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for Gods Amongst Men

1/23 c13 kasicair
I have no idea why authors make females so obsessed with 'Language!'.

The second Fleur hissed at Harry, 'Language!', I cringed hard. It just... doesn't fit her to act so Hermione-ish.
1/23 c7 kasicair
'My power is more curse than gift.'

Really, Potter? Seriously? So, you wanna tell us that you would have been happier without your power?

Pfft, he wouldn't have survived even one year without it. What a retarded ungrateful waste of magic.
1/17 c49 fledgling-scribe
This was a solid story - really enjoyed how you weaved in Arthurian legend. Shame this seemingly has been abandoned, but than you for writing what you did!
12/17/2022 c19 Guest
Barty kept his job after Moody wad found? Hmmm...
12/1/2022 c6 Guest
11/11/2022 c49 Callum Runchman
WTF! You were nearing completion for this entire story with almost every player on the board basically revealed and met at least once only to abandon it out of nowhere. This has got to be one of the biggest waste of potential I've ever seen in a fanfiction. To write all of that, to have it essentially on the last bloody chapter requiring only half a dozen more pages to really finish it and provide a epilogue, yet to see it forgotten to history never to be completed properly.
11/5/2022 c49 Guest
Over 6 years.. hope all is okay?
10/28/2022 c4 camazoz
when will you publish your next story? and are you gonna update god's amongst men?
10/23/2022 c9 Fick Chick
I'd recommend Harry add an exercise to work his biceps...maybe pull-ups from an appropriately high tree brach sized for his hand grip.
10/18/2022 c18 GJWKtfg
I am really enjoying this story.

One sentence doesn't make sense to me, though.

"Fawkes has already told me everything he knows about Horcruxes, which isn't much. Rowena apparently was fond of them and didn't delve too deep into that area of magic."

I think that was intended to be "was not fond of them."

I'll continue this story and look forward to more.
9/21/2022 c15 jaqmaq77
Excellent chapters, (11- 15) Very well written, and lots of lovely action... Harry should change his name to Torquemada...
Torquemada... always gets answers...
Torquemada... is relentless
Torquemada... is ruthless
Torquemada... no one can change his course...
Let's be honest - you can't tork im adda anything...
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...
And I do believe Fleur's middle name is Isabelle...
Harry is getting a bit catty with people...
9/21/2022 c10 jaqmaq77
I'm enjoying it... but why oh why did you feel the need to make a super Harry that's unable to see what's in front of him? Eskimos up in Alaska are yelling "Harry! You and Fleur are in love!"
Kiwis are Yelling, "Harry! You and Fleur are in love!"
The Martians are yelling, "Harry! You and Fleur are in love!"
Even Noddy, the biggest Rum in Toyland has worked it out!
Belly dancers in New Delhi know!
Even the Inferi in the cave are shaking their heads.
God's teeth and holy trousers... give the boy another clue, and somebody please shoot Daphne...
9/8/2022 c4 Grammar Fiend
Good start. I am looking forward to seeing where you take your Harry. However, you really need to learn how to properly use apostrophes to make the possessive case. Either you do not know how an apostrophe works or you can not identify the possessive. Further grammatical editing can only improve your readability. Thank you for your contribution to the world of Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
8/27/2022 c49 pjthomas53
love this story if its possible could you please finish it
7/21/2022 c6 DrReadnoShit
The moment you change to Rons POV I know i can just skip it and not miss a single thing doesn't speak for your writing style. I mean who would actually want to read whatever the fuck Ron thinks?
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