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6/19 c10 Hyper365
I'm not going to lie, Jaune has so much patience. The number of times that I would have snapped and berated Weiss for acting like a bossy know-it-all bitch, is a lot. I mean I know he is trying to downplay his abilities to the point that he seems nearly disabled, but honestly seems too hard to do so. He could probably trounce all three of them with Crocea Mors. I'm just saying I would have been furious and did something rash.
9h c51 stewart.micaa
Well I think this is the 4th story of yours that I've blitzed through in a weekend and I have to say I'm left utterly satisfied and wowed every time. The last few chapters were a rollercoaster of emotion that had me alternating between apprehension, joy, sadness and hope. I love how your fics evoke new and unique emotions and themes every time! I especially love Weiss and Jaune's relationship in this one. Can't wait to start reading the next fic!
6/17 c1 Call to arms 1234
Oh no.. This is worse then Ozpin and Salem combined because when you die every restarts so technically if he ever dies of old age everything restart…
6/15 c24 Swampus
I'm lost on what Weiss's point in the argument was, he went to the docks to save Blake, she went to go after terrorists, there was no immediate need to go,so she doesn't really have a leg to stand on calling him a hypocrite.
6/12 c51 Slime Slayer
Thank for the beautiful ending. Absolute tears jerker
bruh it never fails to kill me on how jaune just flees. I would love to see that animated.
6/9 c51 NobodyOwens5
I think I'm going to rate this the same way I did Cadmean victory. The journey was great, amazing even, but I can't say I'm too happy about the ending. I have nothing against some Deus eX Machina stuff going down, that's fine by me. what I don't like is how open it was left. what about Salem? how are the White fang going to handle their casualties? I just want to know a lot more.

maybe an epilogue like 10 years in the future would've solved that, I honestly don't know.

story: 9/10
Ending: 7.5/10

even if I'm not a fan of the ending I'll still say thanks. the fic was great overall and the amount of effort put into it shows. great work!
6/9 c44 NobodyOwens5
oh FFS, I hate these types of things. memory changes/failings and the like are a plot piece I hate most of all. I really hope it's just some surface level stuff, I rarely enjoy anything to do with this type of stuff and if it's more complete than I think it is I doubt I'll be enjoying this much after that. removing a characters memories erases personality, I quite dislike that.

so far this has been a great fic, don't get me wrong. I've enjoyed this tons and I hope I'll keep enjoying it but I'm not sure. I guess we'll see.
6/9 c40 NobodyOwens5
hmm, Weiss gonna be Pyrrha's replacement?
6/6 c51 rylek196
You sure are a stubborn piece of shit, aren’t you? STILL keeping it up with the boilerplate reviews, I mean, even when it’s clear they don’t fucking work. At least *I* make an effort to differentiate my reviewvertisments from each other, AND I know they actually WORK, seeing as how my view count has seen a notable uptick since I started doing them.

*sigh* I don’t know what will get to you to quit, though, short of caving your head in with a heavy, blunt object. Even then, I’m worried whatever I used would just bounce off your thick skull. Ah, well. If blunt force trauma doesn’t work... you’re just not using enough, as the saying goes. ;) Now, where was I? Ah, yes...

Since I KNOW a lot of people are gonna be here from the Pokemon section, due to this asshole’s uh, ‘adventures’ there, to put it charitably, how about y’all curl up with a good story by yours truly? It’s called Long Way to Fall, my novelization of Pokemon White, the best dang adaptation of said game that there ever was!

It’s got everything you could want from a novelization or story in general: great characters that develop organically through their respective arcs, amazing action scenes (which have been a ton of fun for me to write, btw), great location descriptions, a healthy fleshing out of the lore and backstory of Unova, and many additional scenes that aren’t in the game to truly make it a cohesive story!

It’s tricky to keep track of all the plot threads at times, I admit, but there’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes with paying off something you set up five, six, or even ten or MORE chapters previously. So I hope you’ll join me on this incredible adventure I’m undertaking. Adapting Unova and bringing it to life is truly a pleasure and a privilege, and I feel honoured that I’m the one doing this. Meanwhile, all this filthy, disgusting bit of pond scum should feel is utter shame. Shame, for spamming so many innocent writer’s stories, many of whom were actually good, and shame for lacking even the slightest bit of awareness that he was doing more harm than good alright. At least I only target shit-fic writers and genuine rule-breakers- I.E. the guilty who actually DESERVE it. You, on the other hand, just toss out your boilerplate bullshit without rhyme or reason. So, to wrap up, fuck you, and rot in hell.

P.S. There are two stunningly obvious typos on your profile, and I’m simultaneously amazed and not that you didn’t catch them. You should be using ‘their’ in that sentence, you dolt, not ‘there’, as in, ‘over there’. Also, I’m *pretty sure* the slur for Germans in WW1 was ‘hun’, not ‘han’. How the fuck you screwed up a three-letter word is beyond me, and I’m DEFINITELY sure you missed *that* particular racism boat by about... oh, over a hundred years alright. :P I hope you realize how ludicrous and behind-the-times that line on your profile makes you look. Somehow, I doubt it...
6/7 c24 NobodyOwens5
6/6 c15 NobodyOwens5
ya know, I was hoping for a Blake X Jaune ship here but somehow I don't see that working.
6/5 c51 12kinger556
This should really be labeled as a Jaune x Weiss fic.
6/3 c51 DrFa01
Can't get tired of this
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