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3/18/2023 c40 1elPensador
I hope you come back, the plot is very well developed and the way is well polished with the power levels, and above all very well developed between two stories to do it in a single world on DB x Marmeid melody.
Well done. If one day you come back, I will wait for more patiently.
2/8/2022 c1 Diamondhero
Ok this is not starting off to good they fell in love saying like 4 sentences to each other its just really really forced but I'm hoping this gets good
4/30/2021 c4 17Pleiades1754
I like how you didn't give Ayaka the satisfaction of slapping Goku.
8/10/2019 c40 44umi ryuzzaki1
sequel sequel sequel sequel sequel sequel!
6/23/2019 c40 1Messiah of authors
I think you should continue the story easy dragon ball was all about fantasy wild dragon ball Z is about sci-fi. I know a lot of people are oh there planet busters and everything. But that’s what made it so interesting if anything I’m more interested in the character interaction in the people from the story interacting with this new phenomenon does exist outside there normal worldview. it show them that the universe is a big place you can be both scary but also very exciting. so please continue the story because I really wanna see how far this story will go I want to see how the characters interact to new directions because you can’t deny it does Sound interesting right? Anyway great story please Continue it!
5/27/2019 c40 1drake202
And so we have finally came to the end haven't we Goku saved Lucia from her own darkness Lucia showed how strong of a spirit she truely has with both lovers coming out of that spiritual battle with their bond even stronger so with all enemies defeated and peace restored the Saiyan and mermaid can finally make their union official here's to their happiness
5/19/2019 c40 Gogeta
Please make a new crossover between dbz x inuyasha.. and do a Goku X kikyo as a couple
5/19/2019 c40 Kakarotsan miatic
Great story and interesting finish.. well last part I almost cried my self.. it's remembered me of end of dbgt.. but well thanks for the amazing story..I always wait for this story.. and please I have a request for you to make a new story of dbz X inuyasha where Goku accidentally transport to inuyasha universe by bulma 's dimensions machine and adventure begins and there Goku fall in love with kikyo.. because I always wanted to see Goku X kikyo crossover so please do it and make my dream true . please I beg you.. thanks man..
5/16/2019 c40 1Super Kamehameha
This was a great final chapter. And a really good story from beginning to end. Thanks so much for the shout out, I’m glad to have been along for the ride. I’ll miss this story a lot. I love how it ended and that little Raditz cameo was great but I 100% understand why you wouldn’t want to continue. Once again great job
5/16/2019 c40 Super heavy weapons guy
Great way to end it
5/16/2019 c40 EC3
hey man can you do the sequel for this story please I really want to goku and Lucia after they're married and see them with young gohan. can you also do a one piece and mermaid melody crossover too
5/15/2019 c39 Haseo55
Lucia is one of the most noble girls I have seen in anime and her greates fear is losing those she loves.

Now, we can only hope she recovers.

Ps. Raditz. Raditz. Theguywhoisstrongasasaibamansayswhat. That usually gets him. I think he is dead Vegeta.

Sorry could't resist using that line.
5/15/2019 c39 Super heavy weapons guy
great chapter lad
4/22/2019 c1 51Dimiel
This was surprisingly good!

I didn't know what to expect from this kind of crossover but I'm really glad I read it. You managed to change the shoujo aspect of romance into a shounen since the main male character here is Goku, in which is not the type that appear in shoujo romance. He's innocence and his hunger for battle (as well as food) are what differs him from any type of male love interests in a shoujo manga/anime.

Well, this is a really good story and since it is 38 chapters, I'll binge reading this!
4/17/2019 c38 Haseo55
Really good. Like what you did.
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