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5/8 c49 Nob7
You just had to ruin the fanfic with the Life force thing, it's not even canon that Krponian live longer than Humans.. Now Barry will grow old and die making Kara miserable, unless you plan on making their Life force the same because of the bond, if not it's just stupid tbh..
5/8 c31 Nob7
Why in hell did you made them so weak this chapter
5/8 c31 Nob7
You made Barry so pathetic in this chapter it's not even funny..
4/28 c33 Always Flow
Loved this chapter. Need more of Cat Pov. She is gem.
3/31 c209 Chloe
Just wondering, will Ronnie and Caitlin have a biological child now as Ronnie was scared about passing on firestorm and dying young. Both of which no longer apply.
3/24 c209 Chloe
Nice chapter
3/25 c209 8CallMeMiles
Although I was wrong about Jason being weapons master at least I got the fact they are connected somehow right. That was a nice touch to weapons master. Thank you for clarifying the different reign story as a crisis change, I thought for a minute I had gone crazy. I really enjoyed this plot. The time loop was very fun. And I loved the older Barry and Kara cameo. I hope to see Jason’s return and what his future holds. I honestly thought he had gotten hit with some short of red K but the gene makes much more sense. Great job :)
3/25 c209 Srecko
Love the chapter.
3/24 c209 10Silver-Infinite
I have too many thoughts about this
3/24 c209 Brittana4ever
Called it with the corrupt DNA
3/24 c209 Darkness1983
Time travel and crsis the resetting of the multiverse is confusing for the people. In the stories. I just glad weapon master arc is over .i hope this will be the last we see in here of him and Mitch is that other clone of Clark from the animated series young Justice, correct the one Connor found and season one and you know this operates some rage, and I like the fact that you changed it being Lena‘s DNA with Clark rather than Lexus like the comics and young Justice dead and even small Ville that turned out all right and Smallville at least in Young Justice I’m looking forward to whenever. Bounty comes back.
3/20 c208 Jordan
I hate cliffhangers
3/19 c208 Mia
I hate that part 2 is so far away
3/17 c208 Britt
I say the DNA got corrupt with Jason
3/17 c208 Chloe
Good chapter
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