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7/20/2016 c32 QueenofMoons67
Please do a sequel to this! I've always been surprised that TW never did anything about the fact that twenty plus teens witnessed Scott transformed and fighting, and this is perfect. An interview like you said would be great, as well as maybe people's reactions to it? Thanks!
7/20/2016 c32 15AngelOfThursday67
Ohhhh got to make a sequel to this one this is awesomeee
7/15/2016 c30 AngelOfThursday67
This is so cool. you should totally try writing another part to this
7/6/2016 c7 40TweakerWolf
hahahaha, he loves Allison, but he also loves living! That's great motivation for sure, and also very true XD
Oooooh superhero/vigilante couple! Awesome! How great would it have been if Scott and Kira really did meet up like this? Like hell yea! Of course, TW isn't that kinda show sadly so he never really had any push to do vigilante type things, still, great idea :D
OMG that Gnome chant XD hahahahahahahaha
oh man house arrest... harsh... XD
7/6/2016 c6 TweakerWolf
Oh no way whaaaaaa. It's always interesting to see fics where Stiles is half... non-human on his mother's side hahaha (well not totally Mom's side in this fic but you know what I mean lol). Nephilim, niiiiice. I have to wonder how no one in the Pack picked up his unusual scent hahaha even if they didn't know what he was, surely he would've smelled different from 'normal' 100% Humans (just nitpicking lmao, there's nothing wrong with the ficlet at all). Also, ooooooh, have you thought about how this would've affected Stiles and the Nogitsune at all? Interesting!
7/6/2016 c5 TweakerWolf
Oooooh interesting take on the Heather kidnapping! Go Stiles! XD The lil Human that could!
7/3/2016 c29 Youya
Omygoosh! I'm so happy! U used my idea! I have to say, even tho I've just found u recently, I love ur stories and I consider u one of my favorite writers. So that was a huge honor to me. I love the chapter tho!
6/22/2016 c27 Youya
I would hope for a part 3. I just want to see more of Scott kicking his father's... U know what I mean. Anyway I also like Isaac, can he stay? Also I would love for other characters to tell Agent McCall off. It'd be funny.
6/21/2016 c27 bablevees
It's like Scott's an angry Puppy. I'm dyinggggg
6/16/2016 c26 Scallisonlover91
Can you write one where Allison and Scott are having sex and right as they climax, Chris and Melissa walk in.
6/16/2016 c25 Angela
Great chapter even though the last part left me wondering about what will happen when Allison see how Kira interact with Esme but anyway as always I enjoy your fics
6/14/2016 c26 15AngelOfThursday67
This is sooo good you have to make a sequel! i love this story so much i legit screamed when i saw you had a new chapter. But i need a sequel to this story!
6/12/2016 c25 6ProudlyUnique
This was great! Keep it up dude :)
6/7/2016 c25 15AngelOfThursday67
This is great, Scott did the right thing. Kira would be better anyway allison is always using scott and breaking up with him and gettting back togetrher thats a big no no
5/25/2016 c24 Guest
Kimura is Kira right?
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