't get the reaction they want, they'll leave" "Beat the bully, bullies are cowards, when you beat them they'll change their ways. Especially if you humiliate them" neither of these actually work. Bullies, 95% of the time, are themselves being abused by either a parent, sibling or teacher and are USED to humiliation. Ignoring them just shows you're weak, and thus a soft target for whenever they need to blow off steam and don't have a grudge nearby to vent on. Beating them up and humiliating them just reinforces to them that "the weak are meat the strong doth eat", and so changes nothing, other than getting YOU out their the regular victim column and into the "person who abuses and humiliates me for fun" column. And then it ONLY works to get you out of the victim column if you can prove to be regularly able to win. At which point, humiliation or no, they often try to attach themselves to your hierarchy and use your antipathy towards anyone as both as a shield against you and as their new victims list.
To properly fix a bully, you need to complete several steps.
First, be or get stronger than the bully.
Second, have a different moral framework than the bully. This one is actually a lot harder than it sounds, particularly for most "anti-bully" advocates, as in truth many tend to be bullies resentful of having been bullied and abusing their power to bully their preferred grudge victim, the bullies they surpassed.
Third, after you defeat them and save their victim, /accept the bully into your hierarchy/ and DO NOT go about humiliating them... That should be limited to the _fights_ themselves *before* they try to join you.
Fourth, identify THEIR abuser.
Fifth, train them to defeat that abuser and pair that training with instruction in your morality.
Finally, set them on their abuser. If they win, it will cement your morality as the new one. If they lose, it will shake their faith in your alternate morality and firm up the mentality of bullying as right and natural.

...You've made Ranma the Spring Maiden, haven't you? See, I didn't connect them before, becaus spring is supposed to be in her 20's. Welp, I suppose that'll make things with Cinder and Raven interesting. Ozpin's gonna FLIP! Unless you're reinterpreting cannon so that the maiden who ran off in the middle of her training WAS raven? In which case, there's alot of timeline massaging aside from your "magic-removal". Ah well, I guess if Penny could be a maiden having been built using a mans soul, Ranma could do it having been a girl when he arrived at Remnant.

nice fight between Ranma and Pyrrha. Though now I'm curious if Ranma is ever going to show us what his aura looks like. Or are you holding off on that to avoid revealing he's the maiden of spring?
And yeah, Nikos is probably a masochist. Most battle maniacs are. Or become so as a matter of course.
9/10/2020 c5 Byakugan789
Pfff, what idiocy. So long as there are grim, there is and can never be peace in remnant. So what if the criminals unlock their aura? That'd be a good thing! More capable people in case of a grim invasion! Less screaming meat before the monsters.
I will never understand that about fantasy worlds. If you live on a hellworld full of monsters, it doesn't matter if you have heroic protectors providing you times of peace, they can't be there at all times, and it usually only takes seconds for a monster to cut down a civilian. Having at least the power to take a few blows and run faster than the slavering beast or unfathomable horror should be a requirement of citizenship.

rofl, Beni's description of Ranma, while...relatively accurate... reminds me of the Tarrot card The Fool.
Father of the Trickster, Cousin of Chaos, The Fool is the laughter of the universe made manifest. Dancing along the cliffs edge, the world follows in his wake, and even the Iron chains of prophesy shatter at his touch. He could save us all... if he cared.

Soo...the blue fire is Ranma's semblance? I thought it was just a classic battle aura.

great fights all of them. And poor Ren... heh, but I like Nora. She's sooo... perky!

far too late to help with the teams, I suppose. Personally though I'd go for PBYJ and WRRN.
Team Peanut-butter and Jelly for the dynamic tension of two girls after Ranma's heart on the same team alongside a cat keeps with the spirit of this being a Ranma crossover and Yang and Juane have massively different "tanky" styles. Juane is a paladin complete with the spells Heal, Buff and Shield where Yang is a berserker.
Team Wren would allow Ruby and Norra to ping off each other with their adorable exuberant cuteness and maybe pull that stick out of Wiess butt faster. Ren would be the calm buffer to their nonsense and the voice of reason. All of which would help miss schnee when she goes to take on her family, hopefully giving her a backbone rather than just allowing herself to be disinherited. Nora acts as their tank, if you're worried about that, but they're more a DPS team than anything. All 4 of them highly mobile and hard hitting.
9/8/2020 c4 Byakugan789
heh, yeah, thats a common problem for story characters. Their names tend to be jokes and foreshadowing.
And that's a very female reaction for her. While girls like to be the head of the pack with the admiration of their peers...they're far far far more interested in being /part of the pack/ than they are in being the best period like a guy would be. They also tend to be interested in fields because they want a guy from that field.

in defense of Yangs cannon characterization, RWBY wasn't very well developed in the beginning. Much like Naruto, it rather got away from itself as things developed.

Hell, forget the cops; why doesn't every citizen in Remnant have their auras activated? I understand having a hero class to hunt the monsters and keep the hordes at bay, but as easy as it seems to be to activate an aura, it seems criminally negligent to me for this not to be the case. I have the same gripe with the series HunterXHunter.

