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for A Birthday Ode for LemonSupreme

3/3/2016 c1 75LemonSupreme
Ahhhh! This is so awesome! What a wonderful surprise on my birthday. One of the many things I love about this fandom is the wonderful kinship between all the writers and readers too. I have been so very lucky to meet all these wonderful folks over the last couple of years - all because of this silly tv show. Thank you, friend, for being part of that circle. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness more than I can say. Hope to see more stories from you too (although I adore this birthday poem as well). Let me know if you ever need anything. I'm usually around. -Lemon

PS We didn't end up going forward with the St Pat's fic fest, but that idea you had for a story is still a load of fun and I hope you'll do it. hint hint. :)
3/3/2016 c1 BassCharlie-SparrowHawke
That was wonderful ! What a special way to say Happy Birthday to such a special lady.

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