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10/3/2016 c44 40TweakerWolf
LMAO interesting idea for sure hahahahaha
10/3/2016 c38 TweakerWolf
I remember discussing this idea awhile back on Tumblr, mostly with Peter and Kate as a Redemption Squad thing hahahahaha that would be one hell of a spinoff now wouldn't it?! Quite the squad you formed there, how did Theo get out o.O pft, he should've stayed in the hole! hahaha
Gotta give them all credit for being able to talk/complain mid-battle like that hahahaha
9/24/2016 c44 15AngelOfThursday67
ohhh this is good i want more but i was a bit confused who cat-women, wallflower and gentle giant is
9/11/2016 c42 40TweakerWolf
That's a sight, Stiles helping out with the injured, but really that's the safest place for him, those invaders are nothing to mess with!
You tell him off Claire!
Wow, bringing in ALL the marvel, well the NY chapter at least hahaha Jessica JONES! Yes! Kick their ass bby!
Sounds like one whirlwind fight! O.O
9/11/2016 c41 Angela
Damn that was a good show lol good show indeed
9/11/2016 c41 1zeo knight
this was a cool one
9/6/2016 c40 40TweakerWolf
oh, this is gonna be good!
Lmao, Talia as matchmaker, always looking for someone for her baby boy!
OMG XD hahahahaha he went for Spanish old lady? Nice!
Oh no, betrayed by Momma! D: Gotta think quick on your feet Derek, you literally just left, must have passed each other on the road!
Nooooo Derek! lmao! XD
AAAnnnnnnd he digs himself a deeper hole! Bahahahaha
There it is YES! hahahahaha
OMG what a music choice? O.O
XD awesome
8/6/2016 c37 15AngelOfThursday67
i loved this so much
8/5/2016 c36 bablevees
Great. Raf... Yep, he was the only one missing.
8/4/2016 c11 40TweakerWolf
Oooooh I like this turn of events! That Allison found out earlier and while shocked, didn't have a horrible reaction. Probably thanks to the fact that there was some shit going on, that kinda keeps you from freaking out until later XD
Loved Jackson's thoughts at the end there too! hahahaha
8/4/2016 c10 TweakerWolf
Man, it would suck to get used to sped up healing just to have it taken away again XD but at least it was reversible!
8/4/2016 c8 TweakerWolf
I mean, they have a point, Scott may have had a little more experience, they are a Pack of 4 and he's an Omega. Derek told them that having a bigger Pack is supposed to mean something and yet he still beat them XD

Is it sad that Scott is so predictable? lmao!
7/30/2016 c35 15AngelOfThursday67
This really cool, were you inspired by a certain story?
7/26/2016 c33 AngelOfThursday67
I really enjoyed this cant wait for more
7/25/2016 c32 3LuckyLeoRed
You know I always wondered what happened with the kids who saw Scott, Liam, and Malia turned that night in the library, anyway these are all amazing stories and I like how you did some of them changing the aspect of someone death making them alive
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