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7/11/2020 c13 5Shodaime Gahokage
Be carefull if you are going with a sex change the process is draining physicly and mentaly. It's a big commitment. You give up on reproduction plus you have to take hormonal suplements for the rest of your life. In exchange you MIGHT start to feel like yourself.

if you are going the Travlo way it's a collection of resource to get your look right. if you want to go catfish there are suits for that. For example a breast vest goes 2~3K$

If it's only gender neutrality. Good luck and best wishes.
7/9/2020 c13 7jh831
Upload error
7/8/2020 c13 Charmed Forever Fan
if you could please rewrite this the entire message didn't come through would greatly appreciate it?
7/7/2020 c13 xmanadvenger
The story chapter is showing formatting text with the writing
7/6/2020 c13 1forthose8675309
Im sorry for the trials you are undergoing. Take care of yourself. You come first. This might not mean much, but I support you in whatever you identify as
7/6/2020 c12 Omegamorph
No rush on getting anything further, but I can imagine Rick having some device than traps Voldemorts spirit in it, having the Dark Lord completely at his mercy, maybe to the point he hates him as much as Harry.
7/6/2020 c13 3doubledamn
Ummmm...Eleanor? Have you read this after you posted it? I think there might be an editing issue...

As for the writer's block, can't help you. Maybe try making a DnD character and working the backstory through the limits of creation process? Unbridled free reign usually leads to Option Paralysis, at least in my experience.

With the gender stuff, whatever you do, don't rush into labelling yourself any one thing, or even worrying about what gender identity, if any, you should call yourself. I know that labelling and categorising can be comforting, make stuff seem neat and organised, but that doesn't always work in life situations. Take your time and figure out what makes YOU happy, what YOU are comfortable with.

Good luck, with your personal life and the world in general right now.
7/6/2020 c13 Summer
You need tu upload this again.
7/6/2020 c13 AceHawkeye
Be what you feel most comfortable as, wether that's a transgender male, female, or non binary. Take your time to figure yourself out first, no need to worry. And jk created the cannon world. We control what we create with that base, and let's be honest a lot if people have done a better job at telling the story while not being a horrible person.
7/6/2020 c13 Necromancy94
If you want my advice don’t give a fuck what other people think Rowling is entitled to her own opinion if you don’t like her opinion don’t listen to it ,you have to except that other people have their own opinions on many things and you may agree or disagree but that’s life
3/7/2020 c12 2willam and jack and jake
nice can't wait to read more
3/7/2020 c11 willam and jack and jake
Is she going to say "You Son Of A Bitch Im In" lol
3/7/2020 c10 willam and jack and jake
lol very cool lol
3/7/2020 c9 willam and jack and jake
McGongall is going to kill Dumbledore lol
3/7/2020 c8 willam and jack and jake
weak morty very weak lol
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