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for Harry Sanchez and the Magic McGuffin

2/25/2019 c11 5annasfanfic
2/24/2019 c11 Razorbeast
Cool chapter :)
2/24/2019 c11 Sharkboy
Maybe Hermione is bipolar.
2/23/2019 c11 FanBoy01
«When your parents broke up Beth fooled around with girls for a while»

Okay, that's sexy.
2/22/2019 c10 8ProngsPotter22
This is so fucking funny! Please continue! I love this too much :)
2/20/2019 c1 WillItBlend
Awful, just straight up awful.

Rick doesn't swear that much, and when he does swear he generally keeps it simple.

Also of note is that Rick is aware of magic and the supernatural. He fucking outsmarts the Devil and helps kills Coachferatu (Vampire) you clod. Rick just doesn't give a shit about magic because he can out think it any day of the week.
1/31/2019 c10 2Isamaru
Very nice, really captured the rick and morty vibe, though maybe cool it with the 4th wall breaks. Anyway keep up the great work!
1/24/2019 c10 jjay221
I have probably never laughed so hard in my life.
11/9/2018 c2 Guest
You managed to perfectly describe my grandmother. A Christian mom who used to work from home who thinks Harry Potter is Satanist propoganda
10/19/2018 c3 6Lucius Walker
Return on the Meeseeks. Nice.
10/3/2018 c10 Obi wan Kenny
And I don't know how I missed this when I first read it the first time, but where the hell did the dragon go? And why do I get the feeling it'll come back and eat someone?
10/2/2018 c10 58randomplotbunny
Loved this! XD
10/2/2018 c10 5annasfanfic
10/2/2018 c10 Obi wan Kenny
The Prince who was Promised has Returned!

I was expecting him to get Birdperson or Squanchee to fix it for him, but OMG I'M PICKLE RICK!

Anyways, this was a real creative way to make Malfoy less of a douche. Hopefully you incorporate his trauma from the Cronenberg's into some of the story.
10/1/2018 c10 DiaZeroGear
Enemies the best freinds we could ask for
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