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for Harry Sanchez and the Magic McGuffin

7/15 c5 ulysse234
7/15 c4 ulysse234
nooooooooooo peeves!
7/15 c1 someone
nobody asked for it but everybody needed it
7/3 c3 Guest
Oh my fucking this is fantastic.
5/4 c12 Obi wan Kenny
I saw there was an update, but don’t see what to. Is this story coming back?
4/7 c1 ihatejimbelushi981
Someone should write this but with Percy jackson characters.
4/1 c12 cardmaster11
At this rate Harry's going to kill Lucius and I love it!
4/1 c12 Lord Mortensen
Cool! please update it soon!
11/13/2020 c10 Guest
Just gotta say, I had no idea how much I needed a crossover like this in my life until now. This story fucking rocks! Cant wait for more updates :)
10/17/2020 c13 4Kaiser Harry James Potter
Its ok...
9/22/2020 c10 BoredKing
Harry is kind of a bitch, he acts like Rick but when shit gets real he goes full Morty.
9/22/2020 c13 BoredKing
Gender identity is not a thing, if your male then your male, if your a female then your female, if your one of the few people born with both or neither sets of reproductive organs then your whatever name scientist have assigned you. If you've had a surgery to change gendee then your whatever new gender you changed into. Gender isn't some philosophical idea, its a simply identification of what's half of the reproductive cycle you fall into

Sexuality is the philosophical one and if you feel like a woman trapped in a man's body or vice versa then your just that and thats fine, there is no shame in it and you shouldn't let anyone else's words affect you because it sure as hell isn't going to affect your sexuality. You are what you are and you like what you like.

Hope you get over your writer's block so you can continue this story.
9/2/2020 c13 Guest
Don't let Rowling's views get to you too much. Something obviously happened to her when she was a kid involving one of those "bring-out-a-bad-name-for-everybody" trans-people (or her parents were just bigoted people), and she still has PTSD. The only thing you can do is show her that there's nothing to be afraid of any more.
9/2/2020 c13 Guest
That was surprisingly funny, let me tell you what a fairly drunk Rick Sanchez would probably tell you about your gender situation:

"You should stop giving a shit all together. The only thing that can fully turn you into a woman is the vial of CS-63 I have in my pocket, but that's beside the point. Don't go out of your way to waste money on frail half-assed cosmetics and soy-pills made to exploit gullible fucktards who think having something else between their legs automatically gives their lives meaning. If anything, live your life to the fullest without relying on other people to decide who you're supposed to be. If you feel like a man some days, go at it. If you feel like a woman some days, parade around in a drag club to your hearts consent. It's 20-fucking-20 muthafuckah, stop questioning things and live!"
7/26/2020 c13 Omegamorph
now as far as your feelings on JK Rowling go, I feel it's best to not let the sins of a story's creator affect your enjoyment of that story and to disassociate from any drama going on in real life. I've learned that much with various fandoms I've been in.
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