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5/1/2020 c18 9Dragon Man 180
Ranma vs Tarion is a fight I really want to see. Hazel to, if only to see which of them lasts longer. But Hazel seems so Ryogaish that a Hiryuu Shouten Ha should be very effective on him!

Very nice bit of action for RWBYPS, I liked the whole thing and how well they teamed up.
4/29/2020 c18 WearyCurmudgeon
- Girlfriend
*Back in Beacon three girls sneezed at once before looking around in confusion.*

Know you mentioned that you intended for a Lancaster pairing. So a bit surprised by the other two girls.

Velvet maybe? Don't recall if the Cardin bullying her scene was in your story or not. But canonically, she had a slight crush on Jaune for standing up for her, just too shy to act upon it.

But that leaves still one question mark.

Blake maybe? Jaune shares a number of the traits with Yang that canonically lead to the Bumblebee pairing, just with differing flaws. Also a bit more likely to give her alone time for her books.


With Yang, due to her commitment issues (and yes, being more interested in fum than anything else, does suggest commitment issues) ending up with Sun? Both a pair of party animals really.

And yes, I'm fully discounting the feasibility of White Knight. This Jaune is not nearly as desperate for approval and would thus be less inclined towards putting up with her Tsundere Antics. (Although yours is even more mellowed out than canon.)

Plus any horror stories told by Ranma and Benihime with regards to their own experiences with that archetype *cough*Akane*cough* wouldn't have helped either.

Or are you going for s combined War of the Roses and Holy Grail for him?

And making it a SunnyBees for a Yang/Blake/Sun triad?

(And I'd like to add that despite being an Arkos shipper*, this story is one of the few where an alternate pairing for Pyrrha actually made sense.

Both groundwork and execution have made this believable and actually has me cheering on the other pairing. Which nearly never happens.

Suspect it may be linked to you not denigrating Jaune to make your MC look better than a bag of honey glazed crisps. Instead you made him closer to what he could've been in canon if they'd actually utilized his potential.

Also have to note that Pyrrha is this weird mix of the better traits of Shampoo and Kasumi Tendou with neither's flaws. Which may be another reason why Ranma is attracted to her.

Anyway, "Dreaming of Phoenix" with their "Naruto - Life as a Devil" is one of the few others who's done it right, as it has her mourn the loss of relationship she could've had with Jaune and knowing that returning to Remnant isn't an option due to differing physical laws between realities and her being a devil now. She initially was just a peerage member and friend, even if she did find Naruto attractive, but wasn't sure if that was because he reminded her of Jaune or not. And eventually she came to the conclusion that she liked Naruto for being Naruto and ended up as part of the harem.)

(*: Knew a couple like them, or to be more accurate was a friend of the Missus. We had this weird older sister/younger brother annex favourite aunt/favourite nephew like vibe going between us. Hubby was a bit more gruff, but we got along well enough. Lost track of them around 2011, due to crud in my own life. But know they celebrated their 70th anniversary a few years prior. He had his wakeup call about his feelings for her, when he nearly lost her due to a drunk driver. After that? Well, last I talked with them, they were still as much in love with each other, as when they said "I do".

Parts of how you're having Ranma interact with her is rather reminiscent of the things she told me about, when I asked her how you know you're dealing with your One, if you catch my drift.

Been burned a tad too often and at the time wondered how I'd be able to tell if it would be worth it, risking my heart again. *shrugs*

Which may be another reason why your Ranma/Pyrrha pairing is clicking so well for me, despite my usual preferences.)

- Relations
Huh. Sounds like Momma Nikos would've been an Arkos shipper , if their relationship had been more akin to canon then, with her crushing on the blond.

Arcs have a pedigree for bringing forth heroes, massive aura reserves and high fecundity/fertility.

*shakes head*

Ah well, what's done is done and shouldn't be undone.

- Skills
So how would Jaune do in that skill rating listing of Pyrrha once he discovers his Semblance of Aura Amplification?

As that would let him further boost his strength, speed and durability beyond what most Huntsman can do?

He should be able to boost his own healing as well.

It's a bit in miniature what Ranma can do with his Ki.

Especially, as when it comes to non boosted strength Jaune canonically actually pipped Pyrrha for second place in team JNPR, with Nora in the top spot with regards to raw strength. (Was part of a Q&A with one of the writers, which I've been unable to find again.) And your Jaune is in better shape than his canon counterpart was during the same timeframe.


