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for The Name of the Game

11/6/2023 c1 1Mgl1206
Too bad this was dropped, it was a fun read
10/16/2023 c33 LESTAT85
Мне понравилось, жаль что давно заброшено.
9/27/2023 c3 Disappointment
Garbage. There are so many TRASH gamer fics, and now they have another one. Horrible writing, this is jist pure constant plot armor. Very convenient. Learn to write an actually interesting story. If someone disagrees, congratulations you're an idiot.
9/27/2023 c1 Disappointment
Had to turn it into shit, didn't you. And it was progressing realtively smoothly up to THAT point.
8/21/2023 c22 TheCynicalCriticfromWtP
that's racist as fuck bro holy shit.
8/16/2023 c11 TheCynicalCriticfromWtP
130lbs at 6'3 is crazy. Is jaune a literal Skeleton?
8/1/2023 c1 Kragh
I recently decided to re-read the story and saw the negatives review. Feel free to ignore them as there is a reason your story is the 8th most popular RWBY fic.
7/23/2023 c29 1storp930
Great story just sad it's been left to die
7/8/2023 c28 insanecoop
It got bad, hot a quarter of the way throught this chapter. Lost its way.
I wouldn't recommend starting Sue to how long story is with no pay off and how it drops off badly at the later chapters.
6/30/2023 c5 Guest
It's always a bad sign whenever the first male character besides the MC is introduced as some plot device to make the MC look good or get some pussy but it's still early on so I'm going to give this a chance.
6/25/2023 c10 Proll
It gets rather tiring when mc does something dumb and then curses himself for it then does it again and again. Well, we understand that author is the one forcing the narrative, but it makes mc look idiotic at times.
6/23/2023 c10 25NewMystery356
That’s ONE way to get rid of Roman. A lot of extra steps, but worth it to cover his trail. Wonder how Neo will handle the lifestyle change.
6/21/2023 c9 NewMystery356
Wonder how many “hats” he’ll have by the time he’s through. Also, Ruby is super-cute in this interpretation; especially when her hood was pulled over her head. Wonder how the meeting with Ozpin will go~
6/19/2023 c8 NewMystery356
Was that [Bio] spell a Final Fantasy reference~?
6/18/2023 c1 2WPUrchezem23
you have this cross posted on Archive, I knew it seemed familiar, yeah I dropped this story cause of the incest shit. dawg, I really don't care whatever the reason for it, it's gross. also much as I like sex scenes in video games, I'm not reading this story for smut and before somebody else jumps on me for it I respect smut writers and know how hard it is, so f off I realize that people like it, I don't however.
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