Ranma saotome, Chi professor. Ok, I suppose I can see that. Wouldn't that mess with your plans to pair him with what are now two of his students though?
9/8/2020 c3 Byakugan789
Junior is Yang's bar, right?

Also, did a short bit of research on the wiki. There is clearly stated magic in Remant different from aura and semblance. It forms the basis for the world and is the origin of the grim. Humans used to use it prolifically, but when a love-raged chick decided to rebel against the gods of magic, they killed 99% of humanity by stripping away their magic, which then formed the Dust.

Heh, given mook transliterates to contemptible or incompetent, that would about sum up those guys.

so, wait... Juane got accepted to beacon a month ago, but Yang and Ruby are still at pre-episode 1? I suppose Ranma mucking about changed the timeline, but wouldn't that mean he's not on Phyrra's team now?
9/7/2020 c2 Byakugan789
great battle, though unless this is well before the Kumon Ryu arc, Ranma really shoulda started firing around vacuum blades the moment the "earthquake" started. His Hellsing Yoyo is cool and all, but it's a pretty short ranged tool, where the blades are at least mid ranged. Good to see him using the guns he basically brushed off last chapter too. I can get him scoffing at pistols, shotguns and machine-guns, but needing to work on aim past 100 feet is pretty good for more or less everyone else, and Ranma's familiar with needing to work on moves for a while before getting the right. Snipe and Maduce are good options for longrange and large crowds without really crimping his style everhwere else. Which I gotta say, was a joy to read despite the grim (heh) nature of the material.

interesting how effective that chi blast was on the Leo.

Who's the old woman? I can't find anything about her on the wiki, but you seem to be pointing to her being Yang's grandmother?
9/7/2020 c1 Byakugan789
Way too late, sure, but I'd have suggested have Ranma replace Russel on team CLDR. The four of them were majorly wussy bullies and could use Ranma to give them a bit of spine and expertise. They were pretty constantly with teams RWBY and JNPR, in seasons 1 and 2, so it'd have been an easy sell. Replace someone who really had no business being at beacon, and not have to deal with OC's as you worried about.

One of my favorite potrayals of Happosai he DID like getting beat down by pretty girls. In that story, it turned out that Happi was a sad clown like Watchman's Paggliacci/commedian. Happosai in that continuity was a member of Unit 731, their scout and thief. So disgusted was he with the unit and its actions, that he abandoned them and wandered china. He beat young cologne and fondled her when she tried to console him and then took the towns retribution. He caused chaos in the town constantly for several years so he could be beaten as he felt he deserved, and then when Japan lost WW2 and the trials were going on, he returned to Japan to ensure that the americans knew everything and his comrades could be refused burial at some important shrine or other. But while he expected, WANTED, to die, the americans sentenced him to live, a walking memory of his crimes. Anything goes was an art designed for WAR, and he wanted his disciples to understand its ugliness, question authority at every turn and be so disgusted with traditional honor that they acted with real honor in order to spite him and tradition.

Finally, a story where Ranma learns Kuno's techniques. He had a few good ones.

Heh, Ranma shoulda seen that coming, but it'd offer amusing context to why she's so adamant on getting him as a grandson in law. Fixing a missed opportunity.

making for the coast...the place they're at in china, coast is just about equal in every point on the compass. It's bumfuk nowhere china, middle of the Kuenlun mountains. There is no Bayankala range, but there is a Bayankala mountain, in the lower branch of the Kuenlun range just north of Tibet, in case you were wondering.

Not to poke too hard, but if the mirror is writing itself out of the timeline in the fiance's era, how would the events that caused them to go back not also write themselves out of time, restoring Ranma to his proper place?

Does it really stop being magic just because it's quantifiable? Energy of nature thats not solar, nuclear, geothermal or chemical, REALLY sounds like Magic to me.

On reservoirs. Given Ki is the power of the soul, typically it grows by experience. Having an extreme experience would lead to an extreme bump to your reservoir. Ranma didn't get any weaker when he fell in the pool, so it's likely not an weight vest scenario, and people in Remnant aren't all that much more powerful than the Wrecking Crew, so it's unlikely to be the world itself. Though... they don't seem to need nearly as much training as Ranma did to get there... Jean of Arc aside.

emotions vs physical feelings. Very literally, yes. Seriously, all of this transgenderism IRL has provided a massive amount of data on the subject. Testosterone/Estrogen balance has an immense amount to do with brain function, as if that wasn't somehow obvious. Women transitioning to men report that emotions are harder to come by, though they can go just as deep, and they feel MASSIVELY more focused on solving problems over dealing with how the situation feels or chatter in general. Men transitioning to women report shorter attention spans, SIGNIFICANTLY greater ease of summoning emotions and a great swing towards vanity, paranoia and social awareness.
It also repeats the pattern noticed earlier by neurologists. Estrogen encourages the formation of neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, linking abstraction and rational thought closely together while testosterone encourages linkages within the hemispheres and toward the deeper brain, connecting the different senses, memory and problem solving ability and instinct together.

I wonder if youre going to have Juane learn Chi in addition to the aura?
8/12/2020 c1 HighPaladinRath
that's. I mean not thar.
8/12/2020 c1 HighPaladinRath
pyrrha belongs to Jaune only fam. thar my opinion
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