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3/3/2016 c3 ArtanisRose
For a couple of pilot chapters, you seem to be pulling this through pretty well. As with all of your stories, I have always liked the dialogue and action. It's one thing I can always look forward to when I read anything you've posted and this one is no different.

My first question so far is when exactly are he and Ozpin going to interact? Yeah I don't have the highest opinion of Ozpin right now, but as he stated in Volume 1, he's made more mistakes than any man, woman or child. So at least in his case, he's acknowledged that he makes mistakes unlike some people in leadership positions throughout all the universes.

Second, how is the situation with Cinder going to be handled? I imagine that it's still going to be a cloak and dagger war to begin with and a few battles. I also wonder if the whole fiasco with Vytal Festival is either going to be avoided or it's going to explode into something more.

Thirdly I think Yang and Ranma's relationship is interesting. Why? It will build a healthy rivalry. If it blossoms into something more then it becomes more.

Fourthly...what will happen to Pyrrha?
3/3/2016 c1 kabs9000
love it
3/3/2016 c3 FateBurn
Great start to the story so far, and really liked his interaction with Jang through the fight cant wait for more of this, also liked how he doesnt take Neos atemted murder on him seriusly. Please continue this as for pairing I would wait to see how he gets along the other girls but I really like the way he and Yang interacted so shes ahead for now in my opinion
3/3/2016 c2 FateBurn
great chapter
3/3/2016 c3 Braeden1002
First off, I want to say that I feel this will be an interesting combination especially since Ranma is at least smarter. Doing this will turn Ranma into a character that does not just solve everything with his fists as he was originally portrayed as. But that he can, actually problem solves and thinks instead of just rushing head long into his fights. The other change to the story that I think that will have reaching changes is the inclusion of Ranma’s sister in his female form. This will add a layer of depth and it will be interesting to see how they will interact with each other.
As there have been, no official pairings decided just yet and the addition of Ranma’s sister the easy route could be to have all of the females paired with Ranma, within reason. The exceptions would be Benzaiten, who has been established as a sister, she could be paired with Jaune, which would free up Pyrha. The one pairing that I would not want to see broken up would be Nora and Ren both because they work together so well and with Nora being a Valkyrie and her tendencies I just do not see Ranma wanting to spend much time around her. And as much I love Ruby I just don’t see her and Ranma together until she begins to really experience the world and lose some of the naivety that she has. Yang for me she reflects the female version of Ranma, this being before he came RWBY, and although I can see the pairing working out really well I just cannot see her and Ranma as a monogamous couple. This leads me into one of the three pairings that I would love to see in Weiss, Blake, or Pyrha.
I feel that with their personalities they would be able to help keep Ranma in line and to help prevent him from going overboard. In addition, I feel that their fighting styles compliment him really well in that Weiss and Blake can support him from afar while Pyrha can do both while also being a tag team partner when up close and personal. Now I feel that the overall pairings for the story should be RubyxBenxaitenxJaune, NoraxRen, and last WeissxBlakexYangxPyrhaxRanma.
Now I know we only saw her briefly but is there a relationship between Spring that Ranma meet and Summer? As as far as I can remember Spring was not part of the RWBY world.
Now with end of chapter 3 I am going to make the assumption that Ranma will somehow make his way to Beacon and meet Ozpin. I looking forward to seeing how this will turn out, as I feel that with Ranma’s physical experience and the knowledge that he gained for a year that he will make a deal with Ranma in that he will be a teacher’s assistant and Ozpin will get him an official hunter’s licence.
These are just my personal opinions and reasoning and in no way reflect the authors; moreover, this will not prevent me from reading this story.
3/3/2016 c3 27 Winds
I like the setup you have put into this story. With Ranma and Beni arriving in Vacuo is pretty cool. The two siblings skills in CQC work out well for them in this world giving them an edge they need. Changing up how the Arc's are was a stroke of genius and also gave an in for them to know John and help him out in the end.

They battle in Semaphore was a great way for the story to transition Vale after Ranma does his sibatical in the wilds observing the Grimm. It also showed how far Ranma and Beni have come since Nerima.

Him winding up working at Juniors place is great, especially when he runs into Yang on her initiation to Beacon test. That was EPIC!