- Haven
Just a FYI.
The Headmaster of Haven was named Leonardo Lionheart, not Lionel.

The one from Shade is only known as Theodore (revealed in the novel: "After the Fall", which also revealed that Coco is a lesbian), but it's probably Theodore Gayle to keep the Wizard of Oz theme intact. Would also make him a relative of Dew Gayle of Team NDGO also from Shade.

- Roman
Kinda nice to see the overall suspicions in the fandom, least AFAIK anyway, that Roman doesn't so much have issues with Faunus as he does with incompetent zealots.

Considering some of his less than polite references towards the WF in canon.

- Strength Match
Not sure about this line: "When it came to strength to strength, no one could beat Yang when her dander was up."

Because we've never really seen what a full blown raging and amped up on Lightning Dust Nora can do. I think it was something like her being able to lift 5x her own bodyweight normally, but rage tends to push one's strength level by quite a bit. So 650-750 lbs normally up to X amount? Over a ton maybe?

Not sure Yang could match that, even with her Semblance boosting her.

- Nomenclature
*and above all poisonous as all get out!*

Is this a case of Mercury not knowing any better? As venomous would be the correct term here.

- Assassin's
Hazel might prove to be a problem for Ranma. Durability, Semblance and Strength, it would be like facing Ryouga on steroids in my estimation.

Tyrian? Chaotic yes, fast yes. But Ranma is better at both and not nearly as squishy as he is.

So he's more of a threat to the others than Ranma.

- Kaiya Azure
You're forgetting the speed Semblance in the Rose family. Achieved differently AFAIK, but both mother and daughter have one.

Rest of the families we just don't have enough info (Arcs, Nikos, Belladonna)/on, or they're dead. (Nora&Ren).

Heck, we don't even know what Taiyang''s Semblance is

4/30/2020 c18 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:
4/28/2020 c18 island.dred.insomniac
That was a great ending of this chapter. Definite build up to Ranma's notorious luck. Really well done. I appreciate you working on this and sharing your writing.

4/28/2020 c18 2Kaiya Azure
Unless her mom was looking to have Pyrrha marry into the Schnee family, then I doubt a person's semblance should be a factor since most don't appear to be hereditary.
4/28/2020 c18 4Major Simi
well seems like the welcome committee is ready to welcome our heroes to their destination. anyway great chapter
4/28/2020 c18 Blaze1992
Okay so next CH instead of a shoe a f**king army boot will be dropped.
4/28/2020 c18 1Rogue7
Yay, thank you for this chapter :)
4/27/2020 c18 Guest
Good to see an update to this one. I've always been a fan of throwing Ranma out into the wilderness alone, and this story certainly started on that note. As for updates, I'd very much watch out for accidentally confusing your different stories. No doubt you're aware, but I'd be careful not to let Ranma's new relationship in ASOH just be a direct parallel to AHFTF. Certainly it shouldn't matter as far as standalone work goes, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say that your stories share an audience, and it might not be so interesting to read the same relationship twice. Which might have something to do with your trope of giving Ranma a new larger-than-life title wherever you send him.
Keep at it, though. No doubt it's really tough to maintain consistency, certainly when your memory of the story is a year old, and the very series being referenced has updated (and changed its own rules lmao).
I do love these stories, it'd be a shame to see them gone.
4/28/2020 c18 1IchaichaManager
Good work! Love you history
4/27/2020 c18 Rebell 01
Great chapter.
4/27/2020 c18 2HP-DG-AP-PN-RG-NR
MUAHAHAHAHA! Oh next chapter is going to be goooood! I don't think that Salem quite realizes that she's about to lose a LOT of her pieces in this gambit against Ranma. I'm kind of upset that Blake isn't going to be able to get any real closure here about Adam, but I think that Ozpin is definitely playing it the right way by playing it safe. I really can't wait for the next chapter now.
4/27/2020 c18 4Golden Nova
How bad is Ranma going to rip apart Tyrion and hazel? At least kill that filthy animal of a bug Tyrion. I would like hazel dead but that is up to you. But for the sake of all living things, tear apart Tyrion. Also loved Pyrrah and Ranma moments. Hope we see more of it. Also are you leaning towards a harem?
4/27/2020 c18 AnimeA55Kicker
And now for them to try and fail to kill Ranma.
4/27/2020 c18 FateBurn
Good chapter.
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