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1/19/2017 c62 Guest
Hey did you hear that they FINALLY told us what Stiles's real first name was? Awesome right? Maybe you can write something about it.
1/13/2017 c61 TrollingSinceCH
Totally not how I imagined it, but equally awesome! :D Thanks, mate
1/11/2017 c44 18The Wolf That Got Away
I enjoy the idea of Scott and his pack carrying walkie talkies for supernatural business.
12/10/2016 c1 1ShadowEmperor77
Hey just want to thank you for doing an awesome job. You're writing actually got me into teen wolf again and the fanfics for it. Keep up the good work.
12/10/2016 c57 10Isa Wilson
Hey Lycox! Good to see you again! Let me guess. School kept you busy?
11/18/2016 c56 Isa Wilson
YES! YES! Go Mama McCall!
11/18/2016 c56 Edgard Prokofiev
I really hope you continue with this story, i love Melissa and the way that you portrait her
11/2/2016 c53 40TweakerWolf
Interesting world blending... Like, Mutants are a thing! But at the same time... I'm confused by TW Canon like how... Mutants are real but then I can't help but think of how surprised Scott was in S1 that Werewolves were a thing hahaha. Things would've been a lot different I'm sure if Mutants were real and at least semi-accepted by some of the population, he wouldn't have really had to hide. Kinda, people like Gerard would've still tried to hurt him anyways XD but you know what I mean!

Nothing like building an army of kids to make sports teams with! XD
Melissa has a YT? O.o

No surprise, Scott can't stay out of the action XD but oh, Kira ended up recognizing him? Nice. Although how did none of his family? hahahaha

And surprise baby! O.O always gotta be careful people!
10/28/2016 c52 26loh122
I'm starting to think you don't like stiles all that much lol
10/25/2016 c51 40TweakerWolf
I'm glad you had fun with it :) I love the idea of alive Allison but I really doubted that I'd take it so far. Even her being around for when the gang got back from Mexico wasn't something I thought of until you requested a sequel :) But I knew if I wrote any more it would've just turned into a full blown story and not just drabbles hahaha
Would definitely be interesting to see Allison's thoughts on Kira joining the team, those two kickass ladies, she'd be full support!
And them all being around for Scott Biting Liam?! That would be something to see! How they'd handle that hahaha
Nice lil scene between Allison and Isaac too :)
10/25/2016 c48 TweakerWolf
oh no... a baby... o.O
10/25/2016 c51 15AngelOfThursday67
ohhh please do another part
10/22/2016 c50 10Isa Wilson
How about this?

Melissa is a werewolf and tells Scott about it when he turns 16, then they go on a run together
10/11/2016 c49 15AngelOfThursday67
10/3/2016 c45 40TweakerWolf
Ooooh Alpha Boyd, interesting thought! Happy Erica and Boyd, always good stuff! :D
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