All in all the end with Ruby was hilarious with Ruby threatening him with Cresent Rose was just the Icing on the cake.
I can't wait to see more of the story in the future and how you will change season 3 which was great but could have gone better in the last episode.

Thank you for your time and the story thus far.


Your Eternal Fan
7 Winds ;)
3/3/2016 c3 Navn Ukjent
Nice start on another fic.

I must admit that all my RWBY knowledge comes from other fanfics, so I'm not the one to comment on how it stacks up with regards to canon.

I do wonder if Ki and Aura is really that similar, and if Ranma can unlock even more Aura/Semblance.
3/3/2016 c3 deimu
Absolutely loving it so far and can't wait for more to come out. I hope your muse is as eager as I am about the new series.
3/3/2016 c3 Ignis823
I love your storys and this looks to great like your others hope you update soon, as for pairings I'm all for a small harem but if your wanting to do a single that up to you as for witch I'd say Weiss is out so is ruby, yang I think would be more as best friends and banter with flirting, I think Blake's cool personality could be a fun pairing with this ranma or maybe velvet could be cute. Maybe have jaune with yang or a multi pair. What ever you choose to do I hope it's soon, good luck and happy writing.
3/3/2016 c3 2Sanky
Really liked it. Please update soon.
3/3/2016 c3 4shadespace
*Please note I haven"t read this story*

OK, I don't want to insult you man. Your a great friend, but I feel really annoyed seeing that not only have you posted a new story, but it's a story that I for lack of better words don't see my self reading.

Now I know that's my problem but, when I hear that this story may end up taking over the place of other story ideas that you have that I have been patiently waiting for I get kind of mad. See your not the full source of my anger, your a large part but the the whole issue.

See I have never watched RWBY at all. But then I see my favorite author on the site with so many glories ideas jump on to the, what I feel and like you have spoken of in your authors notes, 'RWBY bandwagon'. I mean from what I have seen you are not the only one of my favorite authors that have joined in on the lets write a RWBY story, and I can't fault you at being inspired to make this move. But truthfully and honestly I feel like I'm being peer pressured into reading one of these stories as well as watch the RWBY show. I have nothing against RWBY I hear great things about it but I don't like feeling forced to do anything I don't want to.

I just am angry and you posting this story didn't help my feelings on this matter. I just wonder and fear that you will forget about your other great story Ideas, and I'll be forced to wait for you to finish this before you get back to your other brilliant ideas and already published stories. Sorry If this all makes me sound like a whining bratty child. I respect you I do my friend this just makes me angry thats all. I just got around to reading your ranma starwars story which is awesome, hell it made me want to go read some regular ranma stories. What with how you did the prologue part of it.

I can tell you that I'm waiting on idea's like 'A name to conjure with', the unnamed Ranma/Bleach Crossover, 'Inter-dimensional trouble shooter'(this one I want to see the most besides 'a name to conjure with' of your ideas), 'Making Waves'(Erza deserves better then jellal, I hate that guy so much and I hate how everyone is letting him go sccot free just because him and erza are being forced down our throats as a pairing after being teased like hell of the possible natsu erza pairing),. Along with Waiting on chapters for ATP(my favorite fic by you by far),A Fate Touched in Middle Earth ,Magic of the Force,Gods and Devils and Wild Horses, Oh My ,A Horse For the Force.

I'm not trying to tell you what to write I just want to let you know my friend how I personally feel about this story and requesting other possible stories get the due time and attention. I know that RWBY is a hot buzz in your mind right now... ugh i don't know what more I can say with out hearing your response and with out coming off as a controlling asshole and a bad friend.
3/3/2016 c3 alanek2002
On my phone here in class... But I love it.

That one line might be useless, but I love it.
3/3/2016 c1 1Selias
Eh. It was okay. I would have preferred it if they hadn't run into Jaune, and started training him, but whatever.
3/3/2016 c3 casper2222
this is pretty good hope to see more soon
3/3/2016 c3 Link901
yet another story i can sink my teeth into Vimesenthusiast. You've fleshed out the back story quite well here and i am defiantly looking forward to the time when you continue this story into the RWBY main story.
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