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6/15/2023 c7 25NewMystery356
The logistics of incentivized population growth was pretty interesting. I approve of the world building~
6/15/2023 c6 NewMystery356
Well, at least he detoxed from blinking his sister… Also, wonder how many girls he’ll wind up packing into that penthouse~
6/14/2023 c4 NewMystery356
You know, Lightning’s Gun/Blade really resonated with me too. As for the “Older Sister Route”, at least THAT will be easier to get the Alt Ending for; one hopes… As for the A.T. Field, I kinda thought it’d be called “Rotation/Kaiten” after NEJI’s attack since you already name-dropped Naruto in there. As for JUNIOR showing up at the end… wonder if he’ll run into Yang that way~
6/13/2023 c3 NewMystery356
“Petty larceny” but with extra steps~
Eager to see how things go with his new ladyfriend~
6/13/2023 c2 NewMystery356
Jun is just an absolute TREAT~ Especially right there at the end~ And of course, Menu-sama isn’t much better. Wonder if he can STAY out of trouble~
6/13/2023 c1 NewMystery356
A very fun start. Suffice it to say, I’m hooked~ Binge reading montage, HOOOOOO!
5/29/2023 c5 JustAngry
Ugh, this is some revolting shit man. I would say put "incest trash fic" in the description but as this story seems dead which is possibly a good thing. Fucking incest crap in Self Insert fic, man you got problems.
5/8/2023 c14 typo
draw agg - draw aggro
5/8/2023 c14 Editing Error
"where I met it in the middle with a Flash Step"

This is the first mention of him using Flash Step.

You forgot to insert him actually learning it beforehand
5/8/2023 c14 Guest
It kinda saddens me that you have Neo speak, it makes her a lot less distinct as a character.

You could have had her use her semblance as a message board or something instead.
5/7/2023 c10 Guest
"no one attempting to hide would order items for their secret identity to be delivered to the home of their civilian identity—which itself was a bit of reverse psychology to eliminate the apartment complex as somewhere 'Shiro' might live. "

Wow, he really likes out-thinking himself. Trying so hard to be smart, that he instead crosses into pure stupidity.
5/7/2023 c7 Ibskib
Disappointing that we don't see the kinky librarian sex.

You should consider adding that to the chapter. :-)
5/7/2023 c7 typo
barbeque - barbecue
5/7/2023 c7 typo
principle - principal
5/7/2023 c6 Guest
Please cut out the party element, I have never come across a Gamer story where it actually improved it.
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