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3/29/2016 c8 bablevees
Uhh, bastards. Poor Scottie. A Peter vs. Kate should be good! Please write it! :)
3/24/2016 c7 bablevees
Oh my... Asthma attack. God, i was scared! But that was a sweet story. And i love Mr. Argent sooo much. :D
3/16/2016 c5 Guest
Nice does anyone know if kira will be back next season
3/10/2016 c3 40TweakerWolf
Well DUH Derek was against it! XD
Oh Allison... bby no... it didn't happen over nothing... D:
It is SO weird to read Victoria as... Canon... XD in my fics I always wanted Allison to have a better relationship with her mom and that led to Victoria being more like Chris than Kate XD But I mean, that is how she acted in Canon, good job ) (it was just weird for me since, Victoria no, you're supposed to be nice now! Oh wait... . that's just me...)
Stiles! Perfect XD
hahahaha Victoria isn't happy about maybe having to rethink her attitude on Scott XD but then again, that means she has to tell her daughter at some point that she actively tried to kill Scott just because he's a Were that likes Allison. That's sure to be a fun conversation!
3/10/2016 c2 TweakerWolf
Oh man, I wonder how hard it was for her not to bust in there when Derek showed up, this man was a threat to her child! But I mean, obviously a good thing she didn't or she might have gotten hurt (Not that Derek would hurt her but the Betas might have gotten overly excited lol).
I like how she doesn't even question the "how" at first just, "why didn't he tell me?!" XD
Ah, there it is, she comes running to the rescue! Even though it's clearly very dangerous! But, Melissa is that kind of person D I knew she'd run in there at some point heehee
Her and Scott have a very good relationship ) nice job
3/10/2016 c1 TweakerWolf
YYEEEESSSSS Allison in armor! Along with aide from the Druids to help, not only provide protection from traditional weapons, but also supernatural threats as well!
Although, really Allison... going out into the field without testing it? And what would have happened if it didn't work? -.- Like for reals... XD but YAY it worked D
3/5/2016 c2 bablevees
Omg! I love it! This is my favorite episode. I love when Scott gets hurt, but he's my favorkte character, too. Thank you for this story!